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You know the drill by now. The chat room opens up at 9PM on Wednesday, and a pack of dawgs invades to talk football and pick the mind of Dave Carducci. The last part of the drill is that the webmaster stops monkeying around and puts up the Transcript at some point on Thursday. That's where things usually fall apart. Surprisingly, we beat the odds, and the webmaster has completed the job without hurting himself or others. Click to get the condensed version of the chat...

browns28 David what are the odds Suggs will play Sunday
Dave Carducci I'm guessing around 25-pct
Dave Carducci probably lower
browns28 wow
browns28 he's hurt that bad
Dave Carducci It's not so much that he's hurt that bad
Dave Carducci he has a full range of motion, he doesn't hurt, he doesn't feel any numbness
Dave Carducci But at the same time he doesn't have full strength in the shoulder
Dave Carducci And the doctors won't clear him until he's back at 100-pct
BryanK What's the deal, then?
Dave Carducci He might get to 100-pct by tomorrow or by Friday, Saturday or Sunday
Dave Carducci but then he's missed practice
Dave Carducci And if that's the case, it's likely that you'll see Green get the bulk of the work
BryanK Will he play if he does get 100?
Dave Carducci BryanK, it depends on how ready he is... or how ready the Browns believe he is without the benefit of work. He hasn't had contact in a week.
NewJerseyDawg After three years out, he has to be a step behind
Dave Carducci NewJerseyDawg, that'd be fine with me... but I'd rather run at him every time he's in.... of course, they could just solve the problem by staying in the base offense the whole game. Deion never sees the field
Guest109 What is Ogden's status?
Dave Carducci Guest109, I haven't had time to check with any Ravens reporters or sites today, so I'm not sure. But I talked to several defensive players who want him to play. That pride thing of wanting to play and beat them at their best
DJ11 why is it that every injury gets downplayed so much...cant they just tell it how it is
Dave Carducci DJ11, that's something that drives me up the wall.... but in this case I wonder how much it's actually been downplayed. I think Suggs feels just fine, and he's pretty discouraged that he isn't getting cleared yet by the doctors. It's more one of those err on the side of caution deals. And I think Davis actually believed Suggs would be back by now. Or at least hoped
Guest109 Is there reason to believe this won't be a replay of last years games vs Ravens?
Dave Carducci Guest109, to be honest, not much other than preparation of the team, and the fact that they say they'll be better. But let's face it, the personnel hasn't changed much. You can always hold out hope with Warren's seemingly improved play and the fact that the team is relatively healthy, and that this is a second year in the scheme
ramllov I have to admit, if Ogden and their center is not playing, we should do pretty well against this team. Their offensive line make their offense
ramllov This defense is something for the Ravens, I just remember when we beat them a few years ago. I sure hope we do great this Sunday.
Dave Carducci Ram, I'm looking forward to seeing what Garmon and T. Smith can do against Ray Lewis, see if they can keep him from going sideline to sideline and force him to get off blocks. Garmon's uncovered against the Ravens 3-4, and he and T. Smith's duty will be to disrupt Lewis as much as possible. They are the big difference right now in this year's offense and last year's
DawgPoundJD have you seen Butch show tendencies during practices toward specific defensive schemes?
Dave Carducci DawgPoundJD, it's hard to say right now because Davis has a media ban on practice. It's something to watch for in games
FunkyDawg Is Garmon healthy?
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, Garmon is healthy. MRI on the hammy was negative. He feels fine and said he is 100pct for gameday
DJ11 Dave do you think that what we saw in the preseason was extremely vanilla? Is there a chance that they are gonna really open things up and surprise us?
Dave Carducci DJ11, I thought it was vanilla, but that's what the Browns wanted to get out of the preseason. Their priority was to establish the running game and get some confidence in that going into the season. I think they did that, but they also sacrificed some chances to get Garcia more comfortable in the offesne. Based on his experience, they felt that was a risk worth taking. Similarly (although He's experienced in the Ravens system, the Ravens chose to work on their passing game primarily in the preseason already)
brandonln i heard donovan say the browns have a bunch of ""winslow"" plays for sunday. ARe we going to see a ton of passes to him?
