Random Thoughts from a Wasted Mind

It's Dale Galbraith, back again with some thoughts about the Browns heading into Pittsburgh...

Future concerns

I am not a big advocate of starting a young quarterback. But it does concern me that the Browns are the only team in the AFC North not starting their quarterback of the future. Kyle Boller, Carson Palmer and Ben Roethlisberger are getting valuable field time with their perspective teams. While Luke McCown is standing on the Browns' sideline doing his impersonation of a sponge. When McCown's time to start arrives in 2-3 years, he will be way behind the learning curve in comparison to the other quarterbacks in the division. Hopefully the Browns can build a strong enough team around him to compensate for his inexperience, and not loose any competitiveness. In my opinion if the Browns don't go deep into the playoffs in the Garcia years they have wasted a golden opportunity.

Rules, rules, rules     

I am one of the first fans in Cleveland Browns Stadium on game day. I hurry and get a seat in the Gridiron Grille. Where Lou and his staff do a wonderful job. The platter lunches are probably the best deal in the stadium. But they charge $5.75 for a 12 ounce beer. So I walk down the corridor and buy a 16 ounce beer for the same price. This past game against Washington I went to my usual watering hole, where there were 3 vendors standing with coolers full of beer. I asked to buy  the 2 beer limit. They told me they couldn't sell to me because all of their guys weren't there. I tried again in about 10-15 minutes with the same result. This made what little hair I have stand on edge. So in my polite but obnoxious way, I informed them that they were not being conducive to the needs of the fans. They stood firm, telling me they would get in serious trouble if they sold me a beer. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Then the Gridiron Grille has this goofy rule where one door is designated as the entrance and another door the exit. Mind you these are double doors that are wide enough to fit two offensive lineman. They man these doors with security people who are ordered by management to strictly enforce the "in & out rules" before the game. I have no idea what happens in there during the game, and either should anyone else because they should be in their seats. Both of these doors are marked as exits for fire safety purposes use which causes confusion. And honestly there is never a time before the game that going in and out both doors would cause a problem. By the looks on the faces of fans they redirect it is obvious they're just upsetting folks. Sometimes I wonder if I'm in a stadium or a correctional facility. 

Too many opposing fans

During one of my pre-game bathroom breaks last Sunday, which doesn't take long with my peanut sized bladder, my wife said she counted 60 different Redskin fans walk by. I try to let every opposing fan aware that I don't want them enjoying themselves too much in Cleveland Brown Stadium. But the task was impossible last Sunday, there were just too damn many of them. I wouldn't have had any energy left for the game. True Browns fans get their tickets in the hands of fellow Browns fans if they can't go.

Game day rituals

I have had several game day rituals over the years, and have yet to find any that worked well enough to get the Browns to the Super Bowl. So naturally I'm intrigued with this guy from New England, that is featured in that Visa commercial. He takes a football into the woods and plays with trees to be one with his team. I'm still not sure if he does this before, or during the game.   Something tells me he is a very lonely man. But there's this little voice in the back of my head saying, "The guy in the woods is the reason for the Patriots success." Attention hunters if you see a large two legged Dawg in your woods please don't shoot.

Three in a row

What a great time it would be for the Browns to put together a 3 game winning streak. Something that has happened only once since the Browns returned in 1999. The feat was accomplished in 2001, Butch Davis's first year as head  coach. The Browns followed an opening day loss to Seattle with victories over Detroit, Jacksonville and San Diego.

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