Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Our Wednesday night subscriber chats kicked off a new season last night, with Dave Carducci joining Barry (AB), Swerb, Joe Brownlee, and a host of chat regs to talk football and share what they've seen of the Browns so far this year. Hot topics last night: Will Kelvin Garmon (pictured) improve his pass blocking? Why haven't we seen more from Andre Davis? Will Courtney and Gerard break out this year? Here's the transcript, condensed down to the Q & A...

Swerb Quincy's drops have come at bad times.
Mulekicker3 it seems like Q has trouble making the clutch catch---but that was in the past
ArtBtz / Barry Q's ability to catch the ball doesn't mean much if Garcia doesn't get time to throw.
Guest82 Q was hand picked by Robiske
Dave Carducci True AB. Every year I think Q's finally going to break out. Every year I'm wrong
Dave Carducci I have to admit. I like the guy
Joe_Brownlee The knock on Q when drafted was speed but questionable hands.
Swerb A lot of people forget Q had 960 yds and 7 TDs as a sophomore.
Smebbydawg that's been the knock on Q since he came into the league
Swerb He has to improve his concentration and consistency.
Dave Carducci He certainly has all the tools. The other thing about him that makes me keep believing is that he has a very good work ethic. He makes no excuses. I appreciate that.
Dave Carducci Although he rubs some people wrong at times, I can't help but want to see him succeed
newdawg yeah, we're all aware of Q. But what about Andre Davis. He should be more productive.
Dave Carducci Butch keeps bringing up the fact that we made such a big deal out of Andre Davis' injury early in camp as proof that we in the media make too much out of the Browns downplaying injuries
Dave Carducci But at the same time, Andre hasn't had a good preseason. No catches. He hasn't been working on kick returns, and I can't remember the last time I saw him go deep in practice. I still wonder if he actually is healthy
Guest82 Q has been around long enough - time to step up or step out
Dave Carducci Guest82, as much as I want to see him make it, I have to agree
DawgPoundJD being from Toledo, I gotta ask....any insight on how Chudzinski is contributing?
Dave Carducci DawPundJD, it's hard to tell, really. I still see Hagen working with the TE's quite often
ArtBtz / Barry Dave, Winslow talks to Chud a lot though, doesn't he?
Dave Carducci AB, he does
Dave Carducci And part of what I see with Hagen is with the QB's and TE's together
Dave Carducci Winslow and Chud seem to have a great relationship
Joe_Brownlee Yeah, Dave, what about the lackluster performance by the D-line so far?
Dave Carducci Joe, it is somewhat alarming. ALthough, Warren actually has been pretty good, and not just in the Detroit game. He's been very good in practice. I still think as a whole, you look at the talent at End, it's unbelievably underachieving
Joe_Brownlee I have been hard on Warren, but I'll say I see a difference in this last game.
newdawg the whole dlone underachieve big time.
ArtBtz / Barry Personally, I think CB hasn't really turned it on yet, as he is still being a little careful.
Dave Carducci I agree AB. The one good thing about Courtney, too, is that while he hasn't been great rushing the passer (still waiting to see him use his hands effectively), he is still very good against the run
Smebbydawg What does Cb have to say about his performance. Does he even talk with the media?
Dave Carducci Smebbydawg, he's talked more this year than any other ... of course, that was only on the first day of camp.
Dave Carducci So that's not saying much. It's hard to say what Courtney thinks about his performance and improvement
ramllov Dave/Art how much of a chance do the Browns have to beat the Ravens the first game?
Dave Carducci Ram, I'll wait to say. Still a lot of time
ArtBtz / Barry Ram, I think the Browns have a decent chance to beat the Ravens. Boller doesn't impress me yet, Boulware will likely be out, and that team has a lot of distractions.
Joe_Brownlee Swerb, I wondered if it was more of the same. I'm hoping Warren will actually live up to his words this time.
Swerb I think Gerard realizes the window is closing on his opportunity to establish himself as an elite DT in this league.
ramllov Dave/Art can we really say what the defense will look like until the real season begins, with the scheme and the complicated details in place.?
ArtBtz / Barry Ram, in the third pre-season game, the Lions made the Browns defense look sick through the air. I don't feel that was any indication of how they played when it mattered.
Dave Carducci Ram, no you really can't. At the same time, some of the red flags from last year's preseason carried over to the regular season ... like the inability to get off the field on 3rd down, the tackling problems
Dave Carducci And they actually showed a bit more against Detroit than I had expected.
