Done Deal: Browns, Winslow Agree

<B>UPDATE 12:15AM:</B> The Browns have now confirmed the signing via their web site.<BR><BR> This evening, is the first web site to report that <B>Kellen Winslow's representatives have agreed to a contract with the Browns</B>. We also are posting, for the first time anywhere, the contract figures agreed to this evening. Here's the latest!

Fans following the action in Ask the Insiders will not be surprised that the Browns have signed Kellen Winslow, Jr, to a contract.

Lane Adkins has been posting updates in our premium forum all evening, and now reports the contract parameters.

Lane's sources tell him that Winslow will receive a six-year deal for $41 million dollars. $16.5 of that contract is in signing bonus money and incentives. The contract has a $29 million base.

Here are Lane's comments from earlier in the evening from Ask the Insiders:

Lane Adkins (10:40:30 pm): Deal is almost done, if you have followed our path on the negotiations, you'll see some numbers we threw out there over the past week or so.

The signing bonus falls in line with what we mentioned. The overall package will be similar to the 40-42 million dollar deal originally offered, but the structure has dramatically changed.

Upfront, guaranteed, and incentive driven dollars increase the base.............

Bottom line of this deal is, Poston got the upfront guaranteed dollars for Winslow.

The Browns will save face by keeping the overall package close to the original proposed, potential dollar value. Now, Winslow get much more of the money without all the performance and incentive esculators.

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