8/31: Berea Report

Jason Geathers (pictured) couldn't leap his way onto the Browns roster, as he was among four players released by the team today. Mike reports also on players returning from injuries and continuing reaction to Jeff Garcia's comments last Saturday...

BEREA – There were no surprises Tuesday when the Browns reduced their roster to 75 players.

Gone are receivers Eddie Galles and Jason Geathers; offensive tackle Sterling Harris and defensive back David Young. The roster includes 10 NFL Europe exemptions. Rosters must be at 53 by Sunday.

Geathers played at running back and receiver during his career at the Universirty of Miami. He had 40 receptions for 492 yards and six touchdowns as a receiver. He rushed for 553 yards on 103 attempts, scoring four touchdowns.

GARCIA GETS SUPPORT: Quincy Morgan is supportive of quarterback Jeff Garcia, who openly expressed concerns about his lack of work in game situations with the receivers.

"He (Garcia) doesn't think it's a problem. He wants to throw more balls," Morgan said. "It's a good thing for a guy like Jeff to speak his mind. When he speaks his mind, the coach listens. There's going to be a difference in that Friday, and that's big."

Offensive tackle Ryan Tucker added his opinion on Garcia's comments.

"He's a leader on this team. If he's asking for that (more playing time), I say give it to him," offensive right tackle Ryan Tucker said. "He's our field general. If he doesn't feel comfortable out there, then we need to do something to make him feel more comfortable."

THOMPSON SET TO RETURN? Outside linebacker Chaun Thompson still has a cast on his left wrist, but he could play Friday against Chicago. Although Thompson lost valuable learning time, it's possible he could move back ahead of Ben Taylor as the starter on the strong side in the near future.

"You can watch film and go through walk-throughs, but there's no substitute for sharpening your instincts by going through the speed of a game," Davis said. "Hopefully this week he'll catch up, and we'll gradually work him towards where he'll get in the next couple of weeks."

CHAMBERS DOING WELL: Rookie offensive lineman Kirk Chambers is with the second team at left tackle. That's good news for someone who signed a one-year contract instead of the five-year deals most rookies signed the last two years.

"I'm 25-years-old already," Chambers said. "Coming up for my second contract when I'm 30 doesn't give me the chance to earn the money I'd like to earn. I felt confident I could be the player they would tender (in the fourth year), which would make up for the loss of a signing bonus."

Chambers spent two years on a Mormon Mission in Berlin before returning to Stanford University.

WESTMORELAND RETURNS: Linebacker Eric Westmoreland is grateful to be feeling well after suffering a concussion when hit by Kansas City lineman Casey Wiegmann.

"I kind of forgot about the hit," Westmoreland said. "I was worried about myself. I'm feeling pretty good."

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