Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

From Wednesday night: uncensored Browns talk with Dave and the chat room dawgs!

RingBigBensBell welcome Dave
Dave Carducci hi lumpy, RingBigBen'sBell (funny!)
ramllov Dave? do you see the Browns defense more complex to impact Big Ben on Sunday?
Dave Carducci Ram. You'd like to think so. I think they'll blitz more, but I've expected more of that this year, and haven't exactly had it
ramllov Dave? Do you see Bentley or Thompson as the fourth LB, and how soon will Thompson be fulltime?
Dave Carducci Bentley's been struggling with an injury this week, so I'm guessing Chaun wills tart and play the bulk of the time.
ramllov Is Thompson a weak link on the defense now?
Dave Carducci Ram, I think Chaun's actually less of a weak link than Bentley
dunedindawg Bentley is a decent Nickle LB, but nothing more.
Dave Carducci dunedindawg, they did a lot of rotating, but Andra was still in the bulk of the time from what I recall. He's still the guy there.
Lumpy Bentley has been in on passing downs...any idea who replaces him in those situations?
Dave Carducci Lumpy, I think you could see several different LB's take that spot. And just because Bentley didn't practice today, that doesn't mean he won't be available.
Lumpy Thanks Dave, and you know-I think he's doing a very good job in the nickel package.
Dave Carducci Lumpy, I agree, but he still takes bad angles and overpursues. He is not bad in coverage, though.
Dave Carducci By the way, another quad injury (Bentley). More quad, bicep etc than I've ever seen on one team
dunedindawg How come no one, I mean no one, is talking about the significant imrovement the Browns defense has done against the run?
Dave Carducci dunedindawg, it's a good question. We in the media do tend to focus on the problems first, and that's a problem sometimes in itself
CF70 Is Campo going to implement a bunch of different blitz schemes to try and confuse Big Ben also feign coverages?
Dave Carducci CF70, I'd like to see that. It seems obvious
Dave Carducci but that doesn't mean it will happen.
Dave Carducci remember Butch calling off the dogs in Pit a while back.
dunedindawg Dave and Lane, would you guys agree that when you are seeing guys tear or strain shoulders, elbows, pectorals, triceps, etc... it is more a technique problem then a strength issue? Think of the injuries. All of them are when these guys are out of postion and trying to compensate or catch up. They then find them selves out of position and open to being injured easily.
Dave Carducci dunedindawg, I think it's a matter of players body building rather than training for football. Getting too big. I heard from an ex-NFL trainer recently who said these scream of weight room injuries
Dave Carducci You are right, however, in that when you are out of position and trying to catch up, and your muscle is too big for your skeletal system to really handle, then you have problems with those quick reaction injuries ... at least as I understand it
CF70 Garcia still looks uncomfortable out there except when he rolls out. Will Robo implement more things like the rollout to make Jeff more comfortable?
Dave Carducci CF70, again, I would like to see that. It seems as if that's a typical halftime adjustment, and it's part of what jump starts the off. I'd like to see more of that right off the bat. It also takes some pressure off the pass protection
BryanK Dave, are the Steelers a weak 3-1, given who they have beaten?
Dave Carducci BryanK, I think they may be a bit. I picked them to win the division. But I still see some real problems in the secondary, even though that is improving. More a problem of youth at the S. Chad Scott is terrible at corner. And scheme they still don't give a lot of help deep.
Dave Carducci Offensively, the line isn't what it was. Losing Simmons hurt. They are probably one injury away from really shuffling.
Dave Carducci Plus, Ben's young. Deuce Staley fumbled two times last week.... But other than that, fairly solid
Dave Carducci Then you add Bell out for this game, and they are far from intimidating
BryanK I also think they are somewhat over-confident
Dave Carducci Maybe a little
dunedindawg If they can focus on the run game and make Ben beat them they will have succes just like against the Rats.
Dave Carducci However, by the way ... watch out for a backup linebacker named James Harrison. He's a Kent State guy, and he's actually very good
wonderbredd24 are 11 people that hard to keep track of? should we expect more oversights from Butch?
Dave Carducci wonderbredd24, I think you should always expect that :)
wonderbredd24 is Butch really that stupid or is he assuming the fans are?
Dave Carducci I don't think Butch is stupid
dunedindawg Dave one thing that still bothers me is the fact that there is no backup Fb on this team. Has there been any word on them looking to add someone?
Dave Carducci dunedindawg, I think they see Shea in that role. Tough to keep too many FB's... And yes, Corey McIntyre is on the practice squad
dunedindawg It was nice to see Shea earn his paycheck last week. It's been 4 years in the making:D
Dave Carducci dunedindawg, I agree. He is a very good guy, too, so it's nice to see him healthy and able to contribute. He is one of those throw-back types (when healthy) in that he goes 100-pct all the time, and he also has some speed and athletic ability ... Like he said, maybe it was the No. 80 that was jinxed
CF70 Is Suggs starting on Sunday?
Dave Carducci CF70, they still officially list both as No. 1, but my guess is he will start
ramllov Dave? Have you noticed any surprises in the first four games?