Dave Carducci brandonln, I think there's a good chance he'll have a big part of the gameplan. Maybe not a bunch of pass plays for him, but specific plays for specific situations that will give him an opportunity to have an impact
FunkyDawg Is Green up to the challenge?
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, I think he is. I still like Green, even after all the problems. I think he's basically a good kid, dealing with a difficult problem with alcohol. And since he's been back, he appears to be very serious, he is working very hard, and he comes across as a different, more confident guy
FunkyDawg Will the Browns blitz much, or stick to the ""zone"" D?
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, I think they'll save the blitz for the right opportunities. You'll see it, but you'll also see a lot more conservative, zone cover-2 schemes
ramllov Dave now that the Browns resigned Sanders CB, what will his duties be? Special teams now, but what about in a few weeks? Will he be our nickel or dime defensive back?
Dave Carducci Ram, I think more than anything Sanders is being counted on to fill some of what Boyer brought in attitude to special teams. Boyer was by far the Browns best special teams player. Sanders last year was probably No. 2.
Krupka Tackling wise, how big of an upgrade is Holdman? Other than T-Smash and Winslow, his acquisition may be key to this club taking the next step IMO.
Dave Carducci Krupka. I hope that's true. Holdman seems to be solid. I think he was one of those overlooked offseason pickups, even by me. I like what I've seen
Dave Carducci I think the down year or two in Chicago kept Holdman off the radar, and we kind of forgot what he could do
ADDBoy Dave, I see the turds blitzing a lot with a new QB & offensive scheme. Do you feel the Browns are ready for this?
Dave Carducci ADDBoy, I think the scheme of the offense, with the short, quick routes is well suited for Garcia, so they may be in a better position with a seasoned vet qb than they were with Couch. Although, there are some weaknesses in pass pro. I wouldn't be surprised to see T. Smith in the backfield on passing downs to help with protection.
ramllov Chaun Thompson is how close to becoming a starter at the SSLB? Week four or five or after the bye week?
Dave Carducci Ram, that's probably a good bet
DJ11 I thought the 1st defense in the last 2 preseason games looked great. If I recall correctly there was no point in last years preseason where you could say that. Hopefully that is a sign of things to come
Dave Carducci DJ11, actually, as bad as the Browns D was in the first two preseason games, it was still probably better than last preseason
Dave Carducci so that's a positive
STLDog Dave Does Winslow know enough of the offense to be effective?
Dave Carducci STLDog, I think he does.
Krupka Any Lassiter updates?
Dave Carducci nothing
ramllov I am probably going to miss spell Westmoreland LB we picked up as a free agent from Jacksonville. How good is he? did he just need to go to another team?
Dave Carducci Ram, he's probably another one of those guys who will benefit from a new setting. Davis loves him. I still haven't seen enough of him, though, to have an opinion
YSU Surprised that the Fins gave up a 3rd for Lamar? Makes me think we might have had a deal for JJ, then the Fins tried to see who else they could get with a 3rd, and found someone better
Dave Carducci YSU, I am a bit surprised. That does obviously blow any chance of sending JJ there out of the water
FunkyDawg Will Butch Davis add any more depth to the OL? SS?
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, it's hard to say. There's not a whole lot out there right now. He's always tinkering.
ADDBoy Dave, how much impact do you see Smith having this game if Suggs can't play?
Dave Carducci ADDBoy, I think he can have a big impact even if Suggs doesn't play. He can open a hole. ANd he can do it for Green as well as Suggs. He brings a very different hard-hat and lunch pale attitude that is perfect for what this team should have been dooing the last few years, and a perfect fit for the type of football fans in this city love
ADDBoy Thanks! What about Green runing behind a FB? I know he is not used to it.
Dave Carducci Green's done nothing but rave about T Smith in the preseason and in camp, so it appears he's becoming comfortable with it
ramllov Dave, I believe any free agent will be signed after the first game so the Browns will not have to pay for a full season. If Griffith has a bad game against the Ravens do the Browns deal with Arizona for a SS?
Guest19 Real late getting here and if thisis been ask sorry but any news on the SS from Arizonia?
Dave Carducci It's so rare that you see trades at this point in the season, so a trade to add a SS just feels so unlikely. We've all been frustrated with Griffith's play for several years. To think the realization that something has to change is all of a sudden going to hit is unlikely. More likely they swallow Griffith for this yea
Lumpy Dave, do you know what the situation is at back up FB? McIntyre will dress maybe...I thought he was on as many special teams as Shea...and I would hate to see Shea going in the game as our lead blocker.
