Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

It was another night of rapid-fire questions and answers in the Browns Uncensored chat room last night, as Dave and the Dawgs pondered the ponderable. Such as: Can Kelvin Garmon pass block? Who's going to escape the Turk? And, of course, the this pre-season's unexpected game of "Where's Andre?" (pictured, against Titans in years past)...

ram Hey Dave, how many linebackers are going to make the final 53?
Dave Carducci Good question Ram. I think you've got the obvious locks in Chaun, Andra, Gardner, Holdman, Taylor and Bentley. That's 6. Obviously he likes Westmoreland. I think Coates hurt himself with his gaffes on sp. teams in the last couple weeks. So I'm guessing 7, and maybe, just maybe Unck or Coates slide in for their sp. teams play
BT Is Chaun practicing yet?
Dave Carducci Chaun is practicing. He is hoping to get in for a bit against Chicago if he passes all the tests, but it's more likely that they give him a shot for Balt or Dal
Dave Carducci Chaun's doing better though. I talked to him for a while today, and he's anxious to play
DawgPoundJD Dave, anything fresh on Butch's take on Garcia's comments
Dave Carducci DawgPound, Butch talked about it today, and he said he's fine with it. He says he likes that kind of leadership. Garcia talked about it, too, and he was surprised anyone would think it was negative. He said people shouldn't be upset because he's just trying to say what he can to try to help the team
ram Dave do you see Chaun as the real deal?
Dave Carducci Ram, It's hard to say as of now, simply because we haven't seen enough of him. But he is a ""freak"" type , physically
T-Dog Any JJ trade news? Offers from the CFL? :-)
Dave Carducci I'd be stunned if anyone gave up a 3rd for him. Just not going to happen
BT JJ to the alouettes for their pastry chef?
Dave Carducci Or one of the Rough Riders. How many Rough Riders do they have in the CFL?
DawgPoundJD do you go along with the common fan opinion that Butch has held back on the passing game in an effort to test out some pages of the playbook he was more concerned about?
Dave Carducci DawgPoundJD, I think it's possible, but like Garcia, I would think that was a mistake. New quarterback. New system. I'd say get them on the same page in live action, somewhat in the way the Cowboys did with Vinnie the other night.
ram Dave, who do you see starting at LG against the ravens?
Dave Carducci Ram, I'm not sure. The players want Zukauskas. Verba's said it, as everyone knows. Tucker told me the same thing. But I thought Enoch did pretty well Saturday
YSU bet they throw a min. 30 times vs the Rats
Dave Carducci YSU, or run right at Deion every time he's on the field.
T-Dog What was the thinking with Sanders - anything beyond his good special teams play as a gunner?
Dave Carducci T-Dog, he is really a very, very good special teams player. And I still like his potential as a corner, if he can stay healthy. Just like his size and speed combo, but of course, he can never stay healthy. I'd love to see (with his size) the Browns really give him a shot at safety.
T-Dog Is that their thinking, or just yours?
Dave Carducci T-Dog, I think that's more my opinion (and that of a few scouts I've talked to)
BT What is it with Enoch? I seem to recall Beasely being tried there because Faine was more comfortable with him.
Dave Carducci BT, Enoch's one of those guys who could end up being pretty good. He's just very young and raw. But he's got nice size, he's athletic, and more than anything else, he's a pretty bright guy. Give him a few years of development, and you might have something. Of course, the Browns don't have a good (or even average) record at developing linemen
ram Dave, Can Sanders tackle? I realize as a gunner on special teams it may be obvious, but I would like to hear it from you.
Dave Carducci Ram, I think he can. He's big and pretty physical, and he's a guy who throws his body around on special teams.
ram Dave what about the rookie LT, from Stanford, how good does he look?
Dave Carducci Ram, Chambers is still pretty raw, but he's got talent. It's just so hard for linemen to come right in and play in this league.
T-Dog I just don't get the Little/Grif love.
wonderbredd24 Griffith may have all the leadership in the world, but he wouldn't dominate a wheelchair league
Dave Carducci I have to admit, I do like Little. The guy does play better than people think (even with the missed tackles). But he has a nose for the ball. Always has. Griffith is a big disappointment to me. I wonder what the Vegas over/under is on missed tackles by No. 24?
