Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

The man in the photo is under pressure, and there is no surer sign than the amount of discussion in last Wednesday's chat about who his replacement might be. Davis still has time to turn it around, but Browns fans talking to David Carducci on Wednesday asked the hard questions. He gave them his honest answers. Imagine that!

Dave Carducci hi
Dave Carducci what's the good news?
artbtz Good news? You want good news?
ramllov I want good news
artbtz Er...
ramllov Suggs and Heiden will be starting, say yes Dave
Dave Carducci Suggs said today that if he plays, and he's planning to, they'll porbably ease him in. So I'm guessing Green gets the bulk of the work with Suggs mixed in as a change of pace
Dave Carducci Heiden is still a wait and see. He's practicing, but I still think Shea starts
wonderbredd24 The good news is the Browns have the greatest draft EVER in 2006... Winslow, Jones, Echamandu, McCown and we haven't even picked yet
ramllov Dave thanks for your update
Dave Carducci You know, it's interesting, but someone made the point today that the best players in every phase for this team are Palmer-Clark guys, not Davis guys... Northcutt on offense, Dawson on sp. teams, and Roye on defense. I've heard from a few different players on other teams that Northcutt is the only person on the Browns that opponents really worry about and gameplan against
wonderbredd24 What was the response from the team when Griffith said he'd have no problem doing it again, referring to his incredibly stupid unnecessary roughness hit on that 3rd and 14 play
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, there wasn't any reaction. I have to admit, it's a difficult play in some respects, but that's the danger of taking your eyes off the play and anticipating. He thougth the ball was coming. It's a call he is going to lose every time
Guest41 Winslow had a more blatant hit on him in Dallas and no penalty was called.
Dave Carducci guest41, that's true
Dave Carducci that was actually a cheap shot
Dave Carducci from what I remember
wonderbredd24 How does the team not see that ALL but 2 big plays have been made on Mr Griffith
Dave Carducci good question wonderbredd
ramllov Dave are the starting corners going to be Daylon and Henry?
Dave Carducci Ram, it's still hard to say. Both practiced today. But Davis thought Henry would play last week. If it's a viral deal that's causing the vertigo, Henry could have trouble on and off for a while
StormPug Dave, what about Tucker?
Dave Carducci StormPug, they keep saying Tucker is a day-to-day thing, but I think it will be more like week-to-week. I keep hearing it's more and more serious
FunkyDawg What's Lerner's frame of mind these days?
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, I know he was embarassed Sunday. He sat very near me in a box with a bunch of his New York friends. That's not where he wanted his team to be humiliated. He wasn't happy. There was just a glass between us, and he was clearly very unhappy
wonderbredd24 Am I the only one that thinks that we need both Griffith and Little benched for Crocker and Jameson... more speed and athleticism on the field and the pass defense can't possibly get any worse back there
Dave Carducci Wonderbredd, I don't think you'll see that. Butch feels the pressure to win now, and he's not going to have players learning on the job. He'll stick with the veterans
Dave Carducci it's a shame, because I think Jameson can play, and I like a lot of what I've seen out of Crocker
newdawg jameson is a vet now.
Dave Carducci He is, but he's still very raw in terms of game action
wonderbredd24 the Veterans SUCK
Dave Carducci Wonderbredd, you'll get no argument from me, but that's where Butch appears to be
HarleyD If Butch doesn't 'win now' how long does Randy let him flounder? He's been given the rope so to speak, at what point has he hung himself?
Dave Carducci HarleyD, it's a good question. If Davis doesn't turn this around, I'd be surprised to see Butch survive. Although, I hear rumblings that people on the inside expect Davis to be asked to take on a GM first. That would be almost pressing Butch to leave on his own. It's a similar situation to the way Clark was forced out by Davis
StormPug So, we get to see Suggs on Sunday!
Dave Carducci StormPug, it appears we will see Suggs. How much I don't know.
Lumpy Dave-is Ekuban pretty banged up? Did he practice?
Dave Carducci Lumpy, I don't know if he practiced. The injury report was late, and I left Berea around 5 pm. I haven't had a chance to check the media website. And unfortunately Davis was very tight lipped, and a bit unresponsive today, so we learned even less about injuries than usual today.
Oasis Hey Dave, What's your opinion on Faine's play? Lot's of differing opinions.
Dave Carducci Oasis, I think Faine's been fine. I still haven't had time to break down film, so most of my opinion is watching him live. LIke I said before, there are differing opinions within the organization regarding Faine, so it's no surprise you hear different things even outside the organization.
Dave Carducci Of course, there were also differing opinions regarding the selection of Warren, too. The Browns braintrust thought they were going to take Richard Seymour with that pick until Davis walked in on draft day and announced they were taking Warren
wonderbredd24 lol who is in this brain trust Dave or are they all fired now?
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, many of them have been, yes
Dave Carducci or have moved on
Dave Carducci forced out
ramllov Dave do you have any idea why the Browns can not start a first quarter drive? The previous five years it looked like the Browns always had a first drive.?
Dave Carducci ram, I'm not sure. I think Garcia just simply isn't comfortable in this offense yet, and that has a lot to do with it. And like they admitted, they gameplanned too much for Strahan last week, and that handcuffed a lot of what they could do
StormPug Dave, if Garcia ends up hurt, why play Holcomb over McCown?
Dave Carducci stormPug, purely experience. Luke actually said he'd prefer not to play this year. They want him to learn first, and he's bought into that. Although, ironically, they almost lost McCown to injury in Dallas by not having him warm up before heaving that lsat-second Hail Mary. He said he thought his elbow was about to snap. And that's just another example of the poor sideline control this team has
