Browns-Giants: Gameballs & Goats Results

With week three in the books, Jeff Garcia and Butch Davis find themselves taking the heat for the Browns poor performance against the Giants. Here is this week's Gameballs and Goats...

The Week's Results
With the Browns losing - and not looking very good doing it - the goathorns were plentiful after week three. Jeff Garcia got most of the blame, as did head coach Butch Davis. We also debut the Year-To-Date standings this week, with Kenard Lang's performance from week 1 keeping him atop the MVP race, and TV announcers taking the most heat form Browns fans over the first three weeks.


Player Gameballs
William Green 76
Derrick Frost 39
Phil Dawson 37
Ebenezer Ekuban 25
Quincy Morgan 15
Dennis Northcutt 14
Orpheus Roye 11

Write-Ins: "Robert Adler- The inventor of the remote control. I was able to watch another football game as well as Omar Vizquel's possible last game at Jacobs Field... BRILLIANT!", "No gameballs - period", Browns Backers, Tim Couch, "Me", "All the fans who witnessed this debacle!", Bark Pench Pub Brownies,


Player Goathorns
Jeff Garcia 64
Butch Davis 55
Offensive Line 30
Officiating Crew 21
All Coaches 18
Robert Griffith 18
Joaquin Gonzalez 16

Write-Ins: Tim Couch (2), "Dave Campo's game plan", Randy Lerner, Bernie Kucar and his ref staff, injuries


  Gameballs Goathorns
1 Kenard Lang TV Announcers
2 William Green Offensive Line
3 Entire Defense Butch Davis
4 Derrick Frost Officiating Crew
5 Phil Dawson Ross Verba

