Fan Commentary: Give Jackson His Wish

Dale Galbraith has responded to my call in the Watercooler for fan commentators to come forward. This week, Dale offers up his take on running back James Jackson's wish to be traded...

James Jackson wants to play any where but Cleveland.

Butch Davis says he won't take anything lower than a third round draft pick for him.

So if nothing changes what happens?

James Jackson sulks on the bench all season, seeing only limited action on passing downs and special teams. He continues to run his mouth to the press that he should be a feature back. Maybe he should call Jamal White in Tampa and ask how that worked for him.

Butch Davis will then probably decide that his presence in locker room is becoming a cancer. So he surgically removes the tumor mid-season, getting nothing in return. Shades of Kevin Johnson.

James Jackson is a free agent next year. My guess is that his bags will be packed by the last home game, if not sooner. He is not going to help the Browns win a Super Bowl this year. Dee Brown could fill the third back role sufficiently, and with a smile on his face. He may even say thanks when he picks up his check.

If Jackson is the back he thinks he is, his talents are being wasted in Cleveland. He should be given the freedom to pursue his dreams.

I understand that a player needs to get what he can when he can. Jackson knows his best chance to hit pay dirt is playing for a team like Miami, where he would have a chance to carry the ball. If he has a good year, teams will be lining up next year to sign him to a big contract.

So the only way out of town is for him to be a pain in the butt. A popular course of action in pro sports today. So the Browns can either buy a truck load of ointment, or cut him loose.

I say get what you can while you can.

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