Making Up for Lost Time

Kellen Winslow arrived late to training camp, but he's doing everything he can to make up for lost time. The Browns new tight gave fans at the Browns Gridiron Preview this evening a glimpse of what the future holds...

Kellen Winslow Jr. is making up for time lost during his holdout in a big way.

Winslow ended his 12-day holdout Tuesday night. He looked sharp Thursday night during the Gridiron Preview at Cleveland Browns Stadium in front of 21,627 fans.

Winslow worked with the second team during an early portion of the practice. He caught a pass from Kelly Holcomb at the 5 during 7-on-7 drills.

During 11-on-11 practice he caught two touchdown passes from Jeff Garcia while working with the first team. He caught at the back of the end zone on a pass from the 5. Two plays later, Garcia threw an alley-oop from the 50. Winslow jumped and caught it at the 1. He took a step into the end zone for a touchdown.

DAVIS ON SEAN JONES: "Everyone is a candidate (for P.U.P.), who didn't originally pass the physical," Davis said. "I really don't know about the season until we get to the last 53. The doctors predominantly guide that decision. If they say there is a possibility (he could play) he could go on P.U.P. It just depends. "

DEEP FOR THE BROWNS: C.J. Jones and Andre Davis returned kicks in practice. A tip-off about who the coaches like on special teams is to watch the first team crews on kick coverage and kick return, so Jones at least seems to be in the plans for now.

INJURY UPDATE: Quincy Morgan practiced in the morning and evening Thursday. He missed practice Wednesday because he has a cyst on his left knee.

IN TOUCH: Ten lucky fans attending the practice at the stadium won practice jerseys. The players giving the shirts off their backs were Jeff Garcia, William Green, Kelly Holcomb, Dennis Northcutt, Phil Dawson, Ryan Dutton, Kenard Lang, Daylon McCutcheon, Gerard Warren and Robert Griffith.

Players ringed the stadium and signed autographs after practice. They were in no hurry to leave.

Garcia was the last player to leave the field after signing autographs. He not only gave away his jersey. He also gave his shoes to fans before walking to the locker room.

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