Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

It took a day longer with all the new stories posted yesterday, but we've got the transcript from this Wednesday's Browns Uncensored Chat. Dave and friends talk about the situation following the Dallas debacle, and David offers some frank talk about the Browns, Butch Davis, and what the rest of the season may hold. Intriguing stuff from the newly-engaged Dave C...

T-Dog Hey Dave!
Dave Carducci hi T-dog
T-Dog The party doesn't start without you. :-)
Dave Carducci thanks :)... hate being left out
Dave Carducci it's been a long week. On top of everything, I got engaged
dobie7 Congrats Dave
dune Congrats!
Guest77 WOW - Congratulations!
ramllov Good luck Dave
Dave Carducci thanks
Dave Carducci I need it
T-Dog Perhaps we need Father Quido Carducci tonight - to either read the last rites, or exorcise the injury demons.
Dave Carducci True. Acutally T-Dog, I think I shot the whole priesthood thing with my rugby days
dune Ekuban and Lang.
dobie7 Something good anyways this week, Dave
ramllov Dave was Butch out coached by Parcells?
Cavsfan70 Will Amon Gordon get playing time with Warren out? He looked good in preseason.
newdawg Let me get this straight. you got engaged and then we had all these injuries....
Dave Carducci Actually, that would be true newdawg. Bad sign, huh?
dobie7 Dave, How close is Suggs to playing?
Dave Carducci dobie7, it looks like he's pretty close. He practiced, did everything today, and the release of Brown should indicate he'll be ready
ramllov Dave do the Browns have any pass rushing DE for the Giant game?
Dave Carducci Ekuban didn't practice, Lang's fine. Talked a lot today about how he expects Courtney to come back
newdawg how does CB's constant injuries affect the moral of the team?
Dave Carducci newdawg, the moral was surprisingly good
Dave Carducci they are buying into the idea that they have more depth this year than any other, and that they can get through all of this
ramllov Dave when is Chaun Thompson going to start?
Dave Carducci Ram, I would like to think it's soon. I like what he brings, and at this point they can get away with letting him learn on the job. He is no way any more a liability than Bentley
Guest77 Wasn't it last year the Pats were decimated early in the year and Belicheck brought them through.
Dave Carducci coach Bill has done it before. I think Davis has to do it, or he will be in trouble.
ramllov Dave, I did not see much of him against Dallas, where Chaun seemed to be in the Baltimore game?
Dave Carducci Ram, a lot of that was because of the 2-and-3 TE sets the Ravens used. That allowed the Browns to play that 4-4
dobie7 Dave, How much longer are they going to put up with Bentley blowing tackles and coverage?
Dave Carducci dobie7, I don't know. He overpursues constantly
Guest77 How has Holdman played?
Dave Carducci guest77, I think he's been above average. He's looked quick to the ball. Hasn't made a whole heck of a lot of plays, but he's around the play
T-Dog With Dee Brown gone, who returns kick offs?
Dave Carducci possibly Quincy. Andre Davis
T-Dog I vote for Quincy, he's more expendable than Andre Davis.
Dave Carducci boy, Garcia really threw Quincy under the bus for that third interception. He hinted that it was all Quincy's fault, and while he was off balance, it also looked like a poor, late throw... at least live
dune David, why have we not seen more of Terrelle Smith in this offense? I understand getting behind and not running the ball, but this team was never in a panic mode to score a ton of points to get back into a game.
Dave Carducci dune, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that William hasn't done a good job of following T's blocks. That means they can't get the most out of him
Lis-Franc Dave how does Garcia seem to be handling his outing against the pokes?
Dave Carducci lis-franc, Garcia is staying positive. He says all the right things. But the more I see him, the more doubts I have in him. I've really never seen many positive things outside of his leadership and his attitude.
T-Dog Dave, what is your view of the coaching job Butch did in Dallas?
Dave Carducci T-Dog, I don't have many good things to say about the coaching against Dallas. I think part of the reason teams lose and-or end up in a position where they need to make a desparation play at the end (where Winslow was hurt) is because of lack of preparation. Davis has never had a controlled sideline, and that's something that bothers me. They often seem out of sync. BEST EXAMPLE ... calling a time out to start a quarter. The guys had no idea what the play was.
dunedindawg That was horrible! How about the fact that he admits that he never thought of taking an intentional safety to kick the onsider?!