Joe_Brownlee T. Smith is going to be a great addition -- if the backs follow him!
Dave Carducci Joe, I agree. I really like what Smith brings to this offense, just in attitude alone.
Smebbydawg art/dave do u beleive BD would rid himself of CB if he doesnt produce this yr?
ArtBtz / Barry Smebby, yes. Never forget that CB was a pre-Davis draft pick.
Dave Carducci Smebbydawg, you have to wonder. At some point a guy has to produce. Plus, Davis has always had a difficult time with players woh can't stay on the field, and to this point he has been very patient with Courtney.
Swerb I've been impressed with the attitude and mindset of all the new players acquired this off-season.
ramllov Dave/Art since this is Campo's second year, do you expect to see the improvement with the defense and who is the SSLB or do they pick one up?
Dave Carducci Ram, I think it's still going to be Chaun Thompson. He's on target to start practicing with contact this week. He could be back by week two. And Ben has been improving.
DawgPoundJD I think if we get hung up on stats and sacks and such, we're not going to see that in this DL....but if they do the job, it will end up being the LB's we'll be bragging on
ArtBtz / Barry Absolutely right JD. If the defense works the way it's supposed to, Andra Davis will have some monster numbers.
DawgPoundJD if you recall his days at Dallas, Butch carried several DL, and did alot of situational rotations
ArtBtz / Barry Exactly what he does here, JD. He loves moving linemen in and out.
Dave Carducci DawgPound, I think you'll continue to see more and more of that rotating, and even some of what you've seen with Courtney at DT this preseason. Part of it is that Davis has actually been pretty good at developing the mid-level talent on the D-line than he has the elite (high draft picks). He somehow gets the most out of guys like McKinley and Word
Dave Carducci He did the same thing in Dallas
newdawg AB, Dave, how good does CB look in practice?
ArtBtz / Barry He hasn't been awe-inspiring to me, newdawg. Like I said before, I think he's holding back a little - trying to stay healthy. The team or his line mates wouldn't say that - it's just the sense I get.
Dave Carducci Newdawg, I agree with AB completely. But that's part of the problem. Coming off injuries year after year, he always seems to be holding back. We never really see him full speed, employing all this supposedly intricate pass-rush moves that he works on
Swerb Dave, who do you feel will be the odd men out at DE and OLB?
Dave Carducci Seerb, I'm not sure on the D-line.
NewJerseyDawg1 I hope that KJ shoots off his mouth and gives our boys some bulletin board material
Dave Carducci NewJerseyDawg1, I would almost bet on that happening
DawgPoundJD this is why I fear we will continue to hear from alot of fans that CB and GW still aen't showing up....when, in fact, they'll be absolutely critical to the success of the LBs
ArtBtz / Barry THat's true, DPJD. At the salaries they're getting, there's an expectation of disruptive play and good sack numbers. Both are capable of that level of play, but both have shown flashes rather than consistency over a season.
ArtBtz / Barry They may be doing most of what Campo asks, but that's not what the fans at home are expecting from high #1 draft picks. I myself am very disappointed in the anemic pass rush, particularly from those two.
juststartwhacking AB, do you really think GW should be putting up big sack numbers?
ArtBtz / Barry JSW, maybe not huge sack numbers from the DT spot, but you expect him to be disruptive.
ArtBtz / Barry Example: Marvin Lewis' defense in Baltimore was also designed to push ball-carriers to the inside linebackers, but Mike McCrary still managed to get good sack numbers at DE.
Dave Carducci I don't think the Browns really need big numbers sack-wise out of Warren. More important that he collapse the pocket a bit more from the inside. Be more disruptive.
moron Who catches the ball better, Green or Suggs?
Dave Carducci Moron, it's Green by far
Dave Carducci Moron, actually, maybe by far is a bit strong. But Suggs hasn't caught the ball well in camp
Dave Carducci And Green has improved in that area
DawgPoundJD I never checked the stats, but our 3rd/4th down D seemed quite good last wknd
Dave Carducci DawgPound, do you mean defensively?
DawgPoundJD albeit vs McMahon, yes Dave, the def
Dave Carducci You are right, they were better against McMahon. But in the first quarter I believe they gave up a 3rd-and-9, 3rd-and-8 and 3rd-and-6, and that kind of bothered me
VaDawg Dave, How is Crocker doing?
Dave Carducci VaDawg, He's better, but I'd be surprised if he plays this weekend. Look for him against Chicago.
ramllov Dave/Art how far has Jamison progressed this year?
