8/17: Morning Practice Transcript

Here are a variety of observations and occasionally-coherent remarks from Camp...

Here is the transcript from this morning's Live from Berea. As usual, spelling mistakes and various dunderheaded comments have been altered to create the false impression of intelligence on the part of the writer. Like all journalists, I'm all about the truth except when it comes to stupid stuff I do myself. Here's the transcript, with later comments displaying on BerniesInsiders.com in a lovely brown italic font...

8/17/2004 8:46:04 AM: It's sunny, but with a little haze in the air today. Still a nice day to be here...

8/17/2004 9:01:50 AM: Punting drills... Northcutt catches Frost's punt as shouts of "cover, cover!" fill the air. Frost and Dutton take turns kicking...

It's always hard to tell if Frost or Dutton is having a better day because you don't know if they were asked to kick to a spot on the field or just let it all hang out. Frost is clearly the front-runner for the job, and Davis brought up his name yesterday when talking about positives in the first game.

8/17/2004 9:05:07 AM: Geathers and Galles are wearing the yellow caps and are on the outside of the punt rush. Galles has good leaping ability... perhaps that's why he's there.

Winslow later told reporters that he played defensive end in High School and asked Campo if he could play defense. The response was reportedly "We'll see" but he hopes to be able to help rush the punter on special teams.

8/17/2004 9:09:26 AM: The offense and defense have split up now... they each have a practice field to themselves. Offense is going through some running plays, practicing run blocking...

8/17/2004 9:12:38 AM: DeMar is playing second string LG in these drills, with the experiment of trying him at LT apparently over.

Just more proof that you shouldn't trust my attempts to form conclusions (see below). Long-time visitors to the website already know this, assuming that once the discussion exits the realm of beer-drinking, my expertise wanes. I've been learning a lot watching practice every day, though, and encourage fans to come out and join in on the last couple of days of training camp.

8/17/2004 9:16:20 AM: Now we break up into smaller units... WRs run through cones, RBs run through the overturned garbage cans.

Knowing how NFL teams throw money around, what I call "overturned garbage cans" are probably custom-designed Offensive Skill Player Obstruction Units™ costing $100,000 apiece. On another note, I've been hoping that my time at training camp would result in my finding some thousand-dollar bills just lying around, but so far, nothing. Maybe Pat McManamon got them. 

8/17/2004 9:20:18 AM: The receivers are catching passes in the corner of the end zone, practicing dragging their foot before they go out of bounds.

8/17/2004 9:24:56 AM: The QBs come down to this end of the field to throw passes to the receivers as they practice specific short routes. You may wonder why I'm watching the receivers again... well, it's mostly because it's more fun to watch and because I can stand in the covered area in the shade.

I am truly like a delicate flower, requiring protection from the sun.

8/17/2004 9:29:24 AM: Don't panic over ESPN rumors... Morgan and Davis are still here.

I told some of the beat reporters about the rumors, and a couple writers talked with Quincy Morgan about it. Quincy hadn't heard anything about the rumor, started by Chris Mortenson of ESPN, but expressed the usual things about just loving to play football where-ever he is, and so forth.

8/17/2004 9:32:27 AM: This is the last week training camp is open. The stands are pretty full, but quiet as the team has been running drills with no scrimmaging.

8/17/2004 9:36:04 AM: Folks from the VIP tent, which reportedly has a Slushy machine and anti-media defenses, are allowed to bring their children into the area where I am, to wander about and loudly eat potato chips (also kept in the tent under armed guard).

8/17/2004 9:41:52 AM: The defense has come over to this side of the field and we have the corners matched up against WRs. We are now into the upper limits of my chip-munching tolerance. This is risky because I am large, practiced in martial arts, and stealthy. Those kids would be no match for me if I took them by surprise, assuming that they aren't armed with sporks. I'm at least three times bigger and almost as crafty.

In case you were concerned that I did, in fact, engage in violence against potato chip-masticating children, be aware I simply walked a few feet away to where the noise was less audible. Those kids still had potato chips left in their bags, and the sharp edges of broken chips are simply too dangerous to fool with.

