Forum Membership Soars Past 5,000 Dawgs

Bernie's Insiders forums have soared past the 5,000 dawg mark in recent days. Our 5,000th poster is...

Bernie's Insiders' message boards, located at , remain the most popular Browns bulletin boards on the world wide web. This week, the forums celebrated their 5,000th new member since moving to TheInsiders network late in 2001.

The 5,000th poster was "BrotherJ", who started a thread in the Pure Football Forum on Tuesday afternoon.

Operated and moderated by Browns fans, the Bernie's Insiders message boards have been around in one form or another since being introduced as a part the anti-franchise-move "" web site in 1996. The forums, as well as the web site, have gone through a number of software and name changes in the past eight years, but remain a bastion of free speech for fan discussion about Cleveland's beloved Browns.The forums now consist of nearly two-dozen individual discussion areas, ranging from the Watercooler's "virtual Muni lot" to Pure Football's analytical forum, to discussion areas for video games and non-football topics. It costs nothing to register and participate in the Browns forums on TheInsiders.

Since the forums moved to TheInsiders' network late in 2001, over 5,000 Browns fans have posted messages about their team. Unlike many message board systems, which report the total number of users registered, EzBoards does not count a member as "registered" until they have actually made a post on the forums.

Despite attempts by corporate web sites with large marketing budgets to copy them over the years, these message boards steadfastly remain the most popular among hard-core Browns fans. Bernie's Insiders was the original home of the "Rant", "Browns Ticket and Tape Exchange", and "Pure Football" boards, all of which have been copied by imitators over the years.

Almost all of the credit for the success of the fan-driven bulletin boards goes to the forum moderators and fan volunteers, who watch over the sometimes wild-and-wooly forums with patience, kind-heartedness and the occasional attention-getting growl.

Message board participants have engaged in a number of charitable activities as well, including gathering items for troops overseas earlier this year. The annual gatherings at Training Camp are the stuff of legend.

The staff at Bernie's Insiders would like to thank all of the moderators and all of the message board participants who have made these forums "the place to be" for Browns fans over the years. You, as always, rock harder than any other football fans on the planet!

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