Winslow Lost for the Season

<BR>Here we go again, Browns fans.<BR><BR>The Cleveland Browns announced this evening that TE Kellen Winslow will have an additional surgery on his ankle, and will miss the remainder of the season.<BR><BR>

The Browns announced this evening that first-round draft choice Kellen Winslow will have an additional surgery on his ankle this Wednesday, and will be lost for the remainder of the season.

The Browns first-round pick was originally slated to be out between 6-8 weeks, but will now need to be placed on the IR, and will not play again in 2004.

In a sentence sure to be understood by someone on the planet, if not by those of us at, team trainer Mike Collelo offered the following: "Kellen needs a stabilization of his syndesmosis (a sprain of the high ankle ligaments) in order to prevent further laxity."

It is our belief that Collelo is saying that Winslow's ankle is still "ouchy" and he can't play football on it. Calls to physicians who could translate Collelo's sentence were not made by Bernie's Insiders this evening, and therefore not returned.

Today's news appears to be yet another example of the Browns initially downplaying the length of time that a player will be out by injury.

In Winslow's case, the team reported last week that the news on Winslow was encouraging and that there was some optimism about his return.

The spin on the team's web site this evening was that "things did not go as hoped".

Wow. That's a shock.

In other news, Ben Taylor has been placed on the Injured Reserve list and the team has filled his spot by returning running back Dee Brown. Bernie's Insiders reported first last Sunday evening in David Carducci's game recap that Taylor would be lost for the year.

Whether Brown's return indicates a displeasure with the kick returns of Richard Alston and Andre King last weekend, or could be read to infer continuing concerns about Lee Suggs, is not immediately clear. The team's tendency to downplay injuries will lead to continuing speculation regarding Suggs until he appears on the field.

As has become common with the team in recent weeks, the information was not released to the independent press until a story could be posted on the team's web site. It is unknown how long the Browns were sitting on this information until the story could be posted.

Further details will presumably be coming tomorrow afternoon following the team's Wednesday practice. Truth detection units are standing by.


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