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The Browns, who have signed only OT Kirk Chambers (pictured), aren't alone in taking a long time to sign their draft picks. While a few teams have shot ahead, other clubs like Cincinnati and Miami are arguably futher behind. That, and more, in today's newswire...

Good morning Browns fans!

We're only a couple of days away from the beginning of training camp, but real news remains elusive - as a glance at this morning's newswire quickly shows.

To me at least, the most interesting article is a simple listing of signed draft picks which I found on ESPN. The list shows pretty clearly that the Browns' situation isn't unusual. With a couple of exceptions, few teams have made significant progress in signing their draft picks. In the AFC, Houston, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and New England have got a good start, but teams like Cincinnati are in comparable shape to the Browns. The Dolphins are the only team to have not signed anyone.

Our own Mike McLain does a nice job of setting the scene prior to camp in his article in the Warren Tribune-Chronicle this morning. Terry Pluto's Sunday column is now showing up in some of Knight-Ridder's syndication partners. It's a good look back at 1999 if you didn't see it when it ran in the Beacon-Journal.

ESPN's Page 2 has become a handy source for reminding us of all of Cleveland's sports challenges. Between naming us the Most Tortured Sports City and today's article about Greatest Early Retirements (contains two Browns), the sports network continues its reliable recounting of North Coast hardships. I'm guessing there will be a ten-part series on "The Drive" coming up next week.

We've got a lot planned for today. If you have been keeping an eye on our player profiles, you'll see that we've been going through and updating the photos of a number of players with pictures taken during this year's mini-camps. We also have some news about our Road Trip to Dallas that we'll be offering this morning. Finally, a football site in Germany sent us some photos of new WR Jorg Heckenbach in action during last year's NFL Europe season, which we've put together in a small gallery. Expect new articles to be showing up on Bernie's Insiders through-out the day.

Have a good one, and I'll see you on the message boards!

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