Berea Update: Recovery Ward

Anthony Henry has been perhaps the Browns top defensive player so far this season, so it only makes sense that he received a concussion last Sunday. Or did he? Mike brings us the very latest on the status Henry, Cutch, Tucker, Zuk, and Lee Suggs. Plus, notes on a prodigious punter and fans rallying to the support of Terrelle Smith...

BEREA – It was announced Thursday that cornerback Anthony Henry isn't suffering from a concussion, which was reported Wednesday.

Henry is suffering from vertigo. He's missed practices this week, and it's appearing less likely that he'll play Sunday against the New York Giants.

"Most of the time he feels really good," coach Butch Davis said. "I've never had it, but they equate it to at periods of time you feel seasick and want to throw up, and then you'll feel fine. According to the doctors, it could be here today and then dramatically disappear."


  • Daylon McCutcheon, the other starting cornerback, missed part of Thursday's practice with a broken left middle finger. If the two don't start, the calls are expected to go to second-year players Leigh Bodden and Michael Lehan.
  • Offensive guard Paul Zukauskas has practiced this week, and it appears he'll play Sunday. Zukauskas sprained a knee ligament last Sunday and is listed as questionable.
  • Offensive tackle Ryan Tucker won't play because of a quadricep injury, but the problem isn't as bad as first thought. Tucker could return before the estimated recovery time of two to four weeks.
  • Running back Lee Suggs absorbed some contact Thursday as he moves closer to playing. Prior to team drills Suggs hit a blocking sled several times as trainers gauge how much strength he's regained since suffering a stinger.

PRODIGIOUS PUNTER: Punter Derrick Frost leads the NFL with a 43.1-yard net average. Only two punters have a net average better than 40 yards (Oakland's Shane Lechler is at 41.3).

"One of the reasons we signed him last season and counted him among the 53 was that we were intrigued by him and wanted to give him an opportunity to see if he could be as good as we thought he could be," Davis said. "He's very consistent and works tirelessly."

Fullback Terrelle Smith thanked all the fans that have sent best wishes to him. Smith's father, Otis, has been battling multiple myeloma the last six years.

"I want everyone to know that I appreciate all the fan mail I've been getting," Terrelle said. "I've sent some of the mail to my parents. I've gotten a ton of mail. I can't thank the fans enough."

Otis' condition has improved slightly. He recently left a Los Angeles hospital and is being cared for at home.

"My father was supposed to be dead by now, but he's still ticking," Terrelle said. "I got to talk to him before last week's game, and it was the most-enjoying moment ever."

Smith is convinced that the running game will improve. He's worked with William Green in an attempt to get Green to wait for the blocks to develop.

"Will is constantly learning," Smith said. "A lot of the times he has to calm down and visualize what's coming. That's what's different between him and Lee."

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