YSU Speaking of Sanders...does Darnell make it this year. I highly doubt it.
Dave Carducci I think Darnell's a lock to stick around
wonderbredd24 Is Kentrell Curry done in Cleveland or is the Browns coaching staff crossing their fingers that they can get him on the PT squad?
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, I don't know. I think it's interesting that they cut him this early. Usually if you are not around to the final cut, your not someone who is re-signed to the pract. squad. Other teams have that extra week to give a look
DawgPoundJD does that spell doom for Mustard?
Dave Carducci DawgPound, not necessarily.
jdbrowns any chance of Jones and Alston replacing jackson and king?
Dave Carducci Jdbrowns, I think it's a possibility. I really like Alston, a lot. Sure, part of it is that we have mutual friends outside of the Browns, but the guy really can play. Plus, he's a bit like Frisman in that he can play a lil' quarterback too. Just an athlete, and good size
wonderbredd24 Any chance Butch was trying to throw other teams off Curry's scent by cutting him early?
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, maybe, but I doubt it.
DawgPoundJD the Titans were a team who did alot of good things in a 2TE set....does Butch run much 2TE?
Dave Carducci DawgPound, a little. Obviously in short yardage, but most of the time you'll see Smith on the field with the 2 WR's and Winslow
CCDawg49 dave, who do you think will start at SAM against the ravens?
Dave Carducci CCDawg, I'd bet it will be Bentley. If Chaun is ready, it'd be a lot to ask to stick him in there and have him play the bulk of the time in the base d
ram Dave do you see any rookie free agent making this team?
Dave Carducci Ram, possibly Alston. I'd like to see that, although he was undrafted a year ago
jdbrowns I like fullback better than 2 TE, fullback hits the line on the run
Dave Carducci jdbrowns, I do to. Especially with Smith
CCDawg49 bentley over taylor?
Dave Carducci CCDawg, I think so
Dave Carducci OOPPS...Wait a second
Dave Carducci I meant Taylor
Dave Carducci I was just talking with someone about Bentley a few minutes ago, and I had him on my mind
Dave Carducci sorry about that.
Dave Carducci I get like that.
T-Dog Is Bentley a possible surprise cut?
Dave Carducci T-Dog, I think he's a bit of a disappointment, but I think they'll probably hold on to him another year, hope he gets a bit more aggressive
cbdawg dave, is there anybody that butch is looking at or watching, or do you think he is done adding to the roster?
Dave Carducci cbdawg, Butch is one of those guys who will always tinker with the bottom of the roster. He'll continue to add a guy here and there
ram Are there any surprise cuts?
Dave Carducci Ram, I have a few ideas, but I'd hate to say right now
newdawg Dave, as you see it, what are the strength and weaknesses of bentley and taylor?
Dave Carducci newdawg, a strength for both is speed. Both are smart players who understand the game. Bentley may be the more athletic, but he doesn't make plays or tackle particularly well. At least he hasn't been. I like Taylor because he's kind of a throwback. Not the most physically gifted, but he's a hard worker, is usually in the right spot, anticipates, plays hard.
CCDawg49 dave, do you see the running back-by-committee continuing into the season, with BD going with the hot runner?
Dave Carducci CCDawg, I think it will continue. I'm sure he'll favor one over the other in some way, but he'll play both. Something like Suggs 65 to 70-percent to start, and Green the rest of the time. If one struggles or outplays the other, then maybe he'll settle on one guy
jdbrowns Dave, any more talk concerning jackson Trade
Dave Carducci jdbrowns, there may be talk, but as long as Butch holds onto his demand of a 3rd rounder, I'd be stunned if there are any takers
wonderbredd24 Has Michael Jameson been a guy making an impression on the coaching staff this year and is there any chance he could see the field more than just on special teams?
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, Yes, I think he has. Jameson is another guy like Taylor who is very, very bright. Great understanding of the game. Very good speed, even after all of the injuries. Very mature attitude, and works very hard. I'd like to see him get a shot to start
DawgPoundJD without question, I would keep JJ
T-Dog Jackson is only signed for one more year. If the Browns signed him for another two years, and gave him a signing bonus, we might get a 3rd rounder. We'd eat the signing bonus, but we have so much money under the cap for 2004. If we aren't getting Pace, what else do we spend it on?
ram Considering the injury factor at RB, James Jackson would be valuable.
wonderbredd24 JJ is worthless
wonderbredd24 Dee Brown in one preseason has shown more than JJ has in his career
howldawg why waste more players leaving without something in return?
