The Suggs Mystery Continues

The Lee Suggs mystery continues this evening, as the running back says he feels fine, but the coach is hesistating. Mike brings us the latest on that situation, plus the most recent wisdom from KJ, and K2 getting his 80 without spending 20K. Here's the Berea Report for Wednesday...

BEREA – Lee Suggs thinks he should play Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, but it's unlikely he'll get his wish.

The Browns running back didn't participate in team drills Wednesday. He was on the field for stretching exercises.

Suggs suffered a neck injury last week. He sat out the preseason finale against the Chicago Bears.

"The way the doctors have approached it is that he has full range of motion," said coach Butch Davis, who's approaching the game as if he'll be without Suggs. "He has no pain. (He won't play) until he has near 100 percent return of his strength. Every day he gets better. I wish I could tell you any more than that."

Suggs thinks he's well enough to play. Asked if he could have played Wednesday if the game had been scheduled that day, he said, "If it was up to me? "Yes. There's no need to sit out if I don't need to."

NO GRUDGE?: Kevin Johnson says he's not approaching Sunday's game different than from any other game.

Yeah, right.

Johnson did show some anger about being released by Browns coach Butch Davis last year during a conference call.

"When you sit back and look at what's going on over there (in Cleveland), it was a situation that was going to happen sooner or later," said Johnson, who was traded to the Ravens by the Jacksonville Jaguars for a fourth-round draft choice on draft day. "He (Davis) publicly said that these are the guys he wanted. This is where he wants the organization. He has total control, and coach Davis is doing what coach Davis wants to do.

"Coach Davis and I never saw eye to eye. I always looked at me as the guy who was a problem guy. C'mon, you know me better than that. I hate that my character was questioned. Guys who came in contact with me knew I was never mean and was never late for anything. I started every game since I was there. I led the team (in receptions) every year I was there. So make a better excuse for the reasons why I was released."

Johnson was criticized publicly by Davis and then-president Carmen Policy. Some of what Johnson heard still bothers him.

"I heard I was a selfish guy. I heard me and William Green got into it. That was crazy," Johnson said. "I was this ‘I' guy. I was all about Kevin Johnson. I was thinking, wasn't I the guy that was there four years, and all of a sudden this stuff came on? Are you kidding me? This is crazy."

K2 DOESN'T PAY 20K: Tight end Kellen Winslow will wear number 80 which had been the property of tight end Aaron Shea. Winslow had to pay Shea an undisclosed amount of money for the number.

Shea said he didn't get as much money as former Browns tight end Mark Campbell received from Lee Evans in Buffalo. Evans paid Campbell $20,000 to wear number 83.

"Campbell robbed that guy," Shea said. "I didn't get a deal like Campbell. I got worked over. I have to work on my negotiating skills. I think he (Winslow) had the Postons working for him, and I was working all by myself."

Shea will wear number 83.

PLAYER NOTES: Quarterback Luke McCown was presented the Maurice Bassett Award prior to Wednesday's practice. The award is presented each year to the top rookie in training camp. McCown completed 24 of 42 passes for 342 yards, four touchdowns and one interception for a quarterback rating of 105.5.

Right guard Kelvin Garmon practiced at full-go Wednesday. Garmon suffered a slight hamstring injury last Friday.

Defensive end Corey Jackson (ankle) and tight end Steve Heiden (knee) are out for the Browns on the Browns' injury report. Listed as questionable are offensive linemen Melvin Fowler (ankle) and Joaquin Gonzalez (ankle).

Out for the Ravens is center Mike Flynn (shoulder). Questionable are defensive tackle Kelly Gregg (knee), offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden (knee) and linebacker Adalius Thomas (knee). Listed as probable are receiver Devard Darling (thigh), linebacker Edgerton Hartwell (thigh), receiver Travis Taylor (thigh) and safety Chad Williams (abdominal). Ogden missed Wednesday's practice.

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