Dave Carducci Surprises. Good question. Biggest surprise for me is that some of players still are around, like Griffith. That they haven't done much to improve the depth on the O-line. That Quincy hasn't come around (I really thought he would, but now even I'm losing faith).
wonderbredd24 is William Green a possible distraction or is this really just being blown out of proportion?
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, I've heard a number of different things. I know he's not happy with sitting. He could be happy with splitting time. Garcia said the two get along, which is a different scenario from when he was in SF and the niners were trying to split time between Barlow and Hearst.
RingBigBensBell Any word on how bad Talytor & Bentley's injuries are?
Dave Carducci Taylor's is obviously season ending.
Dave Carducci Bentley will probably be able to play, although he didn't practice today
Dave Carducci Bentley didn't look like he was in a lot of pain, however, when I saw him in the locker room both today and after the game
Guest193 Any chance for Sean Jones for the last few games?
Dave Carducci Guest193, supposedly Jones is on schedule. I think a lot of it will depend obviously on his 3 week period after he comes off the PUP. How quickly he can get into shape physically and mentally (game shape).
RingBigBensBell Sorry, I meant Gardner not Taylor
Dave Carducci No problem. gardner practiced today, so I expect him to play
Dave Carducci Guest193, also with Jones...  it will depend how much they think he can help and where the Browns are in the standings
wonderbredd24 Dave, in your opinion, should the Browns even try to play Jones this year?
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, I'm not sure yet. I don't know how much help he'll actually be at that late stage as a raw rookie with no camp, no NFL game experience.
ramllov Dave? Are they going to extend Henry's contract?
Dave Carducci ram. I think they will. I've been very happy with Henry this year. I think they should do whatever they can to keep him long term
RingBigBensBell Okay. Balls to the wall. Predictions?
Guest193 Will we see more of Crocker as safety or nickel?
Dave Carducci I don't have a feel for this one yet, to be honest
wonderbredd24 LAmar Gordon is done for the year and the window has been reopened to deal JJ... will they send him to Miami?
Dave Carducci wonderbredd, they'd have to up the price. The Browns already turned down a 4th rounder from Arizona. I don't understand the way the Browns treat some players. Brant Boyer is healthy, but they put him on IR, possibly to avoid paying him when he didn't make the 52. JJ inactive after playing hard for three weeks. Sometimes it appears a bit vindictive
Lumpy Vindictive? How and why? Boyer actually ok?
Dave Carducci I should say, Boyer is healthy now
Dave Carducci Boyer was only going to be out through the third game
RingBigBensBell Vindictive? I think not. JJ is where he should be. He's under contract & we may need him later.
Dave Carducci RingBigBensBell, it may not be with JJ, but with Boyer it does appear to be that way, at least to me
Dave Carducci But that's the NFL. People speak up, and they get punished. It happens everywhere
ramllov Dave Looking at the Boyer situation, do you think Butch Davis figures he wanted to play his young LBs this year and give them playing experience for next year?
Dave Carducci Ram, I think that's a big part of it.
wonderbredd24 JJ sucks... he's magic beans... and we could've gotten a 4th for magic beans
Dave Carducci Wonder, I agree that they should have taken the 4th no matter how good or bad he is. JJ was a third rounder. He's been injured a big chunk of his career, and he's in a contract year. I don't know what more they could get
Lumpy Dave, I thought Boyer was the ultimate team player...sp team captain... Davis always talked him up....what did he say or do?
Dave Carducci Lumpy. He didn't do anything wrong that I would find wrong, but he is a guy who will speak his mind
RingBigBensBell How much did WG's head & Sugg's body decide in keeping JJ?
Dave Carducci Ring, probably a whole lot
Dave Carducci Although, as I understand it, I believe the offer came before Suggs' injury
browns85 Dave, will Big Money and Courtney be back next year?
Dave Carducci browns85, it's too early to tell. I think Money will certainly be back next year. As for Courtney, I know the players want him back
RingBigBensBell Thanks, g,night all
Lumpy Thanks Dave....this rings of something not quite told as of yet.
ramllov Thanks Dave, appreciate your thoughts
Dave Carducci no problem.
dunedindawg Anthony Henry could make the Pro Bowl this season.
Dave Carducci dunedindawg, I think it's a possibility that Green could be traded if Suggs really proves himself 1. that he is a feature back and 2. that he can stay on the field. As for JJ, I don't think there is any chance of his staying in Cleveland. He will not sign. I think the gap is far too wide between JJ and the team
ramllov Again Is Henry going to be signed to an extension soon?
Dave Carducci Ram, I don't think it will happen soon. I think in the offseason.
ramllov When does Tucker and Warren return to starters?
Dave Carducci Tucker wants to play Sunday, but he's also said he's afraid of coming back too early and being out an even longer time
Dave Carducci I would doubt either plays this week, but possibly. More likely next week
ramllov Is Gonzalez doing ok?
Dave Carducci ram, he's been fine. Better this week than the previous
ramllov Chambers any updates?
Dave Carducci Ram, not really. Hard to say based on input from coaches, and as usually we can't watch in practice. I've heard from a few people close to the team that they really like him ... but then, I've heard that about the Qasim Mitchell's too

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