Browns-Redskins: Gameballs and Goats

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The Week's Results
The relief and and gameballs flowed as Browns fans were happy to see Lee Suggs return to the field and put a charge into the offense. The Browns defense played tough defense, limiting the Redskins and Clinton Portis to thirteen points, and creeped closer as a unit to leading the Gameballs voting. We've never had an entire unit win MVP or Team Goat at the end of the year, but the defensive team and the offensive line are both near the top.


Player Gameballs
Lee Suggs 82
Andre Davis 38
Entire Defense 30
Jeff Garcia 25
Andra Davis 20
Kenard Lang 18

Write-Ins: Fans (3), Joe Gibbs, "Browns fans who fought and threw beer on redskins fans", "offense and defense and coaching ", "FOX for not advertising survivor every time a play is over like CBS", "The Ohio State Marching Band", "FANS-lots of noise, awesome."


Player Goathorns
Quincy Morgan 43
Butch Davis 24
Offensive Line 24
Jeff Garcia 17
Paul Zukauskas 11
Terry Robiskie 10

Write-Ins: Joe Gibbs, Northwestern Wildcats, "oline for their pass blocking", Tim Couch, "The Deadskins at the end of the game trying to start a fight", "The wide receivers for not coming back to him when Garcia scrambles and Frost for not throwing the damn ball. ", "Butch, offensive coordinators, and any other idiot that thought Frost could get a first down", Sean Salisbury, The GE Smith Band


  Gameballs Goathorns
1 Kenard Lang Offensive Line
2 Entire Defense Butch Davis
3 William Green TV Announcers
4 Lee Suggs Quincy Morgan
5 Derrick Frost Officiating Crew

