Home Game Tix on Sale Saturday

Don't have season tickets? Wanna watch the Browns play at home without taking out a second mortgage? Now's your chance...

You... yes, you, can still snag the coveted ducats for all Browns home games in 2004 starting Saturday morning at 10AM. The Steeler game, Ravens game, and every other home game on the Browns 2004 schedule is still available.

Tickets are available through talking with the eager telephone representatives at the always-reasonable Ticketmaster. I've learned through personal experience that they have little sense of humor, however, when you refer to their company as "Ticketmangler" or "Ticketgouger". So, don't do that if you want good seats.

Anyhow, here are some phone numbers and a helpful link for those of you willing to brave the service charges:

National / Toll free: (800) 729-6464;

Cleveland: (216) 241-5555;

Akron: (330) 945-9400;

TTY / Telephone communication for the deaf:  (800) 359-2525.

Internet: Ticketmaster Web Site / Browns Page on Ticketmaster

After the chaos on Saturday, you can always try to swap, barter, plead, beg, and/or grovel for tix on the infamous Bernies Insiders Tix Exchange. No fees or guarantee of success on the TixEx, but it is usually worth it to take a shot with other Browns fans rather than going straight to the broker sharks or eBay.

Obnoxious Ratbird and Squeeler fans can, as always, use the special line set up at 1-888-GO-AWAY.

- AB

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