Random Thoughts from a Wasted Mind

Is this man the leader of the "Three-and-out Gang"? We hope not. Dale Galbraith offer some nuggets plucked from deep down somewhere in his cerebrum...

Previous Results

These stats were published on the Browns Website this week.

The Browns have lost four of the past five meetings against the Redskins dating back to 1975. Before then, the Browns had won 12 consecutive meetings between the teams dating to their days as division rivals. Overall, Cleveland leads the all-time series, 32-9-1. 

They are not the only publication that prints what the Browns did against their upcoming opponent in previous years.

Who cares? These stats only bear importance if it is the same players playing the same players. Or head coaches against head coaches.

There is some history between Gibbs and the Dallas Cowboys. A team that the Browns have so many coaching ties. In looking at that nothing jumped out. Except most of the games were close and no team seemed to have the definite edge.

Interesting stat

Joe Gibbs is 15 and 2 on the Sundays following a Monday Night Game from 1985-1992 with the Washington Redskins. I think he knows how to prepare in the short week.

Browns Offensive Identity

Jeff Garcia said after the Giants game that the offense needs an identity. Even though he said he suffers from post game amnesia and meant to say a sense of urgency. I have a few names for this offense. I hope I have to eat my words Sunday, and I'll chase each line with a beer.

  • The three and out guys
  • The project in the works
  • Same old song and dance
  • We're having a mental breakdown
  • The yellow hanky gang
  • See Jeff run
  • Yawn
  • Too little , too late
  •  Frost for MVP
  • The misdirected bunch

  • Where's the logic

    When you buy a beer at Cleveland Browns Stadium they no longer give you the bottle. They pour it in a plastic glass. When you buy a bottled water they give you the bottle, but won't give you the top. I guess they think that people can't throw these. When you buy coffee or hot chocolate in a souvenir mug you get a hard plastic cup with a closeable lid. Not only can you throw these empty but you can throw them full. Just wait, the next bad call that costs the Browns the game you'll see a field littered with water bottles and souvenir mugs.

    Direct TV

    Direct TV's broadcast of both of the Browns away games were in high definition. Making it  crystal clear to me that the Browns may not be as good as I thought. But with all kidding aside it is the next best thing to being there. I hope they see this and give me a free month of HBO.


    I have pledged to get a tattoo of the Browns Elf or helmet, much to my wife's dismay, when the Browns win a Super Bowl. I'm getting up there in age and am beginning to think I'm going to the grave with no ink done.

    Gonzalez has a point

    Joaquin Gonzalez had a valid complaint this week when he said, "I didn't give up any sacks to him (Strahan). Obviously that's not what it looks like in the paper, but I thought I performed well. I gave up a couple of quarterback hits, but a guy like that's going to get them."

    I think often times a player gets blame for a bad performance in the press unjustly. The Browns could put an end to this injustice by publishing how each player grades out. But they would probably find a way to spin that too.

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