ATI Highlights: Winslow Draws Closer

Since before the Browns returned, Lane Adkins has had a unique ability to get the scoop on what's going on in Berea. That continues today, as Lane provides us with some details not available anywhere else on the Winslow negotiations and Sean Jones' knee. Here are some of the latest highlights from <I>Ask the Insiders</I>...

Voodoochile: Sean Jones' knee surgery

LaneAdkins: Jones suffered a clean tear, the procedure is being deemed a success and Jones will be lost for the season. Indications are he will be 100% for the 2005 season.

RobDawgie: Haha, I'll post what everyone is thinking... How have the contract negotiations been going?? Any updates?? Unlike a lot of people, I'm not freaking out about this. Winslow is the most pro-ready player we've drafted since '99, and usually our first rounders aren't in on time...

LaneAdkins: I am hearing the team and Poston are 5-7 million apart on total compensation. Also, it is unlikely Winslow will be in camp on time, but I have been told that it is certainly not out of the question the talented tight-end could be there.

Smart money says Winslow will not be in the fold Friday afternoon.

Big Money 19: Will the Browns have any interest in Woodson for a year until Sean Jones is healthy?

BarryMcBride: There's nothing to indicate the Browns are dying to replace Griffith. Davis denied the team was talking to Woodson and seemed surprised at the question, but didn't rule it out.

The Browns put a poll up on their official site asking who fans thought would be the MVP. Griffith was one of the players listed, LOL... we did a similar poll last month and we didn't pause for a second to consider listing Griffith. I even listed Big Money to see who thought he might break out this year!

I guess that shows the difference between fans of the team and what folks think in Berea

LaneAdkins: Regarding interest at this time.

Dadaman: Lane, Is Kevin Poston still in town and do you think K2 will walk on the field tomorrow?

BarryMcBride: I'm not Lane, but I can answer the first part of that. Poston left yesterday after spending the day in Berea.

LaneAdkins: Poston is not in town, but was in discussions with the team late Thursday evening.

CrazyBrownsFan: I know some of the players renegotiated their contracts to give the Browns more cap room. Now the Browns have the most cap room of any team in the league ( and it seems renegotiation wasn't really needed. Do you have any feel on how the players view this? Are they disappointed, not enough free agents signed, or pissed because they feel they were asked to take pay cuts when the team really didn't need "all" the money. I mean I'm all for paying what the players are worth, but how do they feel? Any animosity in the locker room? This might be too early to answer, but might be something to consider as training camp gets started.

BarryMcBride: I haven't sensed anything that indicates that the players feel that the team is being cheap or not doing what they think it takes to win.

The Browns still have a couple of players who will be free agents next year - say hello Quincy Morgan and Daylon McCutcheon - so there's a chance that the team will look to use some of that room to sign them. If there's any concern, it would be guys like Cutch, Little, and Morgan who might want a new deal or more money.

Frankly, there just aren't that many decent players left out there and the one position that everyone agrees is a significant need - left tackle - had the best players kept/franchised and all the remainder dramatically overpriced.

The only thing I could see making significant use of that space would involve a dramatic deal for a left tackle. At this point, all appears quiet on that front, although Davis starts acting a little squirelly when the question is asked about Pace

DCBrowns: Warren and Couch immediately come to mind as players that IMO we over pay for what we get in return. At what point do we stop making excuses (legitament or not) and either replace these type of players or cut thier salary to reflect their level of play?

BarryMcBride: Interesting question about Warren, but if Davis' public pronouncements are anything to go by, he's not on your side on this one. Davis feels that Warren is doing a much better job than the fans do, and is basing that on how other teams are compensating for him and so forth.

From my perspective, Warren still shows flashes of brilliance, and if you remember the Denver game last year, he was very impressive. Then, of course, there are games where he seems to disappear, and lapses in the Browns run defense tend to result in fingers pointed in his direction.

Still, as long as Davis believes in him, Warren will stick around, and there's no reason to believe he's in any danger. The team doesn't need cap relief, and Warren renegotiated his contract to help them during the off-season.

JDawgy: It may be to early to talk about getting Pace next offseason. But IMO there is no way that Courtney Brown is a Cleveland Brown next year. Cap room should be plentiful.

BarryMcBride: Don't consider Kenard Lang a sure bet for 2005, either. His contract escalates dramatically after this year. Based on the last information I have, his salary jumps nearly $3 million next year.

Everyone talks about Ekuban, Jackson, Reynolds, etc, as being backups for Brown, but don't overlook the team possibly wanting to renegotiate Lang for 2005.



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