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You want the real scoop? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE... Oh wait. Yes, you can, and we've got it right here."> Ask the Insiders.

You want the real scoop? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE... Oh wait. Yes, you can, and we've got it right here.">

Trade Rumors: The Latest

There has been a lot of buzz circulating about possibe trades involving the Browns and Miami Dolphins. Lane Adkins is here to seperate what's real from what's just fantasy in this selections from his posts last evening in <A HREF="">Ask the Insiders</A>.<BR><BR>You want the real scoop? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE... Oh wait. Yes, you can, and we've got it right here.

JDailey: Insiders, I read something off a Miami board saying that they wanted Dre and Suggs, and the DE was ours! It also mentioned, if not Lee Suggs than James Jackson and 2 other receivers....any truth to this....I think it was in a Miami paper, cant remember, I'll try and find it and post it on here....thanks

David Carducci: I'm not sure if that has actually been offered, but from a couple of different sources I've heard Andre will NOT be traded. All the talk right now is centering on James Jackson.It's more likely Adewale Ogunleye will be dealt to a team like the Redskins if they can't sign him sometime soon. From what I understand, they are very interested.

Lane Adkins: Keep an eye on Arizona as a potential sleeper in talks for Jackson and Dee Brown.

Ramllov: Lane we have heard the speculation on the interest in Morgan and Jackson RB, by Miami. Who much interest is there really? What type of compensation is being discussed?

Lane Adkins: Miami has been making calls regarding potential trade targets at the wide receiver and running back positions.

The Dolphins and Browns have been in communication and wide receivers and running backs have been discussed.

It does not appear the Browns are willing to deal away a wide receiver, a position on the roster the organization feels is a strength.

The team has had discussions about dealing James Jackson and Dee Brown. While a deal is not showing immediately on radar, numerous teams have talked with the Browns.

Jackson would bring the team back a greater value, the odds are he is going to be dealt for a draft selection. The team would like to acquire a strong safety, but there are few the team is sold on and others are not available.

Miami would like to obtain Morgan or Davis, but this extremely unlikely, barring on almost no chance.

Lumpy: Roosevelt Williams... How Bad is it?

Lane Adkins: Was told "significant', but they will know more on Friday.

Ramllov: I thought I just read on our site that he had a sprained ankle.

Lane Adkins: Yes an ankle sprain, but by talking to those near the team, he won't be running around anytime in the immediate future.

Redright: How good is the (recently waived) SS who started for the Redskins the past two years? Seems anyone who has played in the NFL at Strong Safety should be considered.

Lane Adkins: The team continues to find that elusive starting quality strong safety...........

Keep in mind, the Browns have been keeping some contact and an eye on a few players at this position.......

Just whom starts at strong safety is not a lock heading into the season. An upgrade is sought, getting a trading partner in place is another story.

DapperDon: Jackson for what pick insiders? Any word on what Miami is offering, or what we want?

Lane Adkins: Word traveling around the league is Cleveland wants a 3rd or 4th............and a team may be willing to offer a conditional fifth or sixth.

Also, the Browns would not close the door on possibly a safety in trade.

Botto: Suggs and Morgan for Ogunleye?? Heard that on Hacksaw. Any truth to it?

Lane Adkins: Absolutely no truth in this rumor...............

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