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
bendal I'll give Morgan a gameball for actually catching a few passes and the TD as well, even though I don't think he held onto the long reception. Green and Jackson ran well in the second half.
dp10451 Cutt was catching everything. Willie ran hard and why didn't he get the chance for 100 yds? All the fans that can sit through this bull$#!+ deserve a gameball.
logdawg Derrick Frost was excellent again. Robert Adler- The inventor of the remote control. I was able to watch another football game as well as Omar Vizquel's possible last game at Jacobs Field... BRILLIANT!
lukedawg12 Reluctant to give gameballs to anyone after that piece of s--- "performance".
appraiser Pretty bad when your punter is the best you have. Tick, tock, tick, tock....Time is running out.
salesman217 William Green is a quality back. I'm tired of all the Lee Suggs talk. One game (last year at Cincy) does not make someone an NFL superstar. WG has consistently proven himself to be a quality NFL back in every game he's played in since acclimating himself to the NFL game halfway through his rookie season. Suggs seems to have more potential but Green has proven time and again that he has the goods.
brinkcle There is not ONE player on this team that deserves to be in the NFL
indybones Green and Northcutt looked like players today.
naxos I can't think of anyone other than our punter who did his job today.
rutger I only gave out one gameball.. Roye made the goal line stop not Andra Davis and played as well as anyone on defense.
doctorfresh It's kind of sad when you're most exciting player is your punter, but Frost made a monster hit on that punt return. Not to mention, his punts are a thing of beauty. I give a gameball to Q for finally stepping up, even though he should have been benched after the Dallas game. And, as always, us fans deserve one for sitting through this mess.
aqib I've been ripping Green since the second he was drafted but he showed up and played today. Jackson did his job too. Morgan was the subject of much of my ire since he has been here. He has turned dropping passes into a cottage industry.
longlivesipe To the Giants who packed in the win and let us pad some stats!
nasdaq No one deserves any. Maybe Tim Couch posthumously as it is now proven he was a victim rather than a cause.
apvic Quincy finally looked like he was serious about catching the ball today... keep it up !!!
bigbrown32 Roye continues to stand out on the Defensive Line.
jsinct My gameballs goes to all those who didn't play who should have. This team's starters have some real serious problems.
phelix17 Roye is a player. I'm sure there are other gameballs to give, but I'm trying to erase the memory of that game.
romanz Derrick Frost and William Green were the only bright spots I saw in the game - can't give the 3rd game ball
yogi8 Our RBs did well today. Roye is our defensive MVP
caryncbrownsbacker For putting up with this crappy product
jmatt19534 Phil D--our only hope for any kind of a pro bowler this year William G.--when he was given the chance to run, he did it well Tim Couch--He NEVER looked as bad as Garcia has the last two weeks...and he NEVER complained about injuries or made any excuses. It's not too late to resign him and fire Butch!
vadawglb Give Green some credit for managing 91 yards behind a high school offensive line.
clevelandfan William Green - Had 92 yards/6.1 ypc rushing behind a horrible line...thats amazing. Fans - This is for the fans that still believe in this team, and stick through the thick and thin with this team.
rockymtndawg Andre King. He always gets open, he always catches the ball, and he's always on the bench? Make this guy our slot receiver more often. At least he seems to know where the 1st down marker is.
taterdawg Willie ran hard and Frost tackle on punt return was the only two highlights.
muskiedawg01 William Green ran hard in the limited opportunities he had. Northcutt actually got invovled with the offense even though we still looked terrible. Dawson, keep on draining them baby! When your kicker is one of the best players on the team, you are in big trouble...
antijeff Pretty sad when the punter gets a gameball
Dawgalong Green ran hard WHEN he had some blocking. Frost showed some fire and was consistent. Northcutt again is the only player who seems to actually WANT to catch the freakin' ball! Now.....on to the GOATS.........sign me Dawgalong.
freakofgod83 William Green.... The only bright spot of the offense. Quincy Morgan.... Game's only TD.
weimer19 Phil Dawson is the best player on this team. Derrick Frost not only for his punting, but also the hit that he put on Mark Jones.
endzoneeddie Gonzales played well considering who he was up against
saguaro dawg you know its bad when your kickers are your most consistent players
clbr99 No one really deserves a gameball, but Phil Dawson is the most consistent part of our team. He's been overlooked in the NFL long enough. William Green also gets a gameball for running hard and Quincy Morgan for going up for that great TD catch. Too bad it meant virtually nothing. Maybe we should try to do that outside of garbage time?
gbeachy50310 FROST: I love this kid, and not just because he went to an Iowa school. Great punting (OK, one bad one), and did you see that tackle? Holy cow! He should be giving tackling lessons! MORGAN: Props to Morgan for wrestling that pass away in the endzone. W GREEN: Very impressive. Don't let the called back TD get you down -- you are an awesome RB. Hang in there and follow T Smith and you'll go far -- very far!


