A Crow-Munching Gameballs and Goats

Kenard Lang ranked among the top vote-getters in this week's Gameball and Goats. While Lang, Jeff Garcia, and others undoubtedly revel in an avalanche of gameballs, this week is a bad time to be a Browns non-believer, as evidenced by all the goathorns hurled at national "experts" and announcers for predicting Ratbird routs and a year of doom for the Browns. And, dancin' Ray? This beautiful set of goathorns is just for you!

The Week's Results
Jeff Garcia's two touchdown passes ranked higher than Kenard Lang's three sacks of Kyle Boller, but the entire defense and special teams got a lot of praise following the Browns 20-3 pasting of the noxious Baltimore Ravens. Derrick Frost won fan approval with his high-flying punts, and Robert Griffith found himself back in good graces by wrapping up 2003 nemesis Jamal Lewis. Goathorns were overwhelmingly handed to the game's I-love-them-Ratbirds TV announcers, and the various "experts" who predicted a Ratbird rout and doom for the Browns. A Browns win over their purple-festooned rivals means a fun-to-read Gameballs and Goats...


Player Gameballs
Jeff Garcia (5/QB) 147
Kenard Lang (96/DE) 119
---Entire Defense--- 91
Anthony Henry (37/CB) 37
---Special Teams--- 28
Derrick Frost (3/P) 21
William Green (31/RB) 21
Robert Griffith (24/SS) 19

Write-Ins: The '64 Browns (3), Park Bench Pub Dawg Pound! , Phil "I got a touchback" Dawson, Fans in the chat room, Me - Section 527 Dawg!! (write-ins are added to the vote totals unless they identify someone not in the regular voting)


Player Goathorns
---TV Announcers--- 69
Ross Verba (77/OT) 29
Gerard Warren (61/DT) 15
---O Line--- 13
Andre Davis (87/WR) 11
---Officiating Crew--- 10

Write-Ins: Ray Lewis (6), Deion Sanders (5), Sean Salisbury (4), Randy Cross (3), The Rats (3), Tim Couch(2), Dan Marino (2), Art Modell (2), Doc Gonzo (2), Rat Fans Mystery Caller (2), "When I say TV Announcers, I mean National Pundits", Pre-game experts on CBS, Art Modell, petegarcia (chat room denizen), ALL CRITICS and NAYSAYERS, Bruce Arians, NOBODY!, Shannon Sharpe,  Joe Grass, Orlando Brown, KJ, Whoever hurt Lee Suggs in practice, Traitorous Turfmonster,  All football experts and their picks

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
ccdawg49 Defense shut down jamal lewis. What a difference a year makes! Garcia led them to victory in the 4th quarter, making the big passes when they were there. Lang huge at LDE against Ogden's backups. Forced fumble sealed the game.
osujoe Garcia showed what veteran leadership is all about. He played smart football and capitalized on Baltimore's mistakes. Lang was HUGE. Forcing the game-clinching fumble was the type of play we needed. In fact, the whole D-Line was amazing today, especially considering that Warren was out pretty much the whole day. Bodden was somebody who I was skeptical about, but he was everywhere today on special teams making plays.
smagyar Nice showing by Deion!! And maybe Killer will shut up for awhile.
brownsfan999 The entire special teams unit was impeccable. good job Derek Frost.
doctorfresh Garcia - We finally have a LEADER at QB. Watching him jump into the dawg pound after his TD run brought tears to my eyes. Green - Started off slow but stepped up when it counted. His hard fought runs for first downs were key to the win. Lang - Epic defensive play.
tampadawg Really the whole defense deserves it but with the all the slack I gave Wifith for the 500 yards last year, and with him have 7 tackles this year and Lewis being held in check, he gets a GB
losangelesdawg Special teams were finally special!.. Bodden was great as the gunner. Kudo's also to Griffith...he finally played tough on the run.
lukedawg12 K2's catch turned the game around for good....that's what separates the men from the boys!!!! Way to go Dawgies!!!!!
ludden007 Amazing job D-line! Good tackles in the secondary. I can't remember a play where there wasn't at least 2 orange helmets wrapping them up!! :)
berto Campo - Great job game planning for Lewis! Kenard Lang - obvious. was a BEAST today! Garcia - No interceptions, smart play, then some big ones in the second half. Thank you!
evdebs These guys made the plays that made this a win.
naxos Everyone gets a game ball today. Great win.