Dave Carducci dunedindawg, I completely agree. That's something, again, that needs to be cleaned up if he is going to turn this around and keep his job
ramllov A Winslow question, Dave was his lack of catches due to his missing so much of Summer camp and he only know so much?
Dave Carducci ram, I don't think so. Winslow was often wide open... something that you couldn't see on TV. Just live. And Garcia admitted to missing him
Cavsfan70 Garcia seems to do too much with his feet. He missed KW in the endzone on that third down play.
Dave Carducci Cavsfan70, that bothers me, too. But that's also something that quarterbacks are taught in San Francisco. You also see that in Peyton Manning. He's been taught the same thing. It is supposed to allow him to get a jump start on moving around
Cavsfan70 But Peyton always look to throw. Garcia seems to always look to run. And when he did throw why all the deep balls? Trying to prove to TO that he can throw.
Dave Carducci Cavsfan70, I agree. I think the big problem with the deep throws also is that he gets no air under the ball. It makes it very difficult for a receiver to adjust while the ball is in the air. It's either on the money, or it fired long
ramllov Dave does a Win against the Giants make most fans forget Dallas and remember Baltimore?
Dave Carducci Ram, you'd like to think so. I think they need to win, or at least be competitive, to stay confident that they can get through with so many backups now in starting roles. They haven't handled injury woes well in the past
FoggyDew Wow - Dave you seem really down on Butch tonight - what do you think it will take for him to stay past this year ?
Dave Carducci FoggyDew, I'm not so much down on Butch as I'm frustrated with some of the same old problems year after year. I think he can be a good gameday coach. He's smart. He knows the game. But for some reason, and this goes back to his days in Miami, he runs a sloppy sideline
dunedindawg Some things to think about against the Giants. They are coming off an emotional home opener against their biggest rival. They are primed for a let down, just as the Browns were. The keys to the game, can we get any pressure on Warner? The Giants line is not good. Can we keep Strahan from killing Garcia and can we contain Shockey?
Dave Carducci Dune, I agree. And the Strahan question, remember, he'll be going against Gonzalez now
T-Dog Butch hinted that Gonzales might not start at RT with Tucker out with the quad injury - who is he talking about starting if not Gonzo? DeMar? Or is Chambers actually competing to start?
Dave Carducci T-Dog, I think it's pretty much a lock to be Gonzalez. That hint, to me, is one of those ""let's try to keep the Giants a bit off balance"" things
Cavsfan70 I was dismayed about the lack of pressure on Vinnie. With the Giants lack of an O Line will we blitz more?
Dave Carducci Cavsfan70, I would like to think so. I'm one of those guys who would rather lose but only after he has fired every bullet in his gun. I want to see this team blitz more
T-Dog Dave, what is your opinion of Faine's play in the first two games?
Dave Carducci T-Dog, I would say Faine hasn't been the weak link so far. But then, I haven't studied him as much as I probably should have by now. I still have a ton of tape to break down with so many things going on outside of work
FoggyDew It seems that Chaun Thompson could be the athletic freak necessary to cover a TE if he was just assigned to follow the TE everywhere
Dave Carducci FoggyDew, I agree. I think Chaun can be that guy
hoiund3809 dave what is the demeanor of the team right now with all the injuries
Dave Carducci hoiund3809, it's surprisingly good. Surprisingly upbeat.
Dave Carducci It was actually one of the best locker rooms of the year today
Dave Carducci Guys were smiling. Having fun. Talkative.
ramllov Dave when does Heiden coming back?
Dave Carducci Ram, I think he'd like to come back this week. He's running without any pain, and that's without the brace he wears to practice. The ankle is better, but it's still proabably a week away. Although, Davis said there's still a chance
dobie7 Dave, How is Cutch? You said he prob won't play but Butch siad he is clear.
Dave Carducci dobie7, Cutch told me that he'd like to play, but he's probably not going to get cleared. He also said they weren't going to take the cast off and tell him if there is a chance for him to play until TOMORROW... and then Butch said Cutch has been cleared. So something must have happened. I had already written my story and fired it off, and responded to the question on the website
Lis-Franc Dave- Any Mustard on the table Sunday?
Dave Carducci Lis-Franc, I don't know. I think it's likely if Heiden isn't back, which also is likely
ramllov Dave can the Browns offensive line handle the Giant Blitz, since they could not handle the Dallas Blitz?
Dave Carducci ram, I honestly don't know. You throw Gonzalez into the mix, against one of the best DE's in the game, and you think about some of the problems they've had already, and I just don't know
T-Dog Dave - Withers reported that Davis said Cutch WAS cleared to play Sunday.