Dave Carducci Although, some would argue that the draft pick would end up being a waste, too :)
Dave Carducci just kidding
DawgPoundJD lol
wonderbredd24 a 4th from Miami could be the first pick of day 2 as bad as they are
Dave Carducci that's true wonderbredd
Dave Carducci I do have to admit I like some things that Davis has done in the draft more than I did at the time, but I will forever be frustrated with ignoring the O-line. If I were a GM, I'd overdo it the other way, and just keep drafting day-one linemen
T-Dog How many DL's do the Browns keep - and who? We seem to have a lot of DEs who have similar abilities.
Dave Carducci T-Dog, we do at that. Let's see, you've got Warren, Roye, Brown, Lang, Ekuban, Word (although, I had him as questionable earlier in the year... he's come back a bit in my mind), McKinley, Myers, and maybe another thrown in
T-Dog Any word on McKinley and his diabetes diagnosis? That won't hurt his chances with the Browns, will it?
Dave Carducci T-Dog, I'm not sure. I know a lot about diabetes from my faimly, and I can only imagine how difficult that would be. I'm sure they'll do everything they can to figure it out
ram Dave how do you like McCown?
Dave Carducci I like McCown a lot. First, he's a great guy, and that always goes a long way for me. But he's also very talented. I think he throws a very catchable ball. He's athletic. I think he's going to end up being a heck of a leader, too
CCDawg49 does gordon make the team as a DT?
Dave Carducci Gordon has a shot.
ram Dave what about the Browns starting wide receivers what is going on?
Dave Carducci Ram, great question. I don't get it with Andre. He just isn't turning into the playmaker I thought he'd be. Still not on the same page with Garcia. They say it's a on-the-field thing, but I didn't see it in practice or camp, either. I still keep thinking Morgan will have a breakout. Thought it two years ago and I think it now. He seems to have the best thing going with Garcia
YSU Northcutt has the best thing going w/Garica!!!!
Dave Carducci YSU, I agree, I was responding to the question regarding the starting WR's .... although you may see Northcutt starting for Davis if he doesn't turn it up a bit
YSU he should be starting WR on the field. If you went by production: him and Andre King
Dave Carducci I agree with YSU, too. Cutt's one of those guys I was completely wrong about a few years ago. He really has become a playmaker
ram Is Garmen going to learn to pass protect, block?
Dave Carducci Ram, I don't think so. Garmon just doesn't play well in space. I think you'll see Smith in quite a bit in passing situations, keeping him in to block with four in patterns
jdbrowns Like to see McCown put on another 10 to 15 pounds
Dave Carducci jdbrowns, he can use it, and he will get that additional weight.
wonderbredd24 Doesn't Garmon's inability to pass block mean we are going to playaction pretty much on every pass so he can run block on passing downs?
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, I think you'll see it a lot. But at the same time, they are going to have to just trust that Garmon can play in space at times. Occasionally, they'll pay for it. Occasionally they can give him some help, occasionally he'll do the job
Guest141 Dave, if Schaub was there when we drafted Luke, would we still have drafted him?
Dave Carducci Guest141, I'm not sure. I don't know where they had Schaub rated, but I would have gone that way if I were drafting
wonderbredd24 Should we expect a lot more screen passing during the season since I don't think its been run once in the preseason
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, actually I think they did run one, because I remember referring back to an old joke about how Couch never could throw a screen
CCDawg49 dave, any reason to think our run defense will be better this year?
Dave Carducci CCDawg, it's still something that worries me. One reason to think it will be better is that Warren really does look a lot more interested this year. They still need to tackle better. Griffith still misses multiple tackles every game. I do like the fact that Henry appears to be better in run support than ever.
wonderbredd24 Is Dee Brown as good as the starting kick returner? He's been incredible thus far... his shortest return seems to put us on the 30
Dave Carducci Dee Brown's been good. But if they don't get any takers for JJ, they are going to have a difficult decision.
CCDawg49 dave, another prediction, do the browns reach or exceed .500?
