8/11: Live from Berea Transcript

We had a gap in the transcript this morning, thanks to our use of hardware left over from the Nixon Administration, but we soldiered on to offer updates from today's practice. The arrival of Kellen Winslow was the big news. Here's the transcript, along with the usual prattling...

The Live from Berea shakedown cruise continued this morning, as the Browns welcomed Kellen Winslow into camp. The Browns new tight end got himself up to Cleveland quickly and was in uniform this morning and ready to roll. He mostly saw action with the second and third units, and was the focus of a lot of cameras.

Based on our statistics, the number of fans tuning in to "Live from Berea" has more than doubled every day. Today, we hit the point where there was so much demand on the server that I couldn't get through to update for about 45 minutes. We're going to be making changes to the software over the weekend so we can handle the load. Thanks for your patience this morning.

Here's the transcript, along with the usual prattling.

8/11/2004 8:49:19 AM: It is overcast and cool this morning. The Chosen One is here, wearing 11.

8/11/2004 8:51:33 AM: Winslow being on the field would typically mean that he has passed his physical, but nothing official yet.

There wasn't even a press release out yet on the signing, but Winslow was on the field. He admitted later that he was really anxious to get out and play, and that he feels he has a lot he has to learn yet.

8/11/2004 8:54:08 AM: Team is practicing field goals doing individual unit drills. Crowd, as usual, is rooting D

Apparently I screwed this up. What I meant to say was that the crowd was rooting for the kicker to bang a football off the camera tower that stands behind the end zone. They should give those guys in the tower parachutes in case they get knocked off of there.

There are also camera towers on the sidelines, and Browns staffers spend a good portion of every day telling fans not to stand underneath them. The media can stand in front of them, because no one cares if we're crushed by falling camera equipment.

8/11/2004 8:57:58 AM: Kickoff drills now... Dunbar runs back a kick. ESPN is giving coverage to the Owens story, which is creating a murmur here. No one here wants to even acknowledge a story like that.

Fortunately, Dave C. took one for the press corps and asked Garcia a question about it during his press conference. More on that later...

8/11/2004 9:00:52 AM: I love special teams drills... Rosburg is loud enough that you can hear pretty much whatever he says... makes for an educational experience.

There's no doubt what the Browns special teams coach thinks. He's got guys scattered all over the field, so he usually has to holler to get everyone's attention. On the other hand, I don't think I've ever been able to overhear offensive line coach Larry Zerlein say anything.

8/11/2004 9:04:02 AM:
Schorejs and Dawson are set to kick, but right now the returners are just holding the ball and running out. Why the team never tries Frost on kickoffs baffles me.

8/11/2004 9:09:52 AM: Dawson kicking off... The Browns are big on directional kicking, which makes it hard to determine if he's short of the end zone because of leg strength or intent. No kick has gone past the five.

Apparently, the Browns are happy with Dawson kicking off. Fortunately, the Browns don't have to contend with the specter of Dante Hall grabbing a kick at the ten and running it back this year. Directional kicking is very important to the Browns in the punting game, and it's a factor as the Browns make up their minds about whether to keep Frost or Dutton. It's not all about how far and how high they can punt... with the Browns, it's also a lot about where it lands.

8/11/2004 9:13:02 AM:
Lots of media here today, of course. Team now doing situational drill with offense backed up near their goal line. QB sneaks are on the menu.

8/11/2004 9:20:50 AM: Now they've reversed... Garcia running red zone offense.

The Browns seemed to be a lot more focused on trying individual plays than yesterday's situational drills where the offense was focused on getting into the end zone in four plays.

8/11/2004 9:28:00 AM: More about the Winslow contract is coming out. Incentives are very doable... numbers are things like 700 yards, 45 catches. Unit drills now...

This hasn't been confirmed by team at this point, but it ties with everything that I've heard that the incentive numbers are very reasonable.

8/11/2004 9:31:57 AM: Receiver drills... Dunbar drops one. Eddie Galles seems to continue to improve. Not enough to make the roster, IMHO, but noticeable.

Galles reportedly has excellent leaping ability, which is apparently one of the reasons that the Browns looked at him. He looked like he was struggling during QB School, but is doing much better now, at least to my eyes.

8/11/2004 9:47:47 AM:
The system is real busy... hence few updates. Finally got thru. Winslow is catching passes in drills. Team now scrimmaging. Rumor is that Jamal Reynolds was cut... working to confirm...

I have confirmed that Reynolds has been cut.

8/11/2004 9:50:59 AM: First team made a nice completion to Cutt. 2nd team... completion to McIntyre... Dee Brown sneaks thru the line... Brown is getting nice comments in camp.

There's positive buzz about Dee Brown around Berea, which just adds fuel to speculation that James Jackson might be dangled in trade. Lane talked about this last night in Ask the Insiders, and I'm going to put together a condensed version sometime this afternoon.

8/11/2004 10:41:29 AM: Uyi Osunde looks to be playing WSLB, not DE. Winslow is in on 7 on 7 drills with the 2s. Holcomb makes nice completions to King and Frisman Jackson against the 2 defense.

Today is Osunde's third day back, and he doesn't need to be directed as much. Unfortunately, his injury means the team has less time to look at him. He was a highly regarded rookie free agent, but we haven't talked much about him since he's just been standing on the sidelines.

8/11/2004 10:42:55 AM: Winslow misses a pass in drills with the 3s. Winslow made a TD catch while in goal line drills with the 2s and 3s

Actually, he made two touchdown catches while doing red zone drills today. That Kellen Winslow, Jr, is a special player was obvious in the May/June Quarterback School sessions, and you can expect to hear anecdotes about his ability coming out of Training Camp from here on in.

8/11/2004 10:45:13 AM: Just finished with Butch. He didn't commit to whether the Chosen One would play Saturday. No big revelations... Locker room time now... back in a few.

Nothing real stunning from Butch in the press conference, since all anyone wanted to talk about was Kellen Winslow, and he didn't have a lot to say on the subject.

8/11/2004 11:33:51 AM: We await the Chosen One. Got some answers to ATI questions in the locker room time. Jeff Garcia just talked to us. Nice, classy slap-back at TO near the end. I'll put up the audio if the official site doesn't.

Garcia was once again very much in command during his press conference. There were a number of questions about Kellen Winslow and the progress of the offense. Dave Carducci asked him about Terrell Owens remarks, and Garcia handled it quite well, dismissing the remarks as untrue and making it clear that he had no desire to discuss his flamboyant ex-teammate at length. I had some interesting conversations with Lee Suggs, William Green, and Chris Crocker regarding questions which had come up in Ask the Insiders. More on that coming up in that forum.

8/11/2004 11:40:51 AM:
We still await the Chosen One

He finally arrived and spoke to the press for a little while. Kellen said that he would love to be able to play against the Titans, but has no expectations of starting. The Browns recently heralded Jim Brown's involvement via their web site, but Winslow didn't indicate that Brown had much of an impact when questioned about it. Winslow was working out with Charles Woodson while in Houston and looks to be ready to go.


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