Home Field Advantage

Last Sunday's 20-3 Browns win may have been an important step towards making Cleveland Browns Stadium "home" for the Browns and their fans. Fan Commentator Dale Galbraith has some additional thoughts on what fans and the team can do to keep the momentum going...

Wow, what a start to the season!

The Browns went nose to beak with the ugly birds from the east, and sent them home plucked and bruised. Now they need to finish them off November 7th in Baltimore, and Browns fans can enjoy a Thanksgiving appetizer of Raven stew.

Thank you Browns for a great memory in Cleveland Browns Stadium. You played with passion and intensity. You didn't do the talk, but you walked the walk. You got the fans involved, and they responded with the a voice loud enough to disrupt the Ravens resulting in "Home Field Advantage."

"Home Field Advantage" started to die in Cleveland on Saturday, November 4, 1995 when WWWE's sports reporter Mike Snyder made fans aware that Art was thinking of moving the Browns to Baltimore. In an phone interview Modell admitted he was having ongoing discussions with the Baltimore city officials about moving the team. That following Monday "Home Field Advantage" died. It was official, Baltimore now had a big rat to go with their crabs.

Enough of the past. This Sunday the Cleveland Browns exorcized the devil. No longer should  Billick and his band of thugs be referred to as the "former Browns." It is time to forgive and forget. The team has acknowledged the greatness of Cleveland Brown football. They have also opened their arms to the fans. It is time to for the fans to embrace this team, and make Cleveland Browns Stadium home.

With that being said, here are some items I feel that fans and Browns management need to address in order to make Cleveland "Football Town" again.

Don't come to the game not wearing Browns gear. If you can afford a ticket you can buy Browns paraphernalia.  I think this should also go for the Cleveland Browns front office, stadium employees and beat reporters. Randy Lerner, if you must wear a suit on game day, lead by example and wear a Browns tie. I realize that the different colors worn by stadium personnel, help identify them from the crowd. But wouldn't a little orange helmet look great on that blue or yellow shirt. The TV audience should see, a sea of Brown and Orange when watching the game.  

The game consumes only about 3 hours of your life. Only a life threatening situation to family or friends should interrupt this moment. You are there to help the Browns win.

Don't call every person in your cell phone memory, and carry on meaningless conversations. If you bring a radio, listen to the game. No one wants to hear your version of your favorite song. Never, ever participate in the "Wave" and hopefully it will go away. Don't ask your neighbor if you can borrow their binoculars during play to check out the breasts or butts  across the stadium. This is only appropriate during TV timeouts and coaches challenges. The only reading material that is suitable is the "Browns Match Up." If you are wondering what that is, you are getting there too late.

Which brings me to this: Be in your seat at kickoff.

I know it has been a long time since we have had something to cheer about. So a lot of you might have forgot the cheering protocol. It is not appropriate to make noise when the Browns are in the huddle or when Garcia is calling an audible at the line of scrimmage. It is a requirement to scream until your lungs collapse when the opponent has the ball. The game's not over till it's over so never quit, unless the team quits. Then it is your job to show them your disapproval. 

No longer should you shout out "Metcalf  up the middle" every time the Browns have an unsuccessful rushing attempt. It is getting old. Metcalf hasn't been in a Brown's uniform for ten years.

Don't start calling for McCown every time Garcia throws an errant pass. Browns fans are supposed to be knowledgeable, don't tarnish that image.

If you want to watch the game in a bar, there is nothing wrong with that, just don't do it at a  stadium bar. What good can you do from there? That not only shows that you're a bad fan, it also shows your stupidity. You paid a pretty price for a ticket, and drinks are a hell of a lot cheaper elsewhere. Better yet, the Browns should close the stadium bars during the game. 

If you drink alcohol pace yourself so you don't pass out until after the game. You are taking up the seat of a vocal fan if you do so beforehand. Enjoy yourself to the max, but don't forget why your there.

If you are a season ticket holder, and you cannot attend a game, it is your responsibility to sell or give your ticket to a Browns fan. If you do sell it, you should only get face value. Why gouge a fellow fan? Isn't there enough of that already?

Speaking of gouging. If prices where a little bit more reasonable at the concession stands, maybe fans wouldn't feel the need to stay at their tailgate party until the last possible minute... which is the biggest reason they don't make it to the their seats by kickoff.

It is not against the law to verbally abuse fans wearing opposing colors. Beer bottles and batteries will break their bones, but names will never hurt them. Cleveland Brown Stadium should be a safe place for an opposing fan to watch a game, but it shouldn't be comfortable.

And finally. If you're a former NFL player and father of the Browns number one draft pick, don't let a guy wear a Jets hat in your luxury suite. Yes, I did watch the tape of the game when I got home. Not a necessity of being a fan. But you do get extra credit for doing so. 

Let's give the Browns "Home Field Advantage" again.

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