8/16: Afternoon Practice Transcript

Here is the transcript from this afternoon's Live from Berea, with some additional comments...

Here is this afternoon's Live from Berea transcript, with the spelling mistakes fixed (so I appear smarter) and with additional comments based on what we learned later. These additional comments are in a lovely brown italic font, which you need to go to BerniesInsiders.com to see (that means you, Yahoo.com visitors!)

8/16/2004 3:39:12 PM: Another bright sunny day here. Absolutely beautiful. Drills have just started. Defense in brown jerseys... offense in white.

I talked with a new writer who will be joining us soon, so there was a delay in updates. While we were chatting, I noticed the Browns doing a couple of different drills than I'd seen before at camp. In one of these, a running back would take off, and would be met after about ten yards by two defenders coming in at different angles. This is a tackling drill, as the team works in its fundamentals - the runner wasn't pulled to the ground or hit hard, but the tacklers worked on wrapping the player up.

8/16/2004 4:16:41 PM:
Sorry for the delay in updates. I was talking to another writer who will be joining us in September. Passing drills now. Andre King is back in action.

These drills involved passes thrown thirty or forty yards. Butch Davis later told us that the team has been so intent in putting in their own offensive package, that the defense hasn't practiced much against certain types of plays. That includes deep passes, which aren't the centerpiece of the Browns offensive strategy. Davis felt that was one of the reasons that the team struggled against the Titans, and wanted to practice some defense on long passes today.

8/16/2004 4:19:09 PM: Richard Alston just missed a pass and let us know his displeasure via some choice words.

The intensity on the second and third team is a little higher than before. Cut-down day is getting closer and the players are trying to impress the coaches. Davis feels that this is one of the reasons that the Browns had so many penalties - players trying too hard or being a little too keyed up. It's as good an explanation as any, but Davis talked repeatedly about his displeasure with the penalties.

8/16/2004 4:21:53 PM: These are passing drills, WRs and CBs one-on-one with DBs. Now we have gone to 7 ON 7.

8/16/2004 4:24:05 PM:
No changes on first team defense. or offense seen in the skill positions.

Heiden was still the first tight end out. Taylor, A. Davis, and Holdman were the first linebackers who appeared in the seven on sevens. Griffith and Little were the safeties. There were no dramatic changes on the first team after the exhibition game.

8/16/2004 4:27:03 PM: Winslow is in... made a catch his first play, but didn't know he was supposed to run to the end zone as well... Robiskie let him know :-)

8/16/2004 4:30:03 PM: Next group in... No visible changes there either... Lehan is not in (Bodden instead) and Westmoreland is the second team SSLB

Eric Westmoreland has made a good impression on the coaching staff. He hustles and hits in practice... he made his first attention-getting stop in practice before the team even had gotten his name on the back of his jersey. At present, he is behind Thompson and Taylor at strong-side linebacker.  

8/16/2004 4:31:47 PM: Jackson and Northcutt make nice catches... Shea drops a pass thrown behind him by Holcomb

8/16/2004 4:35:11 PM: Third team... Jones got two steps on Sharpe and Young... makes a nice catch... Winslow TD in corner of the end zone.... It's a lot easier with no rush than on Saturday night...

8/16/2004 4:37:49 PM: There were a couple of roster moves... waiting to find out what they were. I don't see 16 (Heckenbach) here... not sure of his status.

LaTarence Dunbar and Jorg Heckenbach were waived, we learned later.

8/16/2004 4:40:37 PM: Full squad now... It's Zukauskas and Gonzalez on the left side. Verba is standing on the sidelines.

Verba was given the practice off due to some problems in his lower back. The issue is considered to be minor, and Verba will likely be back in action on Tuesday.

8/16/2004 4:46:40 PM: Winslow just caught a pass from Holcomb and just smacked his way past Roosevelt Williams. It drew a audible reaction here.

There's no tackling in these practices, but that didn't stop Winslow from knocking Williams on his butt. Williams later talked about how he will keep the incident in mind, so we haven't seen the last from those two. Winslow will be talking to the press after morning practice tomorrow. Davis excused the hit when talking to the press and didn't see it as a problem.

8/16/2004 4:50:25 PM: Scuttlebutt here is that Verba's problem is his lower back. I'm going to take a few minutes just to watch... back in a few...

I was expecting practice to go long after Saturday night's poor showing, but that wasn't the case at all. Davis wrapped things up relatively quickly, and later explained that he likes to keep Monday practices short due to the fact that players are kind of beat up after a Saturday game.

8/16/2004 4:54:30 PM: Davis talking to us now... most disturbed about the penalties... used Osunde as an example of someone who was working real hard and got into flag problems...

8/16/2004 4:57:31 PM: Davis praises the running backs, Frost, Dawson... also happy with the team's practice today, but went back to talking about penalties...

8/16/2004 5:00:08 PM: ... blames the newness of some players and lack of synergy for some problems... that's the word he used... really pleased with safeties tackling... not criticizing tackling...

My cell phone went kerflooey (technical term) at this point, so I couldn't slam in any more. I find that I'm not using the 10 minutes or so of Davis audio that I record every day very much,  so sometimes I'll just listen and drop anything of interest into the Live from Berea feed.

That was it from Berea today. Look for Live from Berea on Tuesday as the Browns have both morning and afternoon practices. See you then!


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