However, I have verified the existence of a Slushy machine in the VIP tent through visual recon. It's heavily defended.

8/17/2004 9:45:10 AM: Media turnout is light today... Michael Jameson and Tim Wansley both break up passes in drills to the delight of their unit.

8/17/2004 9:46:55 AM: Seven on sevens now. I'll keep an eye open to see if things get chippy with Winslow again.

They did (see below)

8/17/2004 9:49:41 AM: Darnell Sanders is listed as day-to-day by the team, but he's here and has made two catches in a row.

8/17/2004 9:52:47 AM: These drills are being done with the offense operating close to the opponent's end zone. They need to work on this today because they haven't had practice on it in a game situation .... zing! Sorry.

8/17/2004 9:55:48 AM: Shea makes two catches as the 2nd team comes in. Winslow makes a nice grab at the back of the end zone. Williams and Winslow haven't matched up yet.

They did later, with no extra activity by either Winslow or Williams. The Browns first-round draft choice later said that he hasn't even spoken to Williams about yesterday's incident, where he knocked Williams on his backside with a little more force than is generally seen in practice. Winslow felt that it wasn't anything special or unusual. Fans tuned in to Live from Berea heard about this, as well as Paul Zukauskas getting promoted, hours before it was reported anywhere else.

8/17/2004 9:59:40 AM: Sean Jones watches, his left leg in a knee brace. Curry comes in... Buhl gets some loud instruction on getting outside on pass coverage.

Buhl's learning process is still going on. The smallish linebacker has no fear, however, and several plays later I heard him smack pads on a running play with gigantic left tackle Lew Dawson. Buhl didn't give an inch. LB Uyi Osunde also looks small next to other linebackers, and it's hard to imagine that he was a standout at defense end at UConn.

8/17/2004 10:01:45 AM: Full team scrimmage... first play Winslow gets four steps on the defender... easy end zone catch. He looks dominant.

Winslow is just a different type of player. He's tall, powerful, and graceful. Say what you want about his approach to the game, he brings a completely different dimension to this team.

8/17/2004 10:07:03 AM: Well I'm a liar now. DeMar is at LT again, then shifts in to LG with the second. Lehan is back playing with the second team.

8/17/2004 10:09:50 AM: Dee Brown makes a nice move on a run... Gerard Warren is wearing a yellow "leader" jersey today.

8/17/2004 10:12:45 AM: King again catches a ball in-stride... every year he is on the bubble and every year he makes few mistakes in the Summer.

I rarely ever see Andre King drop a pass, and Holcomb seems to be able to find him in stride repeatedly. Cuts at WR will be tough to make again this season, but King has done little to force the team's hand.

8/17/2004 10:16:12 AM: Here's tomorrow's newspaper story... Kellen Winslow and Felipe Claybrooks go at it after Winslow might have been a bit rougher than needed on a block. Two plays later he gets a catch in end zone. Welcome to Winslow's World.

I was lucky in that I had zeroed in to watch Winslow block on the play. He held his block and pushed Claybrooks down. It didn't seem especially rough or out-of-hand from my vantage point. Claybrooks had a few words with Winslow after the play, Winslow apparently said something he didn't like, Claybrooks responded with a small push, and Winslow responded fast by wrestling with the defense end. Both of these players are prone to "extra-curricular activity" on the field, and I guess it was inevitable that something along these lines would spring up. Neither gives an inch. The wrestling match never got very serious and was broken up quickly.

The catch Winslow made two plays later was a thing of beauty in the corner of the end zone. Kellen Winslow will make fans shake their heads one minute and cheer the next. It might be nerve-racking at times, but it won't be boring.

8/17/2004 10:19:36 AM: Someone yelled "Hey Winslow! This is a dogfight not a catfight" during the tussle. Warren, I think.

8/17/2004 10:28:21 AM: Practice is over now... we will get to talk to the players and then Winslow will address the Fourth Estate. I'm signing off now. See ya on the forums!

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