The Wire: The Poston Only Rings Once

Kellen Winslow's agent, Kevin Poston, is coming to town. Is it big news, or no big deal? Barry "ArtBtz" McBride looks at this morning's headlines...

Good morning Browns fans!

Kellen Winslow's agent, Kevin Poston, is scheduled to meet with the Browns today, and..


Well, that's it, basically. That's the news. It's enough to dominate today's Browns headlines, though, as the countdown to training camp continues. The story appeared first on the Associated Press wire, hitting the Tipline after an interminable delay of, oh, ten minutes or so.

Tony Grossi again takes it a step further this morning, as he discusses the signing status of Browns draft picks. As Lane Adkins told the gang in Ask the Insiders last week, quarterback Luke McCown is the closest to signing a contract. Lane told us last week that the basics of the contract had been agreed to, and Grossi discusses that in this morning's Plain Dealer.

The Morning-Journal's Jeff Schudel offers his take this morning that things are accelerating around a Winslow signing, even suggesting it's possible that the tight end could be in camp on Friday.

One of the factors that has Jeff thinking that things are moving forward is the recent signing of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor, who was selected immediately before Winslow with the fifth pick in the draft. Jeff also joins Bernie's Insiders and the Plain Dealer in not have having his phone calls returned by the Postons. Perhaps they're trying to cut down their long distance bills up there in Detroit. It can get kind of pricey, after all.

Another item causing a low level of buzz, on our forums at least, is the fact that the Browns have scheduled a 2PM news conference with Butch Davis in Berea today. The press conference, however, was announced early yesterday, and is billed as being a "pre-training camp" conference. Speaking for myself, I have no expectation that any big news will be announced. will provide the first independent coverage of the press conference late this afternoon, assuming that my car survives the trip back from Berea. In the meantime, we're already got five other stories you might want to check out available on the front page. These include two early looks at potential draft picks out of ACC schools by Tony Pauline, a quick look at the acquisition of DE Jamal Reynolds, and a lengthy examination of the nefarious dealings of the Browns noxious rivals in the AFC North.

Look for more on today's press conference and news from Berea this afternoon!

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