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
gtdawg31 You have to give the O-line goathorns...they can't pass block and far to many holding penalties. The refs in this game were horrible both ways, but tell me how can a defensive lineman or linebacker get his helmet ripped off by the o-lineman and there be no penalty.
bendal No pressure by the defensive line, and the offensive line couldn't protect Garcia at all. Garcia didn't do anything special either, losing a fumble near the goalline.
dp10451 I don't know what Butch is doing and I don't think he does either. Bodden should be careful of what he asks for. He got it and he failed miserably. The o-line sure looked offensive to me. I know they try but we're still short on talent.
logdawg Not a good game plan. Sadly, though, it took Robiskie 8 quarters to realize that Garcia needs a moving pocket... the rollout- what a novel idea!
lukedawg12 We need to change this part of the site to just Goats. THERE ARE NO GAMEBALLS FOR F*** UPS! Butch needs to be fired - there is no depth, and he's the worst gameday coach I've ever seen. GO NO HUDDLE WHEN YOU'RE DOWN THREE SCORES IN THE SECOND HALF!!!!!!! This is one of those Sundays where you want to kill the whole team.
appraiser Nice safety play. Nice "blocking". This same old story, same old song and dance is now officially old.
edgewater joe I give all THREE goathorns to the man singularly responsible for the train wreck today ... after all, it's HIS team, HIS players, HIS schemes, HIS gameplan -- and HIS shame.
salesman217 D-backs have looked very suspect this year especially the safeties. Maybe can't blame the backups for playing like backups but Warner torched us today anyway you look at it.
brinkcle This whole team should be disbanded. This team and head coach are a disgrace to the game of professional football
zabam Robert "Cousineu" Griffith - the king of the 15-yard downfield tackle - I wanted to vote for him last week but didn't get a chance (some said he played great last week - I thought he stunk). This is a 2-week vote. Radio announcers are very frustrating to listen to when you can't see the game. Biased to the point of mis-representing - misleading in how they call plays. Not sure if this one's on the broadcast or the coaches - but Dieken actually said that our tight ends are not coached to block. That's a shame since we only have one who can catch, and he caught a broken leg.
indybones I'm not seeing any indication that Butch is going to get it done. There are some players on this team, but they look like they are lost. Anybody notice how the Giants terrible OL did today?
naxos Butch this is your team. How the heck can you not have this team ready to play on Sundays? Offensive was nonexistent until the game was already over and just to rub it in our wounds the crew that was officiating this game was blind.
rutger Butch is leaving me speechless.. If Campo doesn't blitz with starting both CB's, a DE and a DT out against a lead footed QB. when the hell will he.. The OL?? This group has the potential to get who ever is playing Qb. killed before the season is half over.. He didn't get one but Andra Davis makes more hand grabbing tackle attempts than any MLB I've ever seen..
doctorfresh I simply do not understand Butch's gameday decisions. Why does he not challenge the Tiki no-TD run? Why does he onside kick with 3+ minutes left in the game? The man seems like he wants to get fired. Shea gets one for not even trying to block on plays, and, as shall be a weekly ritual this season, I give yet another goathorn to the Oline.
jacooper96 Jeff Garcia is playing BAD football, period. This is Butch's team .... that is where the buck stops!!!
aqib Jeff Garcia was flat-out awful. Its getting to the point where we may be looking at our 5th opening day starter in 7 season in 2005. Keep an eye on Drew Brees. Gonzalez was over matched and got no help. We all love him but he had a bad game. Last year I started giving Bruce Arians a goathorn every week until he was fired. Well this year its time to try the magic on Butch. The team was overmatched, outplayed, and out hustled. In this case we don't have to decide if its the fault of the coach or the guy picking the players because its the same guy. If you're a real estate agent in the Cleveland area send Butch your business card.
longlivesipe "Ohh, the horror." –Marlon Brando, Apocalypse 2004
nasdaq None of these idiots have any player evaluation skills at all.
apvic What the hell was up with the officials ?? how many blown calls did they make?? They called Griffith for a personal foul on a legitimate hit but let the late hit to the head of Winslow last week go ??? The Giants we holding like crazy and I don't think they called it even once !!!!! And why do we get these cornerbacks playing so far off ??? If they are not good enough to cover why keep them?? If they are good enough to cover let them do it !!!! Our defense sucked... Andra Davis looked like he is f****ing lost !