edgewater joe Lang should be NFL Defensive Player Of The Week for that performance -- and the Defense FINALLY showed some pride! Would Couch or Holcomb done what Garcia did today in making smart decisions every time? I wonder. Hell of an effort!
katdawg Holy carp. I just gave Griffith a gameball and I don't have ONE goat...not one! I am such a happy girl that I have no words. I wish I had 20 spots for gameballs. Robiskie, Davis and Campo all deserve one too. What's freaky is that when this offense comes together (and it will), we're gonna be SCARY good. Great game, men!
warrengdawg All of 'em!
rabiddawg Butch got "his players" to b-slap the Ravens, arguably our most hated rivals. That's not easy to say when Pittspuke is still in the NFL. Had the Browns lost to the Ratbirds today the fickle fans of Cleveland would be screaming for his head. He took a step back in year three at Miami and then built a winner that won a national championship the year after he left for the Browns... Let's give the man his due!!! RabidDawg Cary, NC
theoz Garcia made plays. The Defense shut down the passing game and punished receivers. Frost punted well.
woofblitzer Derrick Frost was HUGE with an almost 50 yard punt average. Our defense was only able to play this well because of our special teams giving the Raven's a long field to play on.
underdog71 Sweet........ The defense was awesome, especially Lang. Garcia started getting more comfortable late in the game and made good decisions. Finally a opening day win!!!!!!!!!!!
mulekicker3 since Butch gets fried after every loss, lets give him some credit for having his team motivated and ready to play
logdawg Great game plan all the way around. Kenard Lang had 3 sacks and a FF, no doubt there. Derrick Frost kept Baltimore buried deep in their own territory for most of the game... Gardocki who?
bunchahoops Garcia made a play no Brown's QB could have made since returning. Kenard Lang abused Ogden's sub and Derrick Frost helped the Browns win the field position battle before their offense came to life
taterdawg What a great team effort . Hats off to the defense for solid 4 Quarters performance. Offense played well when it had to . Special teams were terrific. Chris who ?
yogi8 Griffith had his best game by far as a Brown and deserves some kudos since he gets it in spades when he messes up! Henry had the game turning play and provided some blanket coverage. KW2 is bringing a passion back to the football team, the same as we fans have always had. He is delivering on the promises of opening up our offense since the opposing D pays so much attention to him Witness Q and Dre with their w-i-d-e open catches. Look for more of the same all year!
thejamdawg The entire Defense gets a Gameball for keeping The Rats out of the endzone & keeping Jamal "Dr. Feelgood" Lewis to under 60 yards rushing. Kenard Lang & Anthony Henry deserve mention for the turnovers. The entire offense gets a gameball for taking advantage of the opportunities in the second half. Special Teams for their good play, especially welcoming Deion to Cleveland when he got nailed on the punt return. Nice to see a punter with actual hang time. The fans get one for rocking the place. Extra Credit to those who came up with the "Past your Primetime" signs. and let's not forget the '64 Browns.
redright LANG: set the defensive standard for the game GARCIA: kept the offense putting one foot in front of the other until the ravens cracked GRIFFITH: best performance as a Brown; could have voter Winslow but how many chances does one get to vote for Griffith?
freddiezee Garcia showed the spunk that our previous QBs couldn't show. He didn't look great at first, but as soon as Baltimore made a mistake, he found the open man and converted. On the pass to Morgan, Couch would have still been in the pocket, getting sacked. Also, Garcia's not afraid to take the ball himself, to clinch the win. Campo had the boys ready to go against Lewis, and they were solid against the pass too.
foghornlanghorne Not a negative thing to say......a very satisfying win, and something for all C-Town loyalists and lifelong fans can enjoy for once.....WOOF.. WOOF
wmg69 Now that's Defense! Way to swarm to the ball! Defense like that can take you to the Superbowl!!
stov Great win gameballs for all
dp10451 Outstanding defensive effort. They shut down J.Lewis and kept their passing game in check. Kenard was an absolute warrior. A real force on the line (and in their backfield). Garcia kept the ball moving and made the plays we needed.
gbeachy50310 LANG: What a joy to watch KL make huge plays all day. Awesome. GARCIA: Impressive display of hanging in there, staying focused, and making things happen. ENTIRE D: Very solid tackling, errors/penalties kept to a minimum, the swarming around Lewis was beautiful, maintained the lanes, all those 3 and outs. Excellent. ALL PLAYERS: Very solid -- it was obvious that you were a TEAM today.
tattoodawg Gameball to the whole defense for keeping J. Lewis to 57 yards for the game.