Dave Carducci T-Dog, I know. But Cutch said that he wasn't going to get cleared to play until tomorrow. So something must have happened, which is unusual. I was very surprised
shanebrowndawg Will Cutt get more of a chance this week Dave? Over morgan that is?
Dave Carducci Shanebrowndawg, boy you'd like to think so, wouldn't you. I keep waiting for them to go to Dennis, but Garcia is so quick to dump off to the backs, or throw to Quincy.
redright Dave, can Butch put in a passing game by Sunday? How? What?
Dave Carducci Redright, to be honest, I have my doubts. I think there are some problems with the passing game that won't get fixed. I just have my doubts about Garcia
Dave Carducci I hope I'm wrong
Cavsfan70 Garmon to me is a disappointment so far. There are more leaks from his side in pass protection. He seems real slow.
Dave Carducci Cavsfan70, that is true. He is still not good in space, and he's not going to get better. He'll be good in the running game, clear some holes, play aggressive. But we'll just have to live with the problems in pass protection.
FoggyDew Dave - what are your doubts about Garcia - arm strngth, decision making, other ?
Dave Carducci FoggyDew, I have some questions about his arm and his accuracy, and I'm not sure how much that has to do with his being 34 and just not the same. Although, he said he is not feeling like age is a problem. I don't like his poise in the pocket and his decision making under pressure. I look at him a lot like some of the other retread players this town has seen. Guys who were once great players, or at least good players, who are ending their career here, maybe trying to win, but in the end just picking up a paycheck.
Dave Carducci I think Garcia is trying, I just question if he has it.
Dave Carducci I hope he does
T-Dog Or gets it back.
Dave Carducci T-Dog, that's right
T-Dog What comments did you get on the heat and the field turf after the Dallas game?
Dave Carducci and as for the turf, it was pretty soft.
Dave Carducci I was out there on it at the end of the game. Also, it's very strange. The highest crowned field I've ever seen in my life
Dave Carducci To the point where you can't see below the knees of the players on the other sideline.
redright Dave it has always been written as a boys advantage. Hard to get used to a deeply structured field. They Cheat lol
Dave Carducci LOL redright. You know it's funny, I had never heard about that before Sunday, with all my time in the NFL. That was my first time in Dallas for a game
Dave Carducci But after this year, I'll have covered a game in every NFL city
newdawg bad pass protection can make a qb look very average. payton manning here would not look like a probowler.
Dave Carducci newdawg, that's very true.
Dave Carducci But again, that comes down to the fact that this team does not invest in offensive linemen.
FoggyDew Dave - William Green seems to be running with more push at the end and power to get to the first down markers than I remember from last year - do you agree ?
Dave Carducci FoggyDew, I do, but at the same time, he is not making good decisions in the hole. He doesn't see the cutback opportunities yet, and he does not follow his blocking. He is still a bit impatient, and tries to often to break to the outside instead of setting up his blocks
dobie7 Dave, is there any updates on Sean Jones?
Dave Carducci dobie7, to be honest, it's not something anyone has asked about. My best guess is that he's probably not going to be back this season
Cavsfan70 Butch seems very optimistic about KW getting back after the bye week. Do you feel that way. I know KW does he is taking a huge cut if not.
Dave Carducci Cavsfan70, I don't know anything more, unfortunately, than what Butch has said. I hope he is right.
dobie7 Do you see Griffith being back next year?
Dave Carducci dobie7, to be honest, I'm surprised he is still here. I don't know. He has played better this year. Much better, even with a few blown plays Sunday.
FoggyDew Dave - is there any advantage cap wise to working out an injury settlement with CB to accelerate cap hit into this yr where we have space - leaving open resigning him to a new contract next yr ?
Dave Carducci FoggyDew, there would be an advantage to that financially, but it would also be a big blow to the rest of the team. Courtney is probably the most respected, well liked player in that locker room. The guys want him to come back. Andra, Kenard, Lehan and a bunch of guys talked about it today. The question is, do the Browns want him back
Dave Carducci If they were to work out the injury settlement, then Courtney would be rehabbing on his own, and not with the Browns team doctors, and that would make the comeback a lot more difficult
Dave Carducci as well as the risk of re-signing him
FoggyDew Dave - I think it could be painyted as we want him back plus it will free up more money for us to spread around next yr.