toad The "O-lay, O-line"....what else is there to say?
jsinct Yeah... 5-11 would look good right now... Sell all your season tickets before they lose any remaining value. End of the Butch era coming up.
phelix17 This is just terrible. You wait and wait for it all to come together, and then you get the same old same old. We are now one of those teams. We're Arizona. We're the Bungals. We are ill prepared to step on the field with NFL teams. Butch can't coach and he sure as hell can't draft. And how the hell he expects us to play against NFL defenses with that offensive offensive line is just the worst kind of decision making. Butch has us beat before we take the field, and other teams feast on the vibe of our screaming, glaring weakness. We're getting bitch-slapped in public. Hope we get that receiver we need in round two next April.
jsinct Dead last in Passing... "nuff" said. This team is bad and getting worse.
romanz Jeff Garcia - I expected more from a "3 time pro-bowl" quarterback Defense - Tiki Barber will cough the ball up yet didn't, Curt Warner can be rattled yet wasn't Butch - team did not look ready
theoz FIRE BUTCH! Lerner is a goat for allowing Davis to continue to screw up this team.
yogi8 What happened to the savvy, experienced, 3 time all pro QB we thought we were getting when we signed him? 2 months with our OL and he's becoming "twinkle toes" in our back field. Davis deserves 2 horns for this.
mamadawg At what point is the coaching going to improve? At what point is the conditioning program for the players going to improve? With the injuries we have year in and year out, there needs to be some serious consideration to the conditioning program. I am concerned about the coaching decisions and play calling, or lack there of. The last two weeks have not only been poor, but truly painful to watch as a Browns fan.
caryncbrownsbacker Worst officiating crew to date!
section 527 dawg The season is over. Fire Butch Davis NOW!!!!
jmatt19534 Jeff G.--you took us bigger than anyone has. You are an old washed up has been that hid in a "Pro Bowler's" shroud and robbed us of yet another year. Go away. Maybe TO was right! Butch D. the coach--only you could challenge a play, get it upheld, and lose us 5 yards. And next time there is a fourth and an inch...tell your boy Garcia to take the snap and run right behind Faine's tail. If he can't get an inch, we don't deserve to win! Butch D. GM--you can't evaluate talent worth anything. We have no depth because you deplete our reserves by cutting people that don't drink your Kool-Aid. How did it feel to watch Shaun O'Hara dominate your Def. Line. You stink Butch! Go away and take your boy Garcia with you.
vadawglb People need to realize that Butch isn't the talent Guru that they thought. He should finally be realizing that you have to draft offense linemen for anyone to be successful at quarterback. Campo is just an idiot!!! His defensive schemes are a joke and teams are laughing at the Browns when it's their turn to play us!!! Hey coaches let's motivated someone to play football and try to develop a game plan!!!
vandalfan11 Come ON! Robert you were beaten like a step child at Dallas, then Yesterday Kurt Warner made you look like a small SS, oh wait you are small, and SLOW too!!!!!! I don't care who plays SS just not #24 he was 5 yards away before every tackle and always, always late on the hit. I think Chuan would be a better SS, and god knows at 250 lbs he's faster than that weak link we have playing "safety man" Put in Chris Crocker or Chad Mustard anyone is faster and smarter than Griffith!!!!
clevelandfan O-Line - horrible. Def Backs - Yes, they're beat up right now, but they're getting paid to be NFL players, step up and make plays....EARN YOUR PAY!!! Butch Davis - I don't know how he prepares his team, but this team has been flat 2 weeks straight, need to get the guys fired up like they're were in week 1. Officials - really blew that challenge with Northcutt's catch. They were supposed to rule the spot of the ball, not if he had ran out of bound before touching the ball. Incorrect use of the replay!!
rockymtndawg As soon as Heiden is back, cut Shea (Holding...83 offense), and keep Mustard.
darkcell I thought I was watching to '03 Browns. Garcia's fumble was the killer. Aaron Shea, you were outplayed horribly. Faine.... well at least you screwed up after it didn't matter but my opponent in fantasy football this week did have Strahan, so its your fault he got more for that fumble recovery.
mbrown What year will the offense come around? When will our defense actually get to play with lead? When will we play without our backs against the wall?