dandm5413 I had told my friend "Sweeney",@kick-off OUR D, has to toss them out......and Cool Beans Glad to have Our Boys back @HOME hat's off to the whole TEAM....
bluesidd Garcia is a leader: intelligent, patient, and a player.
dk3327 This was a tough call, as the offense as a whole performed well considering the Ravens defense!
mark zickefoose Terrelle set the tone on the first play, getting in RayPaul's grill and letting him know who his daddy is. Lang OWNED Ogden's backup. Garcia did exactly what he's always done - make plays. And the entire D stepped it up and beat Baltimore at it's own game.
jsinct Flea and crew did an excellent job keeping all those of us in the dark, not so in the dark... Felt like I was actually part of the whole thing... Just awesome, Thanks Chat Room play-by-players Typers you get my gameball!
dawghowl Great performance by the entire defense...they totally shutdown Jamal and made some big plays down the stretch to seal the win. Jeff Garcia lead this team to victory, by playing mistake free football and making some nice throws down the stretch. Also had a nice TD run that put the game away. And most of all his leadership towards this team really shows as he sparks the whole team. Butch Davis had this team well prepared and had a great game plan coming in. It also seemed to me like he made the proper halftime adjustments. Hats off to a job well done by butch, he clearly outcoached Brian Billick today.
seattledawg2 It was as good a team effort as I've seen from the Browns in many years, especially on defense, but I wanted to single out Robert Griffith. The much-maligned safety stuck his head in there every chance he got, and (gasp!) wrapped up the ball carrier. If this is the 2004 version of Robert Griffith, Sean Jones can take his time rehabbing.
rabidbrown Hard to pick just 3.
section 527 dawg I get a gameball because the ONLY reason the Browns won yesterday was because I WAS NOT there for the 1st opener since 1999. I went to the 5 prev. openers and they lost them all - I was not there yesterday and they won! Props to ME!
whoknowsmore Awesome job on D. Made great adjustments on O in the 2nd half, and Jeff took advantage of Rats mistakes in a big way.
chas dawg Okay, so Kyle Boller should get the real MVP trophy. He can't hit the broad side of a barn, but man can he run real fast to his right.
scott.a.carpenter To all Baltimorons......YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!
p.o.puppy There aren't enough gameballs for the Browns this game. The tam came together on the field of play and played tough the whole game. From Butch on down they all deserve gameballs except for a couple of stupid penalties.
bkinz9 Garcia displayed great heart and leadership. Bodden was awesome on kick coverage. Total domination by the entire defensive unit. This was a total team victory.
clockwork Every time I tried to pick individual defenders there were just too many to single out: Lang, Roye, Henry, Griffith, Davis. All that anyone needs to know is this one line: J. Lewis, 20 carries 57 yards 0 TDs. Bang. Jeff Garcia won this game with leadership, poise and heart. He did not make any mistakes. When was the last time we could say that about the QB position? Special Teams dramatically outplayed the Rat-turds and won the battle for field position all frickin day. When your special teams is prepared, fired up but under control---that says a lot about the team.
antijeff Too many deserving folks, including the coaching staff.
clevelandfan Fans - Nice and loud, just the way we like it. Energetic from the start. Jeff Garcia - Didn't have 300 yards, only threw for 1 TD, but you definatly know who leads this team, and he leaves it all on the field. William Green - Had a tough job, but did a great job. Defense - one word...TERRIFIC!!!
darkcell Defense was simply awesome. Great job swarming the ball carrier and to the safeties for adding a little pop in to make sure the ball carrier was down. Remember, if you keep playing this way we might start having expectations for the season.
nadelp Lost in the great team performance is the fact that Derrick Frost really punted well and kept Baltimore in terrible field position all game.
frumanchu Lang was a monster! Special teams was awesome! What a win. Garcia shook the rust off and finally got they rhythm he was looking for in the second half. O-line to be commended for gutting out a game against a premiere D. Winslow had a great debut for a rookie.
longlivesipe I voted gameballs for the units. This was about the team and not individuals.
fleadawg The house was rocking and the moment was beautiful!!!
weweber3 Too few gameballs, need more to hand out. I think that Baltimore was out-hustled, out-played, out-coached and on and on and on. Loooong time since we could say that. Probably since the Sunday Nighter in Pittsburgh last year. I got two words for ya... TOTAL DOMINATION!
weimer19 Leigh Bodden was outstanding and his name was mentioned more than any other during the CBS telecast. KW2 changed the game with his 3rd down catch in the 3rd quarter.
