The Wire: The Scrimmage Aftermath

Today's newswire features three types of stories and Roger Brown ascending the writer ranks

Good morning Browns fans!

I have a very simple mechanism for gauging which Cleveland Browns beat writer is doing the best job in a particular season. The nice thing about it is that it's both unbiased and quantifiable.

I'm looking for a certain combination of keen insight, fearlessness, and overt pimping when I read the papers in the morning. The best way to find that, of course, is to see how good a job the writer does of integrating the phrase "" into their daily columns.

Therefore, today's top writer is easily the Plain Dealer's Roger Brown, who mentions in his column. He also says something about Jeff Garcia looking like a company man due to his mild pressure on Kellen Winslow. Although Brown has a point on the Garcia remarks, the column really doesn't hit its stride until about five paragraphs down, when keen insight and fearlessness rules the day.

Steve Doerschuck and Jeff Schudel, who also mention the site at times, had better watch their backs.

Elsewhere on the newswire, there are three stories that rule the day. Here are examples of each:

1. The Browns and Winslow might be getting ready to compromise

Cleveland Plain Dealer (Mary Kay Cabot) 
Mary Kay has done a fantastic job of tracking the negotiations, particularly in tracking the Winslow camp. Between the PD and Lane's bursts of info in Ask the Insiders, you can get a good look at what's really going on behind the scenes.

Lake County News-Herald (Jeff Schudel)
Jeff, these days sporting a dashing goatee, offers his take on the negotiations and John Collins remarks over the weekend.

2. Lee Suggs really looked good yesterday

Buffalo News (Eric Fontes)

Warren Tribune-Chronicle (Mike McLain)

Canton Repository (Steve Doerschuck)

3. Man, did Willis McGahee kick our butts, or what?

I found one example of this, although they abound on The.Raw.Feed and elsewhere. Steve Doerschuck was pretty complimentary about the first-team defense, who faced Travis Henry rather than McGahee. If you want more stories ripping the Browns, just look around ESPN. You'll find them, pretty quickly.

Buffalo News (Allen Wilson)

Sunday Morning with Hal

Hal Lebovitz, whose column is not on the web, also offers some tidbits in this morning's edition. Among his notes:

  • NFL teams are taking the pre-season much more seriously these days, following the lead of the Patriots Bill Belichick. No Super Bowl winner since 1997 has had a losing record in pre-season. Hal thinks Butch Davis also wants to come out on the plus side this year.
  • Hal likes what he saw of the Browns goal-line offense when he was at practice last Wednesday. Both Terrelle Smith and Kelvin Garmon did a good job blocking in those situations. This site had a lot of enthusiasm at the signing of Smith, and it's good to see Hal agrees.
  • The Dolphins have been studying up on RB James Jackson, but Hal's "Florida Spy" says they're worried that he's too injury-prone.
  • Hal applauds the hiring of Browns great Paul Warfield, and says that it happened at Randy Lerner's urging.
  • Finally, Hall notes that both Shaun O'Hara and Barry Stokes have won starting jobs for the NY Giants.

If you live near Cleveland, pick up a copy of the Lake County News-Herald or Lorain Morning-Journal for more from the Cleveland sportswriting legend. Lots of stuff on the Tribe, Cavs, etc, in this morning's column.

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