taterdawg No matter what's been written and said it was a dumb rookie like hit by Griffith which is unexcusable. Garcia and Faine's exchanges were also inexcusable. Don't know how any center could say they didn't know the QB was in the shotgun. Wow what a bunch of BS.
muskiedawg01 Wow was that a bad performance against a bad team...Embarrassing.
antijeff Davis gets the horns as GM, not Coach. No idea how good a coach he'd be if we had the talent
irishmutt the team did not execute, or tackle or block!!!
Dawgalong Another PUTRID performance by Butch and his cohorts. The Giants were fired up from the get go. The Browns looked like they had no idea WHAT THE HELL they were suppose to do or what they were even there for. This mess has to be placed squarely on Davis' shoulders. WHY the hell didn't he bench Garcia? The excuse will be some B.S. about how he won't give up on a proven winner that was brought in to AWAHHHHHHH... SHUT UP YOU FREAKIN' IDIOT! I'm tired of this s***! Fire Davis and bench Garcia, put Luke or Kelly or the damn waterboy in for all I give a s***anymore. I'm sick and freakin' tired of buying season tickets, paying for the NFL package, buying T-shirts and emotionally bankrupting myself every Freakin' weekend. FOR WHAT? To see this kind of display of CRAP? I've FREAKIN" HAD IT!!!! I will not spend another dime on this load of s*** product that Davis is selling. Not monetarily or emotionally. Screw Learner and Davis and Modell and Pete Garcia and Policy and Clark and Couch and Palmer and every 1st round underacheiving puke we've drafted. I want Bernie and Clay and Cleveland Browns pride back and I don't see it coming back anytime soon. I'm mad as hell and I'm NOT going to take it anymore!!!
keysdawg Total discipline
nadelp Pathetic, just pathetic
marklaubacher Earl Little cant even play catch w/ Warner w/o dropping a pass
ssn774 Andre King - after catching his first pass of the year for 16 yards, King celebrated like the Browns won the Super Bowl. The Browns were losing 10-0 at the time.
weimer19 O Line Sucked. Officiating Sucked. Butch and every other coach since Fike, Reisen, Baab, Larry Williams, Paul Farren protected Bernie Sucks for not addressing the O Line.
endzoneeddie Poor Poor Poor Game plan on the offense
ludden007 Those officials were terrible.. we can't blame the loss on that, but it definitely didn't help us much. That Personal Foul when the Giants were on their own 1...? come on! And Garcia needs to get better at the exchange... what was up with that?
travelling man He is very overrated and over paid. He's past his prime and cannot play behind an offensive line as horrendous as ours. We are no better now than we were with Couch.
potter47 I want Couch back. He never stunk up the place the way Garcia has the last two games.
saguaro dawg Including coaches, could have given at least 30 goathorns
r22weiss The 1st half had some of the worst play calling since the 2000 season. It was so predictable and it put them in a huge hole. Garcia played better in the 2nd half but the fumble on tha 1st drive was the back breaker. Also the phantom hold call on Greens 49 yard TD run that was wiped out. Just too many mistakes for this team to come over. Garica was right when he said he needed more time in the preseason. You would think a Coach would take notice of a veteran saying that but not Butch Davis. I have always like Davis but he's gotta start showing something soon. They should be better than they are now.
clbr99 Why are we so bloody cursed with injuries every year? Wonder what this team could possibly have been since '99 if half of our starters didn't always go down in week 1. Guess the football gods felt they were being merciful this year by striking us in week 2, rather than in preseason. And a big goathorn to Terry Robiskie and our revamped offense. I don't even remember such putrid outings in the Tim Couch/Bruce Arian era. Our usually solid D gets a goat this week. Where were they? They made the pitiful Giants look like world beaters. The Giants did absolutely anything they wanted to all day long. They took our D to school. What a sad, sad outing. BLAH!
gbeachy50310 GARCIA (1st Half): Continuation of same sorry play from the Dallas game. However his 2nd half QB rating was 127.3. But then the fumble. So, overall goathorn. ENTIRE DEFENSE: How can we play the run against Baltimore like we did, but let Barber run all over us? We should be building on our strengths each week, not starting from scratch. OK, Courtney was gone, Penny was gone, no Hank, no Cutch. But you are a great group of athletes that needs to overcome. OFFICIATING CREW: What a sloppy mess that was! Bad calls, non-calls, a called touchdown where Barber didn't even make it to the goal line, pathetic. Really sad officiating. Sickening.
mjb12556 All 3 phases of the team sucked. Obviously, they weren't ready to play.

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