Davis to Offense: Don't Panic

Butch Davis sifted through the rubble of the Browns loss to the Steelers and came up with two words: "Chill out". Mike McLain explains Davis' reasoning in the first independent report from Monday in Berea!

BEREA – Butch Davis talked about the need for the offense to chill out at during his Monday press conference.

"When there's a pressure or a sack or a hit early in the game, you can't panic and abandon fundamentals," Davis said. "The quarterback has to have confidence that the last time he got hit, that's an aberration and it's not going to happen again. You can't be skittish. You have to sit in the pocket and let the routes come open."

Davis' concerns weren't directed solely at quarterback Jeff Garcia. He said the entire offense needs to be less concerned about things it can't control.

"It's a combination of a lot of guys," Davis said. "Receivers can't cut their routes quick because the quarterback is under duress and it doesn't time up with the drop. Everybody has to chill out and execute the way in which they're being coached to execute."

The failure to convert on third-down plays has been a primary offensive problem. The Browns have converted on just 23.8 percent of their third-down plays.

"We're not playing well together right now," Davis said. "Individually we have some guys that are capable of making some big plays. We just need to be more efficient. When we get it into the red zone, we need to score touchdowns."

The key for Davis this week is to make sure the team doesn't get too down.

"Our whole offense feels like the weight of the world is on their shoulders," Davis said. "The defense feels like it has to carry the whole team. Ultimately, we're going to win or lose by the play of all 53 players."

Kellen Winslow admits to being frustrated while watching the games, but he's learned to deal with his season-ending ankle injury.

"I'm just back there chillin'," Winslow said. "I know all the plays. I'm watching and learning. I've accepted my injury, and I'll be back."

Winslow has received a lot of advice from his father. He's also talked to former college teammate Jeremy Shockey, who has had to deal with ankle injuries during his three-year career with the New York Giants. The elder Winslow suffered a similar injury during his rookie season with San Diego.

"My dad came back and led the league in receptions the next two years, so that's a lot of motivation for me," Winslow said.

MEET THE LEGENDS: The Cleveland Browns Legends class of 2004 was announced Monday. Tommy James and Dub Jones will represent the 1940s/1950s. Gary Collins was selected from the 1960s/1970s, and Mike Pruitt was picked from the 1980s/1990s. Fans and a panel of 10 selectors voted for one of 10 finalists from each era. Fan voting represents 20 percent of the voting, with the 10 panelists representing 80 percent.

BACK IN ACTION: Offensive tackle Ryan Tucker and defensive tackle Gerard Warren have been cleared to practