Gameballs & Goats: Luke Feels the Force

Rookie Luke McCown led the gameball voting this week... and why not? All the young QB did was lead the Browns from two touchdowns back with less than four minutes to go. The Browns "dynamic duo" of running backs also did well, but this week's lesson is that (for good or ill) Browns fans are watching the play of the team's offensive guards. In Cleveland, there's no position on the team that the fans ignore...

The Week's Results
Gameball and goathorn totals are low, like they usually are in pre-season, because not many fans are able to see the game live. In this week's edition, Kelvin Garmon and Chad Beasley learn that, in Cleveland, fans are watching you even if you play right offensive guard. Enoch DeMar gets props for solid run blocking when he came into the game. Naturally, comeback kid Luke McCown nails down the most gameballs along with dynamic duo Lee Suggs and William Green.

Some forget that Courtney Brown got more gameballs than anyone else on the team last year, and it appears he's on his way back to a leadership role after sitting out the tail end of last season due to injury. Goat totals are low this week, but there remains a steady flow of thumbs-down votes for Robert Griffith's work again this year.


Player Gameballs
Luke McCown (12/QB) 63
William Green (31/RB) 56
Lee Suggs (44/RB) 50
Richard Alston (15/WR) 27
Courtney Brown (92/DE) 24
Enoch DeMar (70/OT) 14


Player Goathorns
Kelvin Garmon (63/OG) 39
Chad Beasley (68/OL) 35
Jeff Garcia (5/QB) 19
Robert Griffith (24/SS) 17
Kelly Holcomb (10/QB) 14
Butch Davis (Head) 12
Quincy Morgan (81/WR) 12

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
tunedawg Game ball goes to Coates for being all over the field tonight on all areas of the game. Frost for kicking very soundly and making us think, Gardocki who? And Luke McCown for his two very impressive drives. Yeah, there were a few errant balls but for the most part the kid hit a stride and looked very composed and impressive.
shiblet80 Couldn't decide which running back to give a gameball to so I decided to pick the whole unit. William green and Lee Suggs both had impressive runs and Nick Maddox also looked good.
dabrowns31 Solid Game by all... Green is the man played Great.. McCown really stepped up and Courtney was very active.. I feel this was a good overall game other than the many many yellow flags thrown in our direction....
dawgiestile some tough decisions ahead... plus, we always pick up someone's tough cuts this time of year. less lately since our depth has improved. Butch might actually have to cut one of his own draft picks this year. Butch has a plan, we are starting to see some results.
housebot I picked Suggs, but it should be listed as a Suggs/Green combo to be accurate.
longlivesipe Running game continues to impress.
ray_cartert Nick Maddox is Jamel White but much cheaper! Always has his feet moving and going forward. Green Just made the coaches decision that much harder. Nice smarts by Luke.
gbeachy50310 MCCOWN: Holy cow! What an amazing comeback by this kid! DEE BROWN: Another amazing performance -- special teams, running back, this guy is a definite keeper. FROST: Another great night of punting. Very impressive.
berto Green and Suggs - They will both get 1000 yards this year, a la Byner/Mack!! Luke McCown - The future? Bulk him up more, doesn't look too bad!
fleadawg Jeff Faine is having a great preseason and he is really busting his butt on the field. Plus, you got to love his tattoos!!!
clevelandfan Luke McCown - yes, it was the 3's versus the 3's at the end, but Luke showed great leadership, and nerves of steel to get 2 late TDs to snatch up the win. Daylon McCutcheon - Great play where he almost made a diving one-handed int. Lee Suggs/William Green - Showed why depth is so important in the NFL, and both played great...we have good things to see from this duo this year!!!
section 527 dawg Lee for prez!!!
bucksr1big10 Courtney seemed to be getting behind the line all night. Green and Suggs deserve it for bringing life back into the running game.
vestaljason The backups are gettin it done
yogi8 Courtney played very well and was a presence the Chiefs had to deal with in the 1st half. Luke's 1st of what hopefully will be many, come from behind magical wins. Daylon had some big break-ups. He'll need to keep it up, from what I've seen teams have tried to pick on him, maybe because of his size.
cjdavis1abc Lee Suggs: Doing the #44 proud!! Dennis Northcutt - excellent overall game! Very good performance in punt returns. Keep up the great work Dennis!!! Luke McCown - Watch out for this kid! Slow start in the 4th, but great leadership qualities in the end to bring home the victory. Fans to Luke: "May the force be with you"
sazdawg 3 STUDS!!!


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
guest1234 Why did Butch take out Garcia before the end of the first half when he badly needed the work to establish timing with the receivers?
tunedawg Chad Beasley gets really two goatballs. That one drive turned into the "Beasley Foul Show". He was consistently getting burned and showed he can not be trusted to hold down a spot. Let him sign with the Giants already. Bentley missed a few tackles and did little to impress me. Bodden got burned a few times, made some nice plays, but did little to give him a starting spot.
shiblet80 Someone taking off their helmet offsets three personal fouls........I wish those officials would lay off that hippie lettuce.
dabrowns31 Morgan had way to many yellow flags thrown at him, and didn't do anything else but make our offense go backwards.. Holcomb did absolutely nothing and I'm doubting his abilities to be our #2.... And that damn cheap chief oline ass Casey Wiegman deserves a goat for that cheap shot...
cavtrooper Don't really want to single anyone out for goathorns cause there is plenty to go around, however my goathorns go out to all the penalties
housebot Garmon has been playing football far too long to be so totally lacking in pass blocking that he has to cheat and draw all those penalties.
longlivesipe Too much poor tackling and mental errors.
bomeister Garcia really needs to pick it up and NOW! He has looked piss poor in 3 outings
phelix17 Arians gets a goathorn out of force of habit. I still can't get out of my head the image of a two yard buttonhook on 3rd and 15. Bruce now sits on a fleecy throne, wearing his goatee, cloven hoofs, and crown of goat horns, in the "what the hell kind of call was that" section of the Pro Football Goat Hall of Fame. Baaaaaaaaaa!
kerryf ...(and only short horns)...for not leaving the starting offense stay in long enough to get some consistency going.
gbeachy50310 TUCKER: Every week with a penalty earns you a goat horn. Stop it already. HENRY: Some nice plays, but you got juked out of your shorts. You aren't a rookie anymore and should be able to handle an open field tackle. DEF BACKS: You guys are really playing sorry football. We got lucky with some poorly thrown balls and dropped passes. They are going to make those catches in the regular season and you are going to be eating dust. Tighten up!
berto Butch Davis - Dude Garcia needs to be in there longer! There is NO chemistry out there! Jeff Garcia and Terry Robiskie - I thought that when Couch was gone, we'd no longer throw it 4 yards on 3rd and 8. I thought when Bruce Arians was gone, we'd no longer see the lame-ass zero yard screen passes. I was wrong.
jta1975 Too many stupid penalties!!!
jdlang Leave Garcia IN - that is what pre-season is for
clevelandfan O-line - be it the 1st stringers or 3rd stringers, what was with all the false start/illegal formations on these guys. I counted at least 3 or 4 flags just for Scot Osborne...these problems must be addressed. TV Announcers - yes I understand its preseason, but jeez, at least get the players names right!! Those two were butchering names left and right. Butch Davis - I really don't understand the point of not keeping the 1's in there for the entire 1st half. Yes, you don't want injuries, but at the same time, these guys need to learn how to play together at game speed.
section 527 dawg 5 penalties for illegal formation?!?!?! You have to be FREAKING kidding me!!! That iw ALL Tim Couch's Fault - Hey Garcia - quit your whining about your lack of opps throwing the ball - our running game is kicking a$$ right now - your whining BETTER be a smoke screen!! Some leader!
bucksr1big10 Garmon for two false starts, Andre Davis for no catches....AGAIN...and Garcia for lack of production for all of preseason
jonnyspeed Too many penalties!
vestaljason Blocked kick, always missed tackles, and hurt in QB school, come on preseason or not this is unacceptable
cjdavis1abc Holcomb: STICK A FORK IN HIM, HE'S DONE!!! Bring on Luke McCown for #2 (any articles on the battle for #2 QB would be appreciated). Jeff Garcia: Need to get it together Jeff! I am rooting for you, but you are not performing or (more importantly) establishing yourself as this team's leader - need to step up to the plate and make it happen. Absolutely have to be in control of time management - which you are not. 14 Penalties for 100 yards! Thank goodness it's still preseason. This will not stand up to a W in the regular season - highly expecting this to end quickly as we have had more than enough of this (mental penalties) since '99.
sazdawg Garcia for whining, Griffith for not wearing his hat, and Zukauskas for not nailing down the job

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