jmazzulo920 I wish you could nominate four so I could also list the defense, Which is the most deserving of a gameball. Kellen Winslow gets a gameball for his huge 3rd and long catch and the fact that he has added a spark to this team the day he was drafted, and he has begun to rub off on his teammates. Jeff Garcia gets a gameball b/c for the first time in five years I haven't had to hold my breath every time the Browns pass. He played very good very smart football and led this team better yesterday than it has been run in 5 years. My final Gameball goes to Butch Davis, this guy gets a bad rap everywhere around the league from former players to the press to even fans. The Bottom line is this, he took us from the gutter of the league and has made us a respectable team, he has improved the talent level of the roster from top to bottom and he has put us in a much more favorable salary cap situation and yesterday he outcoached one of the "best" coaches in the league and made a huge statement to any doubter that may exist. Great game all the way around.
derono Truly a team effort, so the D and Special Teams get two of mine. The battle of field position was dominated by the Browns and was the key to the game. Campo gets the third ball because of his obviously successful game plan, but there are a number of others who get honorable mention: Garcia, Henry, Bodden, Lang, Robiskie, Roye, Frost, Griffith (can you believe it?), etc.
dxdawg Garcia-Showed something that we haven't seen at the QB position in Cleveland since the return...mobility, awareness, and a great arm. Kenard Lang- Chewed the Ravens up and spit them out. Boller will remember that day for a long time. D- What can you say about the D? They showed up ready to roll and didn't stop all game. I just hope they play like that every week. If they do, hello Division Championship.
rockymtndawg Not a stellar game stats-wise, but William Green did a great job to help keep the passing game available!
thebattleship Can I vote for Derrick Frost one more time? If so, I do.
epbrowns One sole gameball should go to simply the Cleveland Browns as a whole! Nothing more, nothing less.
samatlanta The defense and the defensive coaches did an outstanding job. A 4-4-3? Last time I saw that, I was playing in high school! Anthony Henry made a big time play at a point when momentum could have swung the other way. Garcia showed his toughness, leadership and competitiveness by bouncing back from a tough first half. Derrick Frost, welcome to the NFL. Not a bad debut, rookie!
r22weiss Best game since the team came back. Period!
jmatt19534 Lang-You came up huge in today's game. All we heard about was the Raven's D and how we had a "no-name" defense. Well, maybe they'll recognize the league leader in sacks! Green-I didn't have a lot of faith in you to begin the season, but the way you faught and dragged Ravens for extra yards won me over quickly! Garcia-I was, and still am, a believer that Tim Couch will be a good NFL QB, and I also didn't have much faith in you. But, you are also quickly winning me over with your ability to scramble and find the open man. Great game!


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
ccdawg49 Verba - too many penalties. Zuk and Faine beat early
osujoe Randy Cross and company are horrible.
brownsfan999 none. I don't think we could have played better. we looked like a top 5 defense. they really didn't get yardage until the game was out of reach.
mulekicker3 Take that Salisbury.......laughing stock of the NFL????? In the words of DX, "s*ck it." The Brownies are for real!!!!!!!!!
doctorfresh I only give a goathorn to Davis because had he not tripped on that big reception, it would have been a 96-yard TD pass!! All the TV announcers deserve goat horns for being so Ravens-biased. Even after we trashed the Ratbirds, we still didn't get enough credit by these idiots.
tampadawg I hate giving goats when we win.
lukedawg12 Nobody on the Browns upset me on this GREAT day, so I insist on taking more shots at the most overrated player in NFL history, ___ ____ . I refuse to type his name anymore than I have to. Have fun on the....couch! LOSER
ludden007 Gotta make that catch Rookie!
berto William Green - We need more than that out of you, even from the bench later on. Deion Sanders you sure got the DAWG back - from the browns! You were a non-factor. TV Announcers - Lame, boring, bandwagon jumpers.
evdebs If Doc Gonzo spent less time (ed - um, enjoying) the thought of more U.S. wars, invasions and deaths, he might have time to write something remotely intelligent about the Browns
edgewater joe 'Dre, you HAD A 90+ YARD TD! How could you FALL like that?! The O Line is a little bit of a stretch -- maybe just for the first half? And was there ONE pundit who picked the Browns? I - don't - THINK - so!
warrengdawg I just can't bring myself to vote for anybody on this team...some guys didn't play spectacularly, but almost everyone contributed.
woofblitzer Willie needs to not approach the line of scrimmage with his back facing it!