Dave Carducci My gut feeling, and I hope I'm wrong, is that they do not. 6-10 is my pick, and boy do I hope I'm wrong. My job was so much more fun a couple years ago when they were in the hunt and got in
wonderbredd24 I think the Browns season will depend entirely on September 12th
wonderbredd24 if they lose to the Ravens, they could be 1-3 in a hurry
Dave Carducci I think there is a very real possibility for a good start. I like their chances and the way they match up against the Giants and Cowboys, and I wouldn't be stunned if they pull one off against the Ravens. If they can get off to a good start, who knows what could happen. It always seems like they are trying to dig themselves out of an early hole
wonderbredd24 if they are in the hunt, the last 3 games lend themselves wonderfully for a playoff run... San Diego, Houston, and Miami
Dave Carducci True, although San Diego has a good friend on the team, so I can't rip them
wonderbredd24 Gates?
Dave Carducci yup
wonderbredd24 I think the Chargers are a weird team to predict... Schottenheimer's only been under .500 once in his career and that was last year
Dave Carducci He is a lock to start.
Dave Carducci they dumped their old starter (Alexander) to give him the job
Dave Carducci  they love him
Dave Carducci sorry ... they love him
CCDawg49 excellent. good for him. what an udfa pickup!
Dave Carducci I really wanted the Browns to get him.
Dave Carducci I'd still like to see the Browns go after another KSU guy next year. QB Joshua Cribbs could be a very, very dangerous kick returner and WR
ram Dave, how much of a factor do you see Winslow?
Dave Carducci ram, I think he'll be a very big factor. I think he's one of those guys who will produce right away.
CCDawg49 didn't cribbs have some off the field issues?
wonderbredd24 isn't Cribbs in jail or at least trying to avoid it
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, he's fine actually. He made a mistake, but it was blown way out of proportion. He's a very good kid. I was pretty close to the situation
Dave Carducci no problem. He really is a great kid. Seriously
wonderbredd24 Any chance Kirk Chambers is a fixture on this OLine in the future
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, it's possible. The kid's got talent, but I think he'll be one of those guys you have to be patient with.
wonderbredd24 I remember LArry Zeirlin (sp?) was raving about him on draft day
Dave Carducci He might be ahead of schedule, but he's still a ways off
Dave Carducci and he's done well
ram Dave, Chambers could be an injury away, unless Gonzalea gets healthy real soone.
Dave Carducci He could be. I was talking with Chaun today while a few other reporters were talking with Joaquin, so I didn't hear what he had to say about playing in the next couple of weeks. The browns have taken the (inj) off his name on the depth chart though
wonderbredd24 What is Chambers better at? run or pass blocking
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, I haven't watched enough to have an opinion as far as comparing him in run and pass situtions. I like what I've seen in both.
ram Dave. it is sounding like the Browns had a good draft in 2003 and 2004
ram Suggs and Faine make the 2003 draft
Dave Carducci Ram, I think it's better than I originally thought, in that they have guys who can play and contribute. I still would have done things differently. I will always overvalue OL in the draft. I wouldn't have traded up to get Winslow, but that's nit picking (in part because in hindsight I've heard from several people I trust that Det. wouldn't have taken Winslow)
wonderbredd24 NFL people are down on Faine and I can't figure out why... maybe his injuries
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, I've heard that there are also mixed reviews of Faine inside Berea
Guest141 do we know who our starting wr's will be?
Dave Carducci guest141, I think it will be the same for now, but if Davis doesn't step up, 'cutt could move up
wonderbredd24 is Andre Davis, CB of the WRs?
wonderbredd24 Flahes of Brilliance, but never that consistent play everyone is dying to get
Dave Carducci I wouldn't say that. He's had an mediocre camp and preseason, but it's still just camp and preseason. He could turn it on in the regular season.
Dave Carducci He's got the tools
ram Browns miss Kevin Johnson?
Dave Carducci Ram, I don't think so.
Dave Carducci Guys I have to run to the movies. Girlfriend's getting antsy
T-Dog Thanks Dave!
CCDawg49 thanks dave! enjoy the movie
Dave Carducci thanks
EP Thanks, Dave
Dave Carducci I will take care
jdbrowns thanks dave enjoyed your time

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