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
naxos Ah its nice to watch a win isn't? Great job by the D today keeping the game close. It let our O take advantage of their opportunities. Suggs nice to see you back and running hard. Finally, Jeff gets a ball for continuously scrapping himself off the ground and managing to get the job done.
lukedawg12 Suggs was the only glimmer of hope this team had left - if he could deliver. Well, he delivered! Atta boy LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dp10451 Run Lee,run! Great game. Kenard was active all day and had a terrific game. And ya gotta give Jerry,er I mean Jeff Garcia, a little love. Bad first half but good finish. Other guys stepped up too. Cutch,Henry,Andre,and TD Shea. That is exactly what you need. A team effort. EVERY WEEK!
doctorfresh Suggs is back and has revitalized the running game. Imagine if he had a decent line to run behind. Speaking of which, DeMar came in and all of a sudden, Garcia has time to throw the ball! Coincidence? Frost's punts were as sweet as ever, as well.
three sewers gone Fans finally had a reason to raise hell and they certainly did in the 2nd half!
edgewater joe Guess Suggs IS the real deal, and how's about letting Andre Davis become the guy Butch seems to think Quincy Morgan is? Bentley redeemed some dumb penalties with the Coles strip.
mulekicker3 Great Job Andre Davis, but keep your feet and score!!!!!!!! That's twice this year! Lee Suggs is the difference maker. He's the man.
jlac20 Give the offense some credit, besides Quincy fumbling, what's new, the offense didn't turn the ball over, and Suggs provided a spark to the offense.....
jeffdsp Glad to see Shea and Heiden have decent games. They're the TE's and they have to perform the rest of the season for this team to be successful. Nice to see a real running back in there running like he should...the most yards by a single back all year vs. the 'skins. So all you Green fans stop crying about how good he is and isn't the starter...he's a good change of pace back and that's it. If he has an open hole he'll hit it hard, but he doesn't have the quickness to wait that fraction of a second and then hit the hole. Suggs creates his own. Finally, a weapon in the backfield. Gameball for the defense. If we had safeties that could pass protect better, we could blitz more and that would help out the defense tremendously. As it is, we have Toast Griffith, so the defense has to make do.
losangelesdawg I'll take winning ugly over loosing pretty every day. Hopefully our running game will make it easier for the O-line to pass protect. Something better! attaboy to the tight ends!
climberbrown Good to see Lee back on the field and good to see Shea make the plays he is capable of. Dawson is being almost automatic, and Frost is beginning to make me forget about Gardocki. Hopefully Gardocki's streak comes to an end Next Sunday.
yogi8 Gameballs awarded to: Suggs for his burst of speed, Lang for his emotional leadership, Henry for his improved tackling
evileye666 Faine needs some help, he CAN NOT keep guarding 2-3 defense players. or he will be back to being on the injured list.
underdog71 It wasn't pretty, but it's a win. How about Suggs for president?? He has a way of making big plays and finding the end zone!! Lang looked good again and should have had another sack. The defense kept them in the game. Holding Portis to under 60 yards was key.
brunodawg Thank God Lee IS BACK!! Maybe now we can show some (if any) fear and give Garcia some time to do his stuff
irishmutt should have gone for another score at the end.
thespazdawg Fox announcers are the CBS announcers daddies. They actually studied games and talked to people that know, simply amazing. Crocker had an amazing game.... I hope someone else noticed! We been waiting for Andra Davis of 2003 to show up, bout time buddy!
htown_dawg Suggs: Nice to see him back in action Bentley: Kudos for the forced fumble to seal the game Garcia: Gutsy performance in the 2nd half. Let's hope we build a little momentum from that.
rutger I thought that Andra Davis had his best game of the year at MLB. My other gameballs went to the the entire "D" and to Campo for the ALL out blitz.. I don't care that we got burnt on it, I want to go down swinging not taking the punches like we have been..
redright Davis and Suggs were difference makers. The defense kept them in the game
nadelp Portis stated after the game that the Browns knew their plays. Coaches did a nice job of scouting and prep.
clevelandfan Lee Suggs - Finally have the '1' of the '1-2' punch on the field. D - As usual, kept the team in the game. As a whole, awesome job. Phil Dawson - Mr. Automatic was automatic again!
invinsor Lee Suggs - is the hope of this season. Jeff Garcia - does what Couch could not; manage a win The Defense - was great against the run, and the corners we're especially solid
clbr99 gameballs all around to the offense this week who after a slow first half, starting rolling in the second (props to the D for the turnover to get it all going). Andre Davis made clutch catches and Jeff Garcia made clutch throws when it mattered. Welcome back Lee!!
ccdawg49 Suggs was the difference. speed and vision. hope he stays healthy the rest of the year. Garcia did enough to win the game, and avoided the mistakes that could have cost the game. Defense shut down Portis and made big plays.
osujoe Lang - having his best year as a Brown. They were double-teaming him all day and he still made plays. Myers - Wow. This guy is just quietly making plays and being a force. He has been a pleasant surprise with our D Linemen going down a lot. Garcia - he made plays and played smart. In the 2nd half especially, they started to play to his strengths by doing rollout screens to beat the blitzes. He responded well.
frumanchu This defense continues to be's too bad that last week's game without starting CBs skews the impressive numbers these guys are putting up. Dawson continues to be consistent. Suggs showed why he needs to be the starter.
Dawgalong I can only imagine that Henry had a monster game since his side of the field appeared to be shut down all game. The D-line was solid and Terrelle played like a man on fire. signed, Dawgalong
freakofgod83 QB Jeff Garcia - after some tough outings, continued to hang in there and put together a good performance. (14/21, 195 Yrds, 1 TD, No Int's) RB Lee Suggs- Was the small spark that this offense needed to get some momentum rolling. 22 ATT - 82 YRDS, 1 TD K Phil Dawson - Still one of the best in the league, week after week.
boreilly11 Great job by the corners allowing us to focus on stopping the run. Welcome back Suggs!!! Willie, this is the bench; bench this is two will get to be great friends...
dkallay Jeff Garcia has not once complained that he is running for his life on almost every play. Dkalay2000 in Budapest
tampadawg After Portis's comment about the defense seemingly knowing the plays, Campo gets a big Gameball.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
naxos Once again though our O-Line needs to figure out how to work together. They still look absolutely horrible in pass protection. Their is only one group responsible for that. The Coach. You guys need to get this team prepared.
lukedawg12 Morgan needs to be wherever Couch is now. Butch faking that FG was asking for disaster, and he better not do it again. Hey Robo, how many 3rd and 1s did you FAIL TO LET SUGGS GO AROUND THE CORNER!!!!!???? Idiots. The defense pulled this one out for us, without doubt.