Dave Carducci FoggyDew, I think it could, but it's also taking a risk resigning him after he's rehab on his own. He needs the attention of the teams doctors to come back
ramllov Dave what has been the problem with William Green, not following his blocks? when does he get it?
Dave Carducci Ram, I'm not sure. I just think it's an impulse that needs to be toned down. He says he knows what he should be doing. Sometimes it takes a while for that instinct to do it on the field
redright Inquiring minds might want to know if Courtney is a classic roid who is chieseled and very strong yet doesn't have the tendons or ligaments to sustain the strength. Any take on it?
Dave Carducci redright, I'm pretty sure he's 100-percent natural. one, he's not the type to do that, and he also doesn't seem to have the desire to dominate that would encourage him to take that chance. And two, guys like Lang are always talking about what a workout warrior he is, how he is such a freak
ramllov Dave when will the Running game get it going? when Suggs starts?
Dave Carducci Ram, I still think Green will be a good NFL running back. He's just taken a bit of a step back from time off, in my opinion. I think having Suggs will help. The change of pace between the two can help both backs
shanebrowndawg Dave, based on the first 2 games, what do you predict our record to be? Can we win the division?
Dave Carducci Shane, as for a prediction, I hate to say it, but I thought .500 would be a good year for this team at the start. Now, I'm a bit more, let's say in doubt.
ramllov Dave with Pittsburgh starting a rookie, do you see the next four games as wins for the Browns?
Dave Carducci Ram, I don't think with everything the Browns are going through you can say they should win any of those games. I think they can win, but more likely 2-2 in that stretch would be a good start. I'm hopeful they can keep it around .500 until they start getting players back. That's my hope
dunedindawg David do you see any Pro Bowlers on this team this year?
Dave Carducci dunedindawg, actually, one guy who deserves that look right now is Anthony Henry, and not just because he's had a few interceptions. He is tackling better than ever, and that shows me his new approach to the game is working. He seems very dedicated to becoming a great all-around corner, and it shows
redright What affect does this ""black sunday"" have on BD tenure? butchspeak? plans for next year?
Dave Carducci redright, I think it has a very real affect. Butch needs to show that he can win when injuries like this come up. There are no more excuses. I think there is a very clear picture of who is accountable now, and if Butch can't get it done, if he hasn't built the depth to win when these problems arise, he's very much in trouble
shanebrowndawg I want to see Alston, any news on him getting more PT?
Dave Carducci I'd like to see Alston as well, but mostly because I like him. Just a great guy. And he is very talented
ramllov Dave will Henry start this Sunday?
Dave Carducci Ram, he does. I'm guessing he'll be fine, though, by Sunday
T-Dog Did Anthony Henry get that concussion going for the recovery of the onside kick?
Dave Carducci T-Dog, I don't know. He didn't report it until just the other day
FoggyDew Dave - can we get access to any real game tapes anywhere for breakdown -- seems like the NFL is missing a moneymaking opp here and they don't miss many of those
David Carducci FoggyDew, I agree. That would be fantastic for the fans. Unfortunately, you have to wait for that Edge NFL Matchup show on ESPN, which I've always really enjoyed
Guest157 Dave ,do you think we'll see Cutt utilized more now?
David Carducci Guest157, I hope so. RIght now, he's being wasted
ramllov Thanks Dave, Could Alston be the kick return guy?
David Carducci Ram, I think that's a good fit, but they are going to have to weigh that possibility and the option of keeping that 5th receiver against the needs in other areas on gameday.
dunedindawg If Butch can't stick some coach will be in better shape taking over then he was.
David Carducci Dunedindawg, I think that's very true
David Carducci Butch has done some good things here, but there are some lingering areas of concern that trouble me
FoggyDew Dave - that is one of my favorite shows as well but it is too limited -- I would love to have a similar breakdown for every team - perhaps on the nFL network where they have plenty of airtime
David Carducci FoggyDew, I would absolutely love that. I know there's nothing I enjoy more than when I get a chance to sit in a coaches office and watch them break down film at the college and pro level.
warren94 Dave, in your opinion, is Butch's job in jeopardy if he doesn't have a winning record this year?
David Carducci warren94, I think it would be very much in jeopardy, yes
redright What does Butch keep missing? I like the guy and think he can coach. He never seems to get a free agent
David Carducci Redright, it's actually a story I'm working on right now. But I want to get some more outside opinions to see if what concerns me is something other NFL coaches see.

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