Better-Late-Than-Never Gameballs and Goats

Things got kind of screwed up because of our trip to Dallas, but here's the late word on last week's Gameballs and Goats...

The Week's Results
Because of the Dallas trip, the Gameballs and Goats database wasn't set up until Wednesday, and then was only made available on the boards. As a result, the vote totals were way down from the previous week. We'll take the top four results for Gameballs and Goats this week.


Player Gameballs
Phil Dawson (4/K) 31
Anthony Henry (37/CB) 29
Derrick Frost (3/P) 14
Daylon McCutcheon (33/CB) 13

Write-Ins: Bullhockey, Terry Robiskie, "SpaZDawG for not crying after the game", "Doc Gonzo for being right", "Fans who kept their hope after the game", "To the fans everywhere for watching!"


Player Goathorns
Jeff Garcia (5/QB) 51
Quincy Morgan (81/WR) 40
---O Line--- 24
---Entire Offense--- 22

Write-Ins: Dallas's Field Turf, Entire Offense, Texas Stadium, Barry McBride, Injuries, "TV Announcers again because they were so biased", Fart Modell, "ALL THE *&%#$@ INJURIES!!", "Tim Couch's loser-ness", "To the whole team and defense STILL can't tackle BELOW the knees!! "

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
naxos The secondary kept us in this game. I hope to see more interceptions for those guys in the future. Heres to next Sunday.
shakadawg Bullhockey (SaintDawg as Scary calls him) not only brought together coolerites from all over the country, he also went out of his way to bring a patient from the VA hospital in Dallas to the game, AND he raised money for the troops in Iraq.
dawgdc Robiskie called plays that worked , but they weren't executed
thespazdawg Dawson no longer gets goathorns for not being able to give me a touchback....he gets a gameball for being the only @#$@#$ that can score.
epbrowns The defense with the BEND BUT DON'T BREAK...... did exactly that. The most promising aspect in comparison to the offense.
pitbullterrier Give a gameball to the fans for actually watching that horror show of a game for (4) quarters and not wanting to boil their eyes out, give a gameball to Phil Dawson, our only scoring offensive player, and to the officiating crew, who threw more flags in this game than every other game combined on Sunday. They'd better get checked for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
deletum Nobody deserves a damn gameball. this team is capable of playing alot better and those guys know it!
doctorfresh I am giving gameballs to Green and Davis because Davis actually caught a pass or two and Green was able to get some yards behind this horrific line. I also give the defensive backs one for the 3 picks. Hey, there is some good out of the terror...right?
glousterbrown Our kicker and punter played very wellt, and Hank Henry played a solid game overall.
section 527 dawg Phil Dawson was the only one that showed up!!
utinnidawg Corners for the interceptions. Winslow for the hands. Dawson for the points.
longlivesipe Way to go special teams
gammadawg These guys didn't play, thereby not adding to the disgust.
mulekicker3 Winslow was wide open all day, he should have had a monster day. I'm not going to fault Winslow for Garcia and the line not letting him get a chance to catch more balls. Also, Winslow had at least 3 pancakes on plays that I saw on camera, who knows how many he actually had.
osujoe Anthony Henry - looking much more physical this year, coming up with another huge INT this week. Phil Dawson - he's scoring like crazy and being consistent on kickoffs... hats off! Leigh Bodden - still being a force on special teams.
schehlk Defense was really good again!
aqib The DBs were making plays all day that kept the team in the game. Henry gets special mention for his INT and the onside recovery. Winslow get a ball despite having only one catch because he was open all day.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
naxos O-Line gave no time for Garcia. Quincy can't catch a cold, and the coaches have to get the team ready to play on Sundays. No excuse.
shakadawg Barry- You passed up the opportunity to buy me a beer when we met briefly in Dallas, so for that you deserve the goathorns! (EDITORS NOTE: The purpose of the site is for me to get free beer. This important message seems to have gotten lost)
dawgdc I hate Quincy more and more each day
thespazdawg Jeff, buddy. We had a guy last year that could have done that for us. Gonzo your safety blew the point spread...jerk. Griff what in the hell were u doing on that first TD?!?!
epbrowns Ouch; too many to write here.
rickyfeacher Quincy's clock is ticking, another performance like this past week and it's time to give Alston a crack at the line up.
pitbullterrier Courtney Brown gets a Goat just because I have about had it with High Priced players being busts. The guy never was as good as advertised. Jeff Garcia gets a goat because he looks more like a Solid Gold dancer back there than he does a QB, and Quincy Morgan gets a goat every game because he gets paid to stink. Anyone who says this guy is bound for greatness doesn't know one thing: he's already great - great at dropping passes. My God, that game still keeps me up at night.
doctorfresh QUINCY QUINCY QUINCY!!!! If I could vote 20 times, I would vote Q 20 times!! If a WR can't catch a football, why the hell is he a receiver?? He should be an insurance salesman, or something. Anything other than being an NFL WR. Also, the Oline, as I am sure they will receive a goathorn every week from here on out. Also, Robiskie's play calling left something to be desired.
glousterbrown Andra got walled off to often and just flat out took himself out of the play often. Garmon, oh boy where top start? Blocking was not very good false starts are worse. Griffith, does well in run game but flat out sucks in coverage.
section 527 dawg Will somebody please cut Griffith's slow ass something this year!!
utinnidawg Morgan for not having hands. Garcia for not having eyes. O Line for not giving time.
lukedawg12 Quincy is the biggest pile of s**t left in Cleveland. Somebody put glue on his hands or just shoot him already. The biggest impact you made was the one on Robert Griffith's face last year in the locker room fight. That should tell you something. Garcia was so bad that I almost wanted to say Holcomb. ahhhhhh.
longlivesipe Quincy ...nuff said
gammadawg 1st down- bomb-incomplete. 2nd down-bomb-incomplete 3rd and ten-run?????
osujoe Griffith - no matter if he's looking better, getting beat badly multiple times is not what we need on this team. James Jackson - all your griping about playing time leads to what? You causing an interception to screw the team over. Butch Davis - burning a timeout after coming out of the third quarter break and calling a timeout with 2:05 left on the clock scream a problem with a lack of discipline.
schehlk Offense was offensive it looked worse than the 1999 Brown in the 1st game against the Steelers (52 to 0). My heart can't take many more games like that. My wife had to go shopping, she was tired on listening to me yell out the TV.
aqib Morgan has been dropping passes since he has been here and is not getting better. Why he isn't catching balls 8 hours a day in the offseason is beyond me. Garcia got so much favorable hype all offseason because he wasn't Tim Couch. Now the coaches and fans don't have Tim to blame anymore its time to blame the guy responsible for all of it. That guy is Butch Davis. All 11 starters on offense and 7 of the starters on defense are guys he brought in. The only good thing about the losses this year is that each loss is one nail in Butch's coffin. One down 9 to go...

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