Berea Report: Return of the Corners

Cornerbacks Daylon McCutcheon and Anthony Henry are itching to play,and they may get their chance on Sunday. So might a recently-sidelined offensive starter. Plus, the Browns reach out and swipe a Steeler, because it's always fun to get steam coming out of Bill Cowher's ears. Here's Mike with the latest news, and first independent report, from Berea...

BEREA – It actually appears that cornerbacks Anthony Henry and Daylon McCutcheon will play against the Washington Redskins.

Henry hasn't had another bout with vertigo since Tuesday. He's had numerous balance tests and exercises. At its worst, the vertigo made it seem like the room was spinning, and it was accompanied by nausea.

"That (first) night it was pretty scary," Henry said. "I wasn't sure what was happening. Since then I've kind of got an understanding for it. They showed me a diagram to show me exactly what's going on. I have confidence in the doctors and (trainer) Mike Colello diagnosing it."

Henry attributes the vertigo to a hit he made on Dallas Cowboys running back Eddie George in the third quarter. He felt some dizziness at the time, but he didn't report it. Later that night the vertigo hit hard.

Henry believes that the vertigo is gone.

"There's a chance it could come back, but it's not highly likely," Henry said.

One improvement Henry has made is in his tackling. He said he won't be any less aggressive in the future.

"Getting all the tests done and them (team doctors) being confident and showing me stats how people come back from the injury kind of reassured me that things are going to be fine," he said. "It could come back, but I don't know. Playing this sport, I can't go out there at half speed."

McCutcheon has avoided contact to protect his broken middle finger.

"I'm playing this week," McCutcheon said. "There was just too much pain for me to play last week. It was really frustrating. I just can't do it two weeks in a row."

McCutcheon is trying several different casts to see which one he's most comfortable wearing. First and foremost at this time is to avoid contact.

"I've stayed away from the contact in practice because it's broke and sore," McCutcheon said. "If I can get into the game without it getting worse, then that's what I want to do."

HIGH-HO HEIDEN: Tight end Steve Heiden is about 80 percent healthy, but he expects to play.

"The biggest thing for me right now is leaning and pushing on people," Heiden said. "I'm probably about 80 percent."

MEET THE NEW LINEMAN: The Browns signed rookie offensive lineman Bo Lacy to the active roster. Lacy was a sixth-round draft choice by Pittsburgh this year. The Steelers waived him and then signed him to their practice squad.

Lacy (6-foot-4, 300 pounds) started 27 games at left tackle the last two seasons at the University of Arkansas. He was one of 20 potential draftees the Browns hosted prior to the draft.

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