other bjk Only goats were the announcers and talking heads
underdog71 No complaints.
logdawg When will CBS finally give us decent announcers?? Quit making excuses for the Ravens, just call the game.
taterdawg Andre Davis needs to either shorten his shoelaces or fake out the blade of grass. Hope Warren didn't get hurt going off sides. Just kidding but they were the only negatives that could have been damaging . Isn't it great at least for this week.
yogi8 Warren picks up this year where he left off last year, MIA and we're left wondering when he will start making due on the promises he's made. Even though the fans were into the game, the same problem keeps occurring every game! There are way too many empty seats at the beginning of the 3rd quarter!!! Will you guys please finish you friggin smokes a little earlier and get your butts planted in your seats and provide support on the 1st series of the 2nd half? Please?
thejamdawg Art Modell- I don't care if he no longer owns the Rats, he's still a piece of human excrement. The Rats- Well, they're the Rats. Rat Fans- Still the biggest hypocrites in all of sports for their sycophantic level admiration of Modell who in fact is no better than Robert Irsay.
redright VERBA: NOT ready for prime time. Made more mental errors than Stokes did last year. He has to step up next week Mystery Caller: Who was that guy that called the first series of Downs? Palmer? Arians? Dallas has an awful D-LINE and we need an offense to out-score them.
freddiezee Davis dropped one near the sideline, and tripped on his big catch, or else it would have been a TD. Warren was hyped all preseason and then lasted about as long as my first beer of the game. Shea sold his number 80 too cheap!
foghornlanghorne All the network affiliates, all the announcers, and Shannon Sharpe, you know who you are..."No question a Ravens blowout"....predicted before kick off.....as us Dawgs say......in your FACE
jlac20 where were you prime time.....
phelix17 Bruce Arians gets my goathorns for his leftover play calls in the first half. Two runs up the middle for no gain then a three yard pass route to make it 4th and 7. No other Brown gets any crap from me. I love them all. They dominated the Rats and knocked out half of the guys in my survivor pool. Brownie D was awesome. Just awesome. Anthony just about had another pick earlier that would have gone the distance. Oh man, is it great to be a Browns fan this week. Oh man am I happy. Kill me now.
dp10451@aol.com How can you find fault in this win? Opening day, the Ravens, and a "W". How good is this?
gbeachy50310 VERBA: Iowa boy does bad. Two holding calls and an unnecessary roughness -- if the one hadn't been declined you would have cost us 35 yards. G. WARREN: For getting hurt. You were looking so good. DEF BACKS: You are still playing way too loose on the receivers. Tighten up!
tattoodawg After this win I cannot bring myself to give any Goats.
bluesidd Zuk offsides come on!
shegalofus There are no goats when we win !!! Since 1994, we are ONE and Zero out of the box.
brownsbacker I honestly can not point out a real Goathorn in this game. The entire team played well and stuck it out.
irishmutt defense still needs to tackle BELOW the knees!!!!!!!!!!
jsinct How about that moron Randy Cross. What a Dork. Nice to see these turds will be eating their own crow this season.
dawghowl None I cant think of a single player that played a bad game or is deserving of a goathorn.
wild_weasel3000 Great game all around
seattledawg2 Except for Verba, I'm being somewhat unfairly harsh to the O-line. As for Verba, he'll need to put his money where his mouth is, and pay the fines for all his penalties. The offensive line did ok against a very good defense, but veterans Verba, Tucker and Zukauskas could have taken it to the defense better than they did.
rabidbrown Holcomb, because I still remember last years game with the Rams. Couch, because we finally seen what a real QB can do. Cross, simply because he is a biased idiot.
section 527 dawg Deion......BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
whoknowsmore This is a bit unfair to Ross, however give a goat because all of the penalties to some one.
chas dawg Yeah Ray Ray, you guys are going to be special to watch.
p.o.puppy Verba did a good job except for the penalties. The penalties is the only reason for the goathorns.
bkinz9 Couldn't think of anyone who deserved one. Total team effort!
clockwork When I picked TV announcers I'm talking about Marino and Sharpe. Before the game it was "Baltimore in a rout". At halftime Sharpe treated us to all Rat-turds highlights, a comment about being scared to throw at Deion and then oh yeah the Browns are shutting out the Ravens. Then after the game Marino comes up with this gem "well the Browns didn't completely shut down Jamal Lewis". Um......yeah they did. 57 yards on 20 carries and 0 TDs? A freakin 2.9 ypc??? That is called shutting the f down. I also picked the O-line even though they obviously played well enough to get the W which is all that really matters. But if you want to get picky we could not establish a run game, Faine could not beat Gregg consistently, we could not get out and block the LBs, there were some OL penalties and we just had too many 3 and outs. Still it was enough for the W -- just hope that line keeps improving.
