Live from Berea" transcript, along with some additional thoughts..."> Live from Berea" transcript, along with some additional thoughts...">

8/9: Afternoon Practice Transcript

Here is this afternoon's "<A HREF="">Live from Berea</A>" transcript, along with some additional thoughts...

Here is the transcript from this afternoon's "Live from Berea". The comments in italics are some thoughts (read: attempts to explain away mistakes) I've added this evening.

On Tuesday, the Browns have an afternoon practice, so watch the Live from Berea page starting around 3:30PM or so.

8/9/2004 2:28:14 PM:
Afternoon practice starts at 3:30 and runs until 5:30 in the afternoon. Davis often ends practice a little early. The media will get a few minutes with Davis at the end of practice.

8/9/2004 3:29:03 PM: It's overcast here now... nice breeze. Davis was like a mad scientist with the offensive line this morning, with some unusual combinations. We'll see if it continues this afternoon.

It did. We saw mostly Joaquin Gonzalez and Enoch DeMar at left tackle and left guard respectively on the first team, and some unusual combinations on the second and third teams.

Davis is pitching this as the team evaluating players at different positions, the media positions it as promotion/demotion, with DeMar getting promoted. A comment from Butch which encouraged the second view is that Davis said that Beasley "didn't have the type of game he wanted to have", which is a pretty gentle way to say that he had a lousy scrimmage. I wouldn't say it's anywhere close to "game over" yet... last week, DeMar was the new backup left tackle.

On the surface, the Browns appear to be pushing buttons furiously, hoping to find a combination of linemen that clicks. There is a lot of experimentation going on right now. What worries me is that linemen need to know what the guys on the right and left of them are going to do, and that takes repetition and time. So one hopes the experimentation will settle down in the near future.

8/9/2004 3:40:40 PM:
We're in drills with the individual units to start off. Very nice crowd of fans here. Risers about 2/3rds full with lots of fans standing behind them.

It was perhaps even more than that - and this after a 5-11 season! Fans are coming out day after day, and a number of them are posting camp reports in the Watercooler and Pure Football. I enjoy reading those reports, so I can see the practice again through someone else's eyes. Great stuff.

8/9/2004 3:44:45 PM:
Already on to kickoff drills. BTW, we got a new schedule. Afternoon practice tomorrow... Morning practice on Weds... No 2-a-days until Thurs.

8/9/2004 3:50:57 PM:
King, Geathers, Jones have returned kicks so far. Dee Brown just ran one back.

8/9/2004 3:55:03 PM:
Last kick, Geathers had a nice gap to run through. So did CJ Jones two kicks later.

Lest I be accused of being an overt Jason Geathers pimp rather than a thoroughly objective media-reporter-type, I should point out that I really wanted to wax poetic about how Geathers looked like he could pretty much run over anyone as he was charging through that gap.

But, I restrained myself. Until now.

Geathers is in a tough spot trying to make this team, but as you can tell, he just strikes me as one of those guys with a lot of potential based on his size and how he moves.

8/9/2004 4:01:53 PM:
Unit drills again. I watch the receivers because I can stand in the shade and because I'm lazy. Ra! Dunbar needs to hold onto the football better... dropping some again today.

I haven't seen Dunbar running back many kicks, and that seems to be the way he would make this team.

8/9/2004 4:04:46 PM: QBs tossing to WRs now. Holcomb just tossed a pass 30 or so yards. Nice to see.

8/9/2004 4:06:59 PM: Geathers makes a real nice one-handed catch in drills. Frisman Jackson makes a nice catch as well. Dunbar drops another one.

8/9/2004 4:09:10 PM: Tossing to tight ends now. Shea is having a nice camp... making few mistakes.

8/9/2004 4:14:05 PM: A bit more work on timing needed? Browns QBs are just overthrowing tight ends on end zone routes, particularly Garcia. Timing with WRs much better at this point... to my untrained eyes.

Clearly the point of this drill was to throw over the coverage and allow the tight end's greater height and size let him pull in the ball... sort of like Dave Logan used to do back in the day. There was only one completion (to Darnell Sander) that I could see. Mostly the passes were overthrown just a touch... some fine-tuning is needed before September 12th.

8/9/2004 4:16:42 PM: Refs coming out... scrimmage time!

8/9/2004 4:20:54 PM: Suggs runs right... nice hole. Garcia to Morgan complete... second team comes out.

8/9/2004 4:24:37 PM: Westmoreland is on the field. Holcomb tosses a bomb to Jones, who had a couple of yards on Wansley.

As I pondered it, it was Westmoreland - not David Young - who crunched Northcutt in the morning practice. I got confused about the numbers. Oops - one of the little pitfalls of being "live", I guess. Makes me respect Jim Donovan a little more.

8/9/2004 4:26:40 PM: The weirdness continues. Chambers was just at LG.

8/9/2004 4:31:02 PM: Red zone drills. Henry knocks a pass away from Morgan. Shea gets open on the next play and pulls it down. DBs doing well in these 7 on 7s.

One of the reasons I said that the DBs were doing well is that this particular drill doesn't have a pass rush. On some of these plays, Garcia looked around a lot longer than he would have had with a rush coming in on him. Henry made nice plays in both the morning and afternoon sessions.

8/9/2004 4:37:29 PM: Butch saw something he liked... just walked out and talked to Bentley. Third team goal-line drills... Alston makes a nice catch of a McCown pass.

Richard Alston made several nice catches in the afternoon. The cuts at WR are not going to be simple.

8/9/2004 4:40:35 PM: Drill ends with McCown tossing a pick to Sharpe. Hybl gets some reps.

8/9/2004 4:45:42 PM: 11 on 11 now. Gonzalez getting time with 1st team at LT. Verba's just on sidelines... Doesn't seem hurt or anything...

Davis explained later that Verba was getting the afternoon off, as the team takes things a little slow with him. Also, the notion here is that Gonzalez could get some reps with the first unit.

8/9/2004 4:50:27 PM: More weirdness... Beasley at RG, Osborne at RT on second team.

Beasley doesn't seem like the ideal picture of a right guard to me, but it's probably not getting worked up about. Players are moving around the line a lot... "versatility" showed up in the afternoon press time again today.

8/9/2004 4:53:31 PM: 1st team back out. Nice complete to Shea enabled by a little holding by Gonzo. Just a little...

That little remark was based on watching a linebacker (Taylor or Bentley) get around Gonzalez and watching as the left tackle grabbed the linebacker's shirt tail and tugged it. In truth, it didn't slow the linebacker down much.

8/9/2004 4:57:28 PM:
Even in practice, the Browns seem to have more luck running to the right., as Suggs busts one. Maddox has been able to find space in the middle on 2nd & 3rd unit action.

Maddox was getting praise from the coaching staff after repeatedly being able to find room to run in between the tackles today. He's another interesting player trying to crack a deep depth chart at running back. Adding Dee Brown to the mix didn't make his job easier.

8/9/2004 5:19:40 PM:
Practice ended at 5:05 today. Butch continues to tone it down.

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