ArtBtz / Barry Jameson has had a pretty good camp by my account.
Dave Carducci AB, I've always liked Jameson. Always struck me as a very bright kid. And it carries over to the field
howldawg Dave if JJ is traded do you see green playing a bigger part of the 3rd down duties with his improved pass catching skills
Dave Carducci Howldawg, I'm not sure. I think if they dealt JJ, Brown would actually be the better 3rd down back of the 3 remaining backs. I wouldn't be surprised to see Smith in on 3rd down if the pass pro continues to struggle. Look for him to help whoever beats Garmon
juststartwhacking Barry/Dave Hows the OL health so far (no Butch speak please)
ArtBtz / Barry Much better (knock on wood) than last year (more knocking on wood)
Dave Carducci iJuststartwhacking, I've heard that Gonzalez isn't as bad as it originally looked. He's out for this week, probably next, but possibly for Balt. Fowler might not be back anyway
DawgPoundJD on that note Dave, isn't it likely that JJ will see more carries the next two weeks, to showcase him?
DawgPoundJD or sparingly, to prevent injury, to preserve a trade?
Dave Carducci DawgPoundJD, I think it's possible, but I'm hearing more and more that a deal is becoming more and more unlikely with him
Dave Carducci I thinki they'd play him more rather than sit him more, especially against Chicago
Dave Carducci It's getting harder to make the longer the preseason goes on, plus the asking price by Davis might be a bit high. I don't see anyone surrendering a 3rd rounder for JJ at this point
Dave Carducci I like JJ a lot, but he's a former 3rd round pick who has had injury problems. At this point, a fourth rounder would be pretty good for him
Joe_Brownlee Can Maddox stick?
ArtBtz / Barry It seems unlikely, Joe.
ArtBtz / Barry He's shown good ability in finding room to run in the middle, but he hasn't shown enough
Dave Carducci Joe, probably not.
Joe_Brownlee I have to agree. Too bad.
StuckInMinn what about the rookie Joe from Cal?
ArtBtz / Barry He's just been standing around in sweatpants. Still not cleared to practice. I sense a year on IR in his future.
VaDawg Dave, Whats up the Andre Davis, Have not seen much of him this preseason.
Dave Carducci VaDawg, I still have to wonder if the ankle injury from early in camp is bothering him (although Davis laughs that off). THey don't use him to stretch the field as often, and he's been taken off the KO team from what I can tell
DawgPoundJD how is Sean Jones recup going? any word?
Dave Carducci DawgPoundJD, supposedly it's going well, but he's still going to be out for the year
moron Davis seems like a superb headcoach/GM....except on sunday. Is he a good game planner?
Dave Carducci Moron, it's hard to say. I actually think Davis would be a much better gameday coach if they removed the personnel duties from him
ramllov Dave/Art what is the deal with Sean Jones is he out for the year or does he come back later in the year?
Dave Carducci He's not officially, but I'd be stunned if he makes it back
ArtBtz / Barry There's still an outside chance that he goes on PUP, but I'd say it's real slim.
Joe_Brownlee Guys, can the problems with Garmon be fixed before the season starts?
ArtBtz / Barry Davis has blamed some of the problems on his newness with the system, but I have to admit that I'm skeptical.
Dave Carducci Browlee, I've takled with a couple former players who have said Garmon just simply doesn't play well in space. Doesn't move well. Doesn't anticipate.
DawgPoundJD have I totall missed it, or has Curry not seen alot of game time yet?
ArtBtz / Barry It's been limited, JD.
Dave Carducci He's been on the field late in games. If I remember right, he made a pretty nice play on one ball (diving) in the 4Q last week
ArtBtz / Barry He also made a nice stop on special teams on a kickoff return. Really sold out to get the ballcarrier out of bounds.
Joe_Brownlee It looks to me like Garmon is too slow, but I was wondering if the problems were mental/system problems.
VaDawg Who is Gracia #1 WR?
Dave Carducci VaDawg, I think it's going to end up being Winslow, but so far in camp it has been Quincy
newdawg how has garcia bonded with northcutt?
Dave Carducci Newdawg, I'm not sure yet. It hasn't been as noticable as it has been with Morgan.
ArtBtz / Barry Keep in mind Cutt didn't show up until 5/24. That slowed things down a little, I'm sure.
Tradition Warrick Holdman or Bentley ??
ArtBtz / Barry It looks like Holdman, Tradition. Experience wins the day... the Browns have been eyeing him for years.