antijeff Hate to give Goats to anyone, but I suppose the OL because they didn't open a lot of holes, and din't give Garcia much time.
braddawg99 Don't get me wrong, Anthony Henry played a great game and made a nice pick. It was hard to pick any player for goat, but I selected Henry because of two plays. One on the completion where Griffith hammered the guy and it was ruled a fumble, Henry was too busy celebrating the hit and did not jump the ball that was right there. Always grab the ball first and let the refs determine if it was an incomplete pass. Second, after his interception, it was his own player that knocked him down, not KJ, he got up and was holding the ball out celebrating and the ref hadn't blown the whistle yet. Luckily the Ravens were all walking off the field and the ref decided to blow the whistle after all, or else it could've been a Leon Lett moment that would've turned the game around. Great pick though, and overall great game for the Browns, only gave him a goat because of those plays and no one really deserved a goat, he got a gameball though too for the great pick and also as a part of the great defensive performance and team effort.
clevelandfan O-Line - Needs to get it in gear, plays broke down due to poor pass protection. I do think they will get better though. Ray Lewis - what was with his stupid dance when he helped tackle Green the first play of the game....guess he ate his crow afterwards.
nadelp Joe Grass for his tackle of Andre Davis while he was on his way to the endzone How many times did the TV crew have to say that the Patriots got trounced last year in the opened, but when on to win the Super Bowl? The answer is once, okay, we get it!
frumanchu Deion Sanders, Orlando Brown, Ray Lewis, KJ...all that talk. All....that....talk..... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
longlivesipe Can't really give the goathorns to any of 'em there were so few mistakes
fleadawg You stunk the place up Kevin Johnson!!!
weweber3 Hard to find problems with a victory like this... thought Verba's penalties were stupid, especially the personal foul, gald to see Garcia get in his face! Bring on em Cowboys!
weimer19 Is Randy Cross paid by the Ravens? He kept mentioning how the Patriots lost 31-0 last year to the Bills in Week 1 and barely gave the Browns any credit. That pissed me off.
knucklehead65 Okay JJ time to show up on the field. How 'bout an O-line that can open some running lanes, or give the QB time to throw. Randy Cross ....Who?
mraw Simply for not calling any taunting calls on Ray-Ray for his over the top antics.
jmazzulo920 Randy Cross is an ass, gave no credit to the Browns, and made excuses for the Ravens. Had Lee Suggs played the offense would have been much better, I can't wait to see this kid on the field for an extended period of time.
derono A solid effort with no devastating mistakes, but no game is perfect. These goats gotta go somewhere. The only player that gets one is Andre Davis for tripping over his own feet. Unfair perhaps, but you simply cannot fail to capitalize on easy touchdowns in this league. The TV announcers all get a goathorn shoved down their collective throats for incessant unfounded Raven worship, and Dan Marino gets one for lacking the class to admit when he was wrong, even with such bold evidence sitting before him.
dxdawg KWII- I really didn't think he played all that bad, but he missed an easy catch that could have gone for about 40 yards. He will only get better, so no worries.
rockymtndawg None. Not a single goat in the bunch!!!!
thebattleship I don't think anybody was a goat.
samatlanta Not too much to squawk about here, really. Garcia's passes were to far off target before his long completions to Morgan and Davis. The OL looked like it might revert to preseason form with the penalties, but they sucked it up.
glennchannell Big Goat award to the turfmonster who reached up and grabbed Andre Davis' ankle. That should have been a 94 yard touchdown pass! Where's the home field advantage?!?
r22weiss Ray Lewis walked off the field before the clock hit :00 and didn't shake any hands. This guy is a first class @$$ who should not be ranked near the top for all time best linebacker because of his lack of respect for anyone and anything. You got stomped ray! Old school linebackers like Singletery would eat ray for lunch.
jmatt19534 Davis-Did the mime from half time leave a box out there on the field? You've got to keep your feet after catching a ball like that. Henry-Don't ever celebrate a hit (especially one you didn't make) instead of jumping on a loose ball. You made up for it with the INT, but you cost us 50 yards. Lewis-Your dance and trash talk is as done as Prime Time. Quit dancing around after you do your job. Should I dance every time a child learns something in my classroom? Go away!

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