Lumpy Does anyone know the line on Sunday's game...last I checked it was off.
Dave Carducci Lumpy, last I heard was Redskins -3
newdawg dave, is there a problem between robo and garcia?
Dave Carducci newdawg, they say no, but Garcia keeps saying one thing then contradicting himself, and it occasionally implies that this offense is lost. or that he thinks it is lost right now.
Dave Carducci And that would be an indictment of Robiske
Dave Carducci sorry, typing so fast, my spelling is a mess
Guest63 Who'll replace Taylor and Winslow 0n the active roster; any new adds to PS?
Dave Carducci They brought brown back to take Taylor's spot. Winslow still hasn't been placed on IR, and they added a TE to the practice squad today
wonderbredd24 I like Robiskie... the team is getting over 100 yards a game and Garcia missed Winslow all the time when he was wide open... the OLine sucks
wonderbredd24 but Garcia is not executing
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, I like Robiske too, and I like the idea of being a grind-it-out, smashmouth offense ... BUT I see something basically wrong with the philosophy when Davis has done absolutely nothiing to promote depth on the offensive line, or talent up front, in the draft
ramllov I thought they cut the TE Ziegler and signed Clemons the LB
Dave Carducci Sorry, that's right LB, don't know why I wrote TE. Been a long day. Couldn't think of Clemons name
wonderbredd24 its hard to blame Robiskie if Davis sucks... I REALLY hope if Davis gets fired, we keep the rest of the staff... I think we have some quality coaches
Dave Carducci I agree. There are some quality coaches. There are also a few that I haven't been able to figure out yet
artbtz Do you have a read on Zeirlein, Dave? It was a question that came up in ATI
Dave Carducci AB, not yet. This team has yet to develop a young lineman. that is disturbing. They draft Fowler in the third round, high value for a center, then the next year admit they can't develop him by drafting Faine and basically putting Fowler in limbo.
Lumpy Folks...the last shitty coach we ran out of town and all hated is doing the job in New England.
Dave Carducci Lumpy, that's very true. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a change of scenery for players or coaches to figure things out, learn from their mistakes
Lumpy The karma has been bad...injuries have played a major part in our lack of success the past 3-4 years.
Dave Carducci That's true Lumpy, but at some point Davis has to create the depth to deal with these injuries. It can't be the same bail out every year, because every year teams will be haunted by injuries. And there is a very real reason to believe some of these injuries could have been prevented. So many pec and bicep injuries over the years. To me, that screams of weight room injuries
StormPug Cowboys did a good job on Portis... hope the guys were watching a lot of tape
Dave Carducci StormPug, actually, Lang didn't watch the Redskins-Cowboys game. Kind of funny. He was too busy playing Madden. He said the Browns and Redskins finished in a 7-7 tie
StormPug Well, Lang I can excuse... he's been showing up every week
Dave Carducci true
newdawg Lang is a bit of a flake. Remember his comment about all the fans dressed like Snoopy?
Dave Carducci He may be a bit of a flake, but he really is a legit nice guy
FunkyDawg Can we stop Portis?
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, they were able to stop Lewis. So there's a chance if the gameplan resembles that gameplan. That was a very basic offense Baltimore ran, and Washington's offense is somewhat reminiscent of the NFL stone age with Gibbs bringing back his old style
wonderbredd24 Joe Gibbs came out of retirement... how does Don Shula look?
Dave Carducci Or Chuck Noll?
wonderbredd24 Jim Mora?
Dave Carducci Mora would be fun ..... PLAYOFFS?
StormPug Dave, seriously, how much of a FAN is Lerner? His dad was, but what about Randy?
Dave Carducci StormPug, I had always heard that Randy Lerner did not want to be involved if his dad passed away, but he's been very much involved, and he appears to live and die with the games every Sunday. He's been very hands on in the building, and he's always around
wonderbredd24 Other than Crennel and Weis, are they any other Coordinators really drawing interest for HC jobs?
Dave Carducci You could see Romeo Crennel back
Dave Carducci He's going to be one of the first names brought up around the league this year
artbtz Nick Saban is a proto-Belichick. Get him.
Dave Carducci AB, that would be great for me. A Kent guy. Plus we have several mutual friends
Dave Carducci Be nice to acatually have a relationship with the coach I cover again.
wonderbredd24 does Nick Saban even want to leave LSU?
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, I know he's happy down there. But he's an awkward fit, and kind of always has been. Being a northern boy from West Virginia and Ohio via Michigan State, he wasn't immediately accepted as a yank down there
dadaman AB what if Saban loses his first couple years...Then what?
artbtz Then we made the wrong pick again, and we can start sympathizing a bit more with Bungles fans.
wonderbredd24 It depends HOW he loses
wonderbredd24 if we lose ugly and can't get ahold of impact players
Dave Carducci That's a great point wonderbredd. If it's a rebuilding where you understand where he's going with it, and you believe in it, then losing can be acceptable
Dave Carducci Not only that, but covering this team week after week, I've finally realized that losing is one thing, but losing and being boring and unbearable to watch is another
dadaman Dave and AB how many times can the fans go through a rebuiling losing team?
artbtz The hard-core fans will go forever. It's the casual fans who will drift away. In other words, this site will seem the same.
Dave Carducci dadaman, I understand what you mean, but at the same time, it's sometimes better to go through that than continue spinning the wheels in the snow when you know you aren't going to pull yourself out of that drift. If something's not working, you just have to fix it
Guest41 Dave - do you think Butch will be back next year?
Dave Carducci guest41, I'm still not completely sure, but I have a gut feeling that if he doesn't turn this around, he probably won't be back
Dave Carducci Guys, it's time for me to run
Dave Carducci See you all soon.
Dave Carducci And thanks for all the good wishes last week on the board. I appreciate it.

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