Dave Carducci Tradition, I'd have to say Holdman
DawgPoundJD Zuk seemed OK, but maybe just OK
ramllov Dave which LG do you like o do they need to pick somebody up?
Guest15 Any shot at Middleton or Collins from Oakland, are they upgrades?
Dave Carducci Ram, I have a strange feeling that the Browns starting LG by season's end isn't on the current roster.
Dave Carducci But for now, I think Zuk is the best option
DawgPoundJD interesting opine Dave, care to expand?
Dave Carducci DawgPound, just that Davis has not been pleased with anyone so far. He was very underwhelmed with Paul after Saturday. I think he'd ideally like to find a LG after cut-down day, a possible surprise cut, bring him in and work him in. Or a LT and move Verba inside
Dave Carducci Doesn't mean that will happen though
ramllov Dave do you have any confidence in he backup offensive linemen?
Dave Carducci Ram, to be honest. Not much, yet
Dave Carducci But, that's in part due to the lack of attention to the o-line in the draft. They just don't develop young linemen to fill that role
Guest19 Couldn't find my way here but I was on the Jim Donovan chat and he said Coach had Geathers playing CB. Do you think that will stick?
ArtBtz / Barry If he has had him playing CB, it's in the last week. I think the last thing Geathers needs is to be shuffled into a new position.
Tradition has geathers had any chance to show his talents ?
ArtBtz / Barry He hasn't had as many chances in games as I would like to see, Tradition, but he's looked good to me in camp. He's got good natural ability.
Tradition i agree, i wish we could have seen more of him. practice squad makes me nervous
ArtBtz / Barry He got something like 16 inquiries from teams after the draft, Tradition. It would make me nervous too.
ArtBtz / Barry Geathers problem is that he's been bounced from position to position like a ping-pong ball. If Davis has really been playing around with him at CB, it's an interesting idea but I worry that this kid will never get a chance to do just one thing for a whole season.
ramllov Dave, Carolina picked up a guy from Dallas for a draft choice, is there someone else out there? offensive lineman?
Dave Carducci Ram, again, it's hard to say. There are always some surprise cuts come cut-down day, and there could be a few calls made around that time
DawgPoundJD seems to me if you dont get the 1st or 2nd round stud on the OL, you're perenially dealing with's not like the Terrell Davis 6th round RB
Dave Carducci I couldn't agree more DawgPoundJD
DawgPoundJD on the OL, you're either a stud, or a journeyman, eh?
Dave Carducci Not exactly, but you do have to make the investment at some point at G and T (more importantly T). There are some real gems in the late rounds and even in FA, but for some reason this team has never been able to develop those players.
FunkyDawg So what you're saying is that our OL is gonna be baaad this year....again?!
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, I wouldn't call it bad just yet. I think they could acatually be quite good in some areas. I do like the run-blocking on the right side of the line
Dave Carducci To finish on the O-Line, though, there are obvious problems at LG that don't look like they'll be solved right away, and Garmon is a real problem in pass protection. But Tucker really has been every bit as good as Davis has said
juststartwhacking Has ""Joe"" started prcticing yet or has he not passed his physical?
ArtBtz / Barry As of last Thursday, he was still watching.
Guest15 Hey Dave, Did Butch ever give a reason why we didn't go after P Kendall from Ari after he was cut? Thanks
Dave Carducci Guest15, unfortunately, he rarely talks about those types of things. Here's the likley transcript of that press conference question: ""ME: Butch, did you consider Kendall at all when he was let go by the Cardinals?"" ... BUTCH: ""Kendall who ... Do you mean Jason Kendall?""
Dave Carducci He even does that with people on the Browns current roster. Someone asked about Gonzalez' injury the other day and he honestly said ""Gonzalez who?""
Dave Carducci As if this were a baseball team with multiple Gonzalez names on the roster
DawgPoundJD good question Funky, what is WInslow like up front?
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, so far he's been just fine
VaDawg Dave, What Number will KWII wear this season
Dave Carducci I think he'll end up with 80. That's what he wants
Dave Carducci If Shea sticks, he could always go back to 35 or 36 (he was 35 when he first came here and 36 in college. He really hated losing 36)
Dave Carducci Since Shea would also be a backup fullback and H-back, he could wear 35
Dave Carducci or 36
Guest82 Some stories that Couch could get cut. Heard anything?
Dave Carducci Guest82, I have heard that
juststartwhacking How long can we expect the starters to play this week?
Dave Carducci I'm guessing close to 3Q's
Dave Carducci Although Butch hasn't said for sure

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