The Wire: It's Recap Sunday

Sunday is always the best day for spending some quality time with the newspaper, or web browser, and today is better than normal. With NFL interest stirring again, and Kellen Winslow no closer to signing, Browns writers take a look at the upcoming training camp. Here's AB with the links and his takes...

Browns writers in Cleveland are expecting fans to start paying attention to the NFL now that training camp is upon us, and that is reflected in the most-filled Bernie's Insiders Newswire in weeks.

Marla Ridenour of the Akron Beacon-Journal provides a look at a dozen key questions about the Browns heading into training camp. I quibbled with a couple of details in our brand-spanking-new News Room forum, but it's a real nice recap for fans just getting back into the flow after taking some time off.

The Canton Rep's Steve Doerschuck has a somewhat more optimistic view of the season coming up, although he notes that a couple of injuries could scuttle things. Steve suspects Davis is on the right path, plus he gets extra props for mentioning the running back poll we had on the front page. I actually replaced that last night with a more emotional poll on who Browns fans think might be the most despicable character in recent Cleveland sports history.

Jeff Schudel does a similar recap that provides a little taste of his cover story in the upcoming issue of Bernie's Insiders Magazine. (Which you can purchase by clicking here. You know you wanna, right?) I guess I'm a little less enthused about the cartoon which accompanies the article in the newspaper, which depicts Gardocki, Couch, and Johnson as rats swimming away. Personally, I don't think they deserted a sinking ship so much as they were thrown overboard to lighten the load. But, whatever.

Tony Grossi provides some details behind the unsurprising news that Kellen Winslow isn't likely to be in camp on time (or even close to on time). It's refreshing to know that the Postons don't return Tony's calls either. I was taking it personally.

My favorite story from this morning's wire, though, comes courtesy of the tiny Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune, which has an article on Browns legend Dante Lavelli attending a golf scramble put on by the Tiffin Browns Backers. I love seeing this sort of stuff, and Dante is a genuinely great guy.

Off of the web, the News-Herald's Hal Lebovitz has some Browns tidbits in his always-fun Sunday column. Hal talks about the Browns attempts to be more fan-friendly in the post-Policy era, including dicussing the fan festival taking place in Berea next weekend. Hal also mentions that the legendary Jim Brown lost his 1964 championship ring somewhere, and that Browns owner Randy Lerner replaced it with a precise replica. The team is doing better at reconnecting with alumni now, and Lerner talked to members of the 1964 club, including his personal fave as a kid, Galen Fiss.

Also from Hal: The Ravens are favored by two in the Browns home opener in September, and the recent firing of Todd Stewart has the team's PR department shaking (his words). Tony Grossi also noted this morning that Carmen Policy's executive assistant was let go recently. The purging continues...

- AB

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