Dave Carducci Lumpy, I think they are fine with Shea in that backup role
dawgfan56 Dave, with Smith in the backfield and Green looking to be straightened out, do you think we will be able to rush effectively against the Ratbirds D?
Dave Carducci Dawgfan56, I think there's a chance. They've watched film of teams that have been successful against the Ravens defense, so there will be a lot of copy-cat in the gameplan to make it work
Moony Any word on what K2 paid Shea for #80?
Dave Carducci Moony, Shea wouldn't tell us. And Winslow won't talk to the local media. He did however talk to USA Today ... which is very frustrating.
Dave Carducci Shea did say he didn't get as much as what Campbell got for his No. 83 in Buffalo, which was $20,000
DJ11 why wont he talk to you?
Dave Carducci DJ11, he just says he doesn't want to.
ramllov Dave, Winslow will have what type of impact on the Raven game?
Dave Carducci Ram, I think he could have a big impact. He's an unbelievable talent, and I think they'll do everything they can to get him involved early
Guest20 Dave - Does this game have a make or break feel to you? I know it's early, but the feeling of same old same old is powerful.
Dave Carducci Guest20, I don't think it has a make or break feel, but there is something to be said about the opener setting the tone for the first month. This team needs to start winning at home, and for a change it would be nice to see a win at home in the opener
Guest19 I think KWII is going to be the Browns leading receiver. Do KW and Garcia still do private workouts?
Dave Carducci Guest19, to be honest, I don't know. I would assume they do, but I haven't seen it lately. It hasn't happened when we've gone in at the end of practice to talk to Butch. At least I haven't noticed it
howldawg Dave don't you expect teams to look for the the browns to do that
Dave Carducci howl, yes, I think teams will probably expect it. But Winslow is a talent. Teams are going to expect him to be a big part of the gameplan, and he's going to have to produce. I think he can
jdbrowns hello dave, boy was I glad Alston made the team
Dave Carducci jdbrowns, I am happy for Richard, too. He's a heck of a nice guy. And he worked very hard. I like what he can do. he's got speed. He has that quarterback understanding and feel for the game. Very athletic. Very strong. And he's willing to do absolutely anything, and that should make him an above average special teams player
Krupka Is the current pass protection of Garmon likely par for the year, or do you see slight improvement as the year carries on?
Dave Carducci Krupka, I think that's probably what you'll get from Garmon. He'll be a beast in the running game, but occasionaly his difficulties playing in space will be exposed in pass pro
ADDBoy Okay Dave, feet to the fire. Will Suggs play at all this Sunday?
Dave Carducci ADDBoy, my gut feeling is no
Dave Carducci And if he does play, I think it will be in a limited role with Green getting the bulk of the carries
BryanK Dave, is Courtney Brown really healthy; and can we expect a ""breakout"" year?
Dave Carducci BryanK, it would be nice to hope, wouldn't it? He's healthy now, at least. And every year, I hope for that breakout.
Guest20 Dave - Besides Suggs, what is your biggest concern for the Browns for this game?
Dave Carducci Guest20, for me it's the front four and the linebacking corps controlling Lewis. They zone block a lot, and that means beating linemen to a space and then making the play. I don't want to rely on Griffith making tackles four or five yards downfield
ramllov Dave Browns defense, I thought Butch said that they will reduce their cover two defense scheme and this will increase the pass rush on the opposing QB, is that accurate?
Dave Carducci Ram, I'll wait to see what happens in the regular season. I hope he follows through on that.
jdbrowns Will say one thing from watching the Bears game Thompson does have speed, and plenty of it too
Dave Carducci jdbrowns, that's very true
Guest19 Garmon said Lewis hates head on blocking because it negates his speed. I hope Garmon knocks Ray right off the cover of Madden.
Dave Carducci Guest19, that's very true. And that's why it's going to be important for Garmon and T. Smith to make life as difficult as possible on him.
BryanK Run right at Ray Lewis.
Dave Carducci BryanK, that's exactly right, too. Teams that run at the Ravens are most successful

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