Browns-Lions: Gameballs and Goats

Lee Suggs dominated the gameball tallies as the Browns got many more gameballs than goats for their performance in Week 2 of the pre-season.

The Week's Results
The Browns performance in the second pre-season game left fans with smiles on their faces, and you can see it by the number of gameballs handed out, especially to offensive star Lee Suggs. Gerard Warren is a more favorable reception with his more active play. New acquisitions Dee Brown, Kellen Winslow, Jr., and Jeff Garcia are making a good impression, but Kelvin Garmon is being fitted with goathorns for his pass protection. Robert Griffith remains gets goathorns (particularly in the comments) for poor tackling. Here's this week's results!


Player Gameballs
Lee Suggs (44/RB) 83
Gerard Warren (61/DT) 37
Jeff Garcia (5/QB) 23
Dee Brown (43/RB) 17
Kellen Winslow Jr. (11/TE) 15
Michael Jameson (22/S) 10


Player Goathorns
Kelvin Garmon (63/OG) 24
Daylon McCutcheon (33/CB) 17
Robert Griffith (24/SS) 17
Kelly Holcomb (10/QB) 17

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
dabrowns31 Suggs and Green are the REAL DEAL... I'm so pumped.. and the offense at least got rolling.. I'm getting excited for the season.. that's for sure
mulekicker3 KW2 is the man!!!!!!!!!! 
gbeachy50310 SUGGS:  Awesome performance -- a Suggs/Green rushing tandem is a beautiful sight.  FROST: Chris who?  This kid really has some talent.  How about seeing what he can do for kickoffs, just for fun?  WARREN: The 61 looks good on you, Money.  Way to get the hands up to deflect the pass, good pressure, too. 
cjdavis1abc "Lee Suggs and William Green alias:  Mack and Byner!!!!!
epbrowns Steady improvement.........that's all we can ask for, right??
lukedawg12 Suggs had to have separated himself from Green today.  Clearly the better back. K2, what more can I say.  Always have confidence in him... Ricky Sharpe got screwed out of a pick.  Good special teams play on a kickoff too.  As the swifties say, "I saw it, I WAS THERE." ;)
brownsman2002 Lee Suggs is next great Browns back if he can stay healthy.  KWII will be up there with Ozzie Newsome if he can stay healthy.  Luke McCown will be a great starting quarterback if he stays healthy.  Notice a Cleveland trend here?
underdog71 Unless something major  happens in the next two games, Suggs is the man... Paul looked pretty good at LG and Winslow kept his cool.
bomeister Garcia was better but looked pensive and unsure, hence the falls and mishaps on handoffs; Suggs remains awesome; Davis needs to make more use of high paid weapons like Northcutt and Winslow
dawghowl Lee Suggs made a statement today,, he is and should be the starter for this team. I love his explosive burst and his ability to read and find the right holes quickly... Gerard Warren...How about Big Money? did he show up to play or what. He was very disruptive in the backfield, making a couple of tackles behind the line of scrimmage and put good pressure on the QB. He also block a FG. Not a bad days work for a quarter and a half of play.... Kellen Winslow Jr....You gotta love the fire and intensity he plays with. He made a great catch that set up Suggs first TD  and although his blocking still needs some work, he did make some nice blocks. Also he nearly blocked a punt."
jlac20 Suggs is a stud
frumanchu Suggs is showing himself to be an absolute fourth round STEAL.  I am so excited about this running game!  Warren is finally starting to be a disruptive force.  Dee Brown made a great case to be on the roster in place of James Jackson.

Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
dabrowns31 Griff still is having trouble wrapping up and its driving me nuts.. and Garmon has GOT to learn how to at least slow a pass rush.. atrocious...
mulekicker3 I can't believe Holcomb was our starter last year. The difference between Garcia and Holcomb is monumental.
gbeachy50310 TUCKER: Your penalty streak is starting early this year. Knock it off. CAMPO: What are you doing with these guys? We are getting pushed around like crazy. Our D looks like a step backward from last year. SEAN JONES: For getting hurt in QB school. We really needed you this year.
cjdavis1abc Holcomb sucks big brown stinky ones! Don't be suprised if he does not make the team - cut or traded. Bring in some new blood and let's go for broke. Not expecting (but hoping) for huge things for the Brownies this year (hopefully a wild-card win would be nice) but they are STILL rebuilding - and getting some of the right pieces in place. QB is not one of them right now - just a stop gap measure.
wmg69 Defense still tackles like s**t!
brownsman2002 Officiating crew only because that interception from Ricky Sharpe should have counted. Kelvin Garman for being so horrible in pass blocking and Robert Griffith because, well, he's Robert Griffith.
mikehey NONE
underdog71 Not many complaints on this end. I was hoping they would attack the secondary more, but the running game was going so well they didn't have to. It's nice to have a win.
bomeister downfield tackling except a nice open field by Ricky Sharpe was just awful, need lots of work on FUNDAMENTALS; Holcomb showed why he needs to be 3rd string; leave it to Butch Davis to take a couple knees as McCown was driving the team to score at the end of the game....Davis sucks!!!
dawghowl McCutcheon needs to step up his game, he was toasted again yesterday against the Lions. Griffith yet again missed some tackles , you would think he would have learned by now to hit in the numbers an wrap,. Yet he continues to reach and arm tackle although the OL played decent overall...they had far too many penalties, especially false start penalties. These are just drive killers and need to be cleaned up
erass No pressure on the QB will put to much pressure on our average CB's and Safety's
frumanchu I don't wanna dog on anyone just's the pre-season. But the clock management was horrible. All three time-outs in the first 18 minutes? Totally unacceptable. Still, I trust that will be worked out in the next three weeks



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