dp10451 I don't know if I should blame the o-line coach or the o-line. Someone has to make adjustments or maybe just execute better. Butch, take the points. This ain't no time to get cute. Learn the basics, then work on extras.
doctorfresh Garcia needs to settle down and stop stressing. Although he was better today, some of his decisions are mind-boggling. Q gets one for the fumble, and the o-line is still not doing enough to get this offense moving consistently.
three sewers gone Q Stone Hands Morgan should be a UPS driver my now saying "What can ex-Brown do for you." Garcia is as unimaginative as Timmuh Couch and needs to get his head out of his **s! The OL is getting pushed around for another week by a mediocre DL and the blitzing will get Garcia killed by better front sevens. The Rats must be salivating for the next showdown in the house that Governor Hee Haw Built for Uncle Fartie.
edgewater joe Robiskie needs to come up with a scheme that'll score some TDs in the first half, and Campo continues to play why-blitz-anybody against a QB who gets rattled if you whack him.
mulekicker3 Not a terrible game by Garcia if you look at the numbers, but he did some things that you'd be mad at a high school QB for.
jlac20 Northwestern ruined what could have been a nice weekend, Quincy still can't hang on to the ball, and Butch almost gave me a heart attack for not kicking the field goal late in the game....he got lucky
jeffdsp Butch sucks, Robiskie is too predictable (run, run, pass, punt), and Campo doesn't blitz nearly enough. It seems like this team has the exact game plan for each team they play. It's the same boring stuff week in and week out. Jeff Garcia won't get one because now he sees what Couch and Holcomb already time to find an open receiver when you're dodging D-linemen. Couch is probably laughing his a** off now because he is no longer in misery.
climberbrown Quincy- Not only can you not catch, but when you do make a catch, you don't hold on to it. Was he worth the draft pick we got him with? O line- Can we get some protection for Jeff? He is running around and the sack in the first play was a little ridiculous. D line- One word: PRESSURE.
yogi8 No Goathorns awarded though Garcia need to step it up.........
evileye666 our W/R ad T/E unit's couldn't catch a cold in a tub of ice water.
underdog71 Come on Q, were trying to get something started in the first half for once. Hang on to the ball!!!! Butch is lucky the skins didn't drive down for a TD on the last possession and win the game. What was he thinking on 4th and 6?? Take the field goal and a touchdown doesn't beat you.
brunodawg Those fans need to be more into the game. The DAWG POUND used to be a big homefield advantage. Now they BOO their own players instead of supporting them, what a disgrace. Those are our players out there, Help them. why should they win for you if you don't do anything to help them out.
irishmutt still need better blocking and tackling below the knees.
htown_dawg Morgan: Hold onto the ball !!! Davis: Hold on the ball !!! Frost: Throw the damn ball !!!
rutger One goat.. Butch Davis.. That was the dumbest damn call I've seen in a long, long time... The fake FG attempt..
redright Butch has to get this team in sync. We do not use our WRs or take advantage of our running game fully. We still need three additions to our O-line as Zuk and DeMar and Garmon and Gonzales are limited to back-up status. Butch gets a horn for not putting an o-line together and it may be too late for him to do it.
nadelp Nice hands, feet!
clevelandfan Offense - Someone needs to smack these guys around, and let them know the game starts in the 1st qtr, not the second half. They had a good 2nd half, but the 1st they were lucky to get out with only 7 points to overcome. Def Backs - maybe it's just me, but on some pass plays they seemed to be nowhere close to the receivers. Butch Davis - needs to get his offense fired up at the start of the game. But he seemed to make some nice halftime adjustments.
invinsor Butch Davis - for calling the fake FG, which he would have lost his head for had Washington scored Derrick Frost - You're a football player man, play football Dennis Northcutt - please note the sidelines
clbr99 Our O line didn't give Garcia enough time to blink in the pocket yesterday. Why don't you try blocking someone? A goat to our nonexistent pass rush and an even bigger goat to Quincy Morgan who plays like he greases up with butter before every game. HOLD ON TO THE BALL.
section 527 dawg Could the GE Smith band be ANY more gay?? UP 4 with a chance to make it a 7 point game - a FG kicker that has made 17 straight....and you try a FAKE FG???? Butch should be FIRED for that stooooopid decision!!
ccdawg49 BD, a fake FG? Take the 3 or go for it. Could have been costly. Frost, for not hitting Gonzalez in the end zone and for shanking a few. WR's had some big drops/fumbles that put the team in a hole.
osujoe Verba - twice I saw him getting absolutely manhandled by a single guy on the line. It may not have been his fault, but if he's as good as we say he is, he needs to be able to handle himself out there. Morgan - I'm a big Quincy fan and I'm not about to call for his head like some people are, but that fumble to kill our momentum just is not going to get it done. Frost - he's a good punter and I feel bad putting him down as a goat, but make the throw, man!
frumanchu This is supposed to be a power running offense, right? So why in the HELL on 3rd-and-1 does Garcia drop back to pass (and subsequently get sacked setting up 4th-and-5)?!? God help us if Garcia doesn't get this system down soon. We know you're out of your element here, Jeff, but we can't afford to wait.
Dawgalong Any Goats given are baby Goats, a win is a win. But, still not a very good game plan. The offense was lethargic at the beginning of the game. Plenty of wiffs by the O-line again and Quincy looked like he was ready to give one of his patented half ass efforts until he turned it around. Davis and his coaching crew are not off the hook yet as far as I'm concerned, but a win is a win. Signed, Dawgalong
freakofgod83 WR/KR Dennis Northcutt - Seriously, you do NOT let the punter trip you up and prevent you from socing a TD on a punt return when you have everyone else beat. TAKE HIM ON WITH A STIFF-ARM, AND LET ONE OF YOUR BLOCKERS PICK HIM UP. STUPID MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HC Butch Davis - This victory was absolutely the entire doing of the players and had nothing to do with Butch's coaching. Davis still sucks. WR Quincy Morgan - Fumbled a reception that ended up costing us early on.
boreilly11 Gorman holds and still gives up the sack!!! Warren and Brown get goathorns despite not playing because the defense excelled in their absence...time to cut the fat and use our money more wisely...
wmg69 Morgan sucks--put Alston in, with what he did in NFL Europe he has to be ok-he sure can't be worse that's for sure. Why does it take 3 quarters to figure out what to do on Offense, Hell everyone in the bar was yelling have him Roll Out and it takes 3 quarters for the coaching to figure it out!!??
oafdawg Garcia sucks! Give him a dress so he can play with the rest of the little girls.
tampadawg Just can't give goats on a win


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