Fans Need a Win

Fans didn't like what they saw of the Browns in their season opener 1999 any more than Chris Palmer (pictured) did. After five years of frustration, Fan Commentator Dale Galbreath writes, Browns fans need a win against the Ravens on Sunday to start building good memories of Cleveland Browns Stadium.

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Here are the results of the Browns last five home openers:

09/12/1999 Steelers 43 Browns 0 

73,138 fans got to see a great half-time show. But, that was the only fireworks they would see that night. The Browns were shooting duds the whole night.

09/03/2000 Jaguars 27 Browns 7

72,418 fans realize that it was more entertaining to watch the drunks in the stands than    the "expansion team" on the field. Well, at least Cleveland fans could be proud that they didn't steal a team.

09/09/2001 Seahawks 9 Browns 6

72,318 fans watched this offensive gem but were elated to be in it at the end. They left with the hope that maybe Butch will be the guy.

09/08/2002 Chiefs 40 Browns 39

72,938 fans finally got to see a win in the opener. But before the clock could tick to zero, Dwayne "Out of Football" Rudd needed to let his big head out of his helmet.

09/07/2003 Colts 9 Browns 6

72,938 fans watched as the Browns tried to punch it in from within the 5 again, and again, and again...They expected more, but left with their dawg tails between their legs.

And that is only the disappointments in the home openers.

The Browns have made Browns Stadium a very scary place to be if you are a Browns fan. Since coming back in 1999 the Browns have been comatose at home.

In 1999 their only 2 wins came on the road. Beer sales were good though.

In 2000, 2 of their 3 wins came at home. Browns fans were treated to a win over the hated Steelers. With a little help from the mismanaging of the clock by Bill Cowher. They also got to thumb their nose at Bill from New England. Too bad not all NFL coaches are named Bill.

In 2001 they won 4 games at home. Finally Browns fans are beginning to form fond memories at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Ty Detmer showed the fans that he could hit Browns players all day. Too bad for him he was wearing a Lions uniform. San Diego's Doug Flutie tried to relive his Boston College days by heaving Hail Marys at the end of regulation with no avail. Then on 10/21 they beat the hated Ravens 24-14. My most memorable game. They also sent the Bengals packing in late November.

In 2002 they win only 3 games at home. After the Rudd debacle they beat the Bengals. But all the fans could think of was, "We could be 2-0." They also beat the expansion Texans in a game that was closer than the score. The only game to result in good memories was the last game of the season against the Falcons. A 4th quarter goal line stand catapulted the Browns into the playoffs. So what, if the Falcons might have lost focus after realizing that they had clinched a playoff birth. Thanks to the AV folks at the Stadium. Reeves said he didn't pull Vick to prevent him from injury. Yeah right. But a win is a win.

In 2003 it actually gets worse they win 2 at home. They beat an aging Raiders team that was in disarray. They also beat the hapless Cardinals. No memories here.

Most of the fans I talk to hate Cleveland Browns Stadium and would rather have Municipal Stadium back.

I truly doubt that this is the case. They don't remember the pillars, the lack of bathrooms, the bad sight angles, and falling concrete. What they do remember are all the great games played on that hallowed ground. Yes, way too many to mention here.

What they hate about Cleveland Browns Stadium is the lack of good memories. It is time for that to change.

Butch Davis recently wrote, "You'd like to be 5-3 or 6-2 at home and then figure out how to go 4-4 on the road and win 10 games. That's the formula for some teams."

Yes, Butch Browns fans would love that. They are knowledgeable enough to know it is unlikely that the Browns can win all 8. Though that would definitely make up for the first 5 years.

Andra Davis on the Ravens game, "We need to win for our fans as much as we need to win for us. Our fans deserve it."

My sentiments exactly.

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