8/10: Live from Berea Transcript

Here is this afternoon's "Live from Berea" transcript, with the usual level of comments and vapid excuse-making.

Here are the entries, along with some comments, from today's afternoon "Live from Berea" session. Live from Berea is a new feature of BerniesInsiders.com, in which we place a nerd on the sidelines with a PDA/Cell phone and have him do a lot of frenzied button mashing to report on events as they occur.

8/10/2004 3:47:10 PM: Whew! Just overcame our first tech glitch here. Partly cloudy day here. Just saw Chaun Thompson. His arm is out of the sling but he has a cast.

Chaun was doing some jogging while I was madly pounding away at PDA keys. I'll be fine-tuning our Live from Berea software this weekend. Hopefully, no more glitches.

8/10/2004 3:57:20 PM: Team was running some goal line drills... as could be expected last weekend. Doing unit drills now. I'm watching the def line

8/10/2004 4:05:17 PM: Sorry about the slow updates. Clearly the site is busy and my phone is ringing from folks looking for Winslow news. The story we linked earlier is causing a buzz here.

In retrospect, it seems like Fox Radio jumped the gun on this, and there were no details provided in that brief story. The team has said via their web site that they hope that this means that Winslow is anxious to get in camp. Lane added some more details in Ask the Insiders this evening after talking with sources close to both sides.

8/10/2004 4:10:14 PM: Jamal Reynolds is here, but looks like he's being held out again. BTW, the team is not out in full pads... just shorts and shoulder pads.

8/10/2004 4:12:04 PM: Leigh Bodden, who was held back Monday, is here and participating.

Bodden later made an interception during some of the situational drills. He's looking good in camp again this year.

8/10/2004 4:14:05 PM: Going to 7 on 7 now...

8/10/2004 4:21:04 PM: No surprise... Same group of LBs as yesterday... Holdman, Taylor, Davis. Jameson just hit Shea as he was catching a pass and knocked it out.

8/10/2004 4:30:26 PM: Lots of dropped passes today. Shea dropped two, Jones one, Miller one. Contrary to rumors on the boards, James Jackson is very much here and just about ran my butt over about a minute ago.

The James Jackson drama that made headlines via a wire story was much ado about nothing, in my opinion. It was not a topic of discussion at camp or in Davis' press conference.

You realize how fast the game is played when you've got someone steamrolling toward you wearing cleats and a determined expression. Media members are allowed to sit on the grass around the practice field, in front of the Browns fans on the risers. I've determined that we're placed there mostly because running over us would slow down an out-of-control player before he could reach the fans or valuable advertising signs. This is the same reason you see barrels full of water at auto-racing events.

8/10/2004 4:32:53 PM: 11 on 11s now. McCown to CJ with another long pass late in the 7on7s.

8/10/2004 4:36:31 PM: Two recent plays... Green finds a nice gap between Faine and Garmon... Cutt jukes every which way but Bodden stays his ground and stops a pass play short.

This is exactly the sort of stuff you can see at Training Camp and nowhere else, and why I think it's such a great place to be if you're a hard-core fan. Keep an eye on Bodden during the latter stages of pre-season games to see if the solid play he's shown in practice is repeated during the games.

8/10/2004 4:38:52 PM: A little pushing and shoving after a play... Bentley involved. Crowd here cheers a lot whenever CJ Jones does anything.

I wrote this because I was impressed that a fan shouted "Nice block CJ!" on a running play.

Practice started moving very fast at this point. Davis put the team into situational drills. The first was with the Browns offense backed-up near the goal line. Later they reversed with the offense in the red zone, the defense backed up against the end zone, and with time running out.

8/10/2004 4:45:01 PM: Just saw Curry make 2 solid plays in a row. Just moved to goal line drills with the offense backed up. Garcia to Green... Griffith got him in the end zone. Ugh.

Translation: Curry's plays were with the third team in the 11-on-11s. One was Curry reading a running play and getting into the backfield. The second was nice coverage on a pass play. Davis later said that some of the undrafted rookies had impressed him but wouldn't say who.

On the first play with the Browns first-team offense backed up against the goal line, Garcia tossed a swing pass to Green who was met by Robert Griffith a couple yards deep in the end zone. I don't know whether to be discouraged by the offensive play or encouraged by Griffith. I chose "discouraged".

8/10/2004 4:47:11 PM: R. Williams made a nice play... breaks up a pass for Morgan. Defense won this round, handily

The first-team offense didn't impress in their sequence close to the goal line. Arguably, they have more new components to integrate than the Browns relatively unchanged defense. Still, I remember about this time last year we just started to get a sense that the heavily-hyped Browns offense wasn't going to be as good as we hoped. That showed up in the pre-season games, but most of us kept making excuses... "Green is a slow starter"... "The QB competition is distracting, etc"... with confidence that the real offense would show up in the opener against Indianapolis. Unfortunately, it did.

8/10/2004 4:49:44 PM: 2nd team doing much better... two straight passes from Holcomb to Frisman Jackson... make that three in a row. Nice.

They weren't three identical passes either... across the middle... on the right sideline...

8/10/2004 4:52:17 PM: Goal line drills continue... Crocker just slammed into Dee Brown, ending that attempt.

8/10/2004 5:03:11 PM: Now in red zone drills. This is something to watch. 1st team was stuffed except for a Garcia scramble. 2nd team was more effective but Bodden picked off Holcomb in the end zone.

Garcia went for Andre Davis in the end zone on the final play by the first team, and the pass was broken up. I wish I had typed that in, because I forget who broke up the pass. Like I said, the drill was going very quickly. It was a pretty exciting thing to watch if you were there, because the electricity in air shot up a notch and the players were definitely focused and vocal on each play.

The team's two-hour practice ended in just over an hour-and-a-half. No complaints this year about Davis pounding players into the ground with overlong practices. He's clearly eased up a bit.

8/10/2004 5:22:10 PM:
Just finished up with Butch. No revelations about Winslow. Look for more later this afternoon on the site.

The press conference with Butch was relatively uneventful. I record these, but generally don't convert them into audio streams on the site. There was a pretty perceptive question about Roosevelt Williams which was asked, and Davis responded with some praise for the cornerback, and didn't deny that he might have a shot at being the nickel back.

Also, building off of one of the things we were saying here last night, Davis is hedging on the media's take that DeMar is now the starter at left guard. When asked a question on DeMar starting, Davis said that "he is the starter this week". This week's starter could be next week's backup right guard, as Chad Beasley learned.

- Barry

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