Dallas Road Trip to be Subject of Film

Bernie's Insider road trip to Dallas will be part of a documentary heralding Cleveland sports fans.

Bernie's Insiders Road Trip to Dallas is now turning into an even larger event.

We learned earlier this week that will the film crew from GIBI Productions will be recording our Dallas event as part of an upcoming documentary titled "Bleeding Brown and Orange: A Cleveland Tradition".

Currently in production, this documentary aims to illustrate the steadfast nature of Rustbelt cities like Cleveland through the context of professional football and its fans. It is to be a 90 to 120 minute documentary detailing the progression of the 2004-2005 football season, from the draft to the Super Bowl.

The fans themselves will tell the story as the main characters in the documentary. These candid and compelling narratives will serve as a window into the world of Cleveland football, football itself, and most importantly, the culture of the city of Cleveland. The end result will exist as a time capsule showcasing the dynamic ebb and flow of a single football season.

GIBI was also at the Bernie's Insiders Draft Day party at Bunker's back in April where they talked to and tolerated, among others, the beer-fueled webmaster of this site, who tried, and largely failed, to stay coherent while discussing the history of this site and how we got involved with Bernie back in 2001.

The film makers are serious about making a documentary that truly captures why it is so special to be a Browns fan - from the fans point of view. We're delighted that they have decided to join us and film some of the most dedicated football fans as we head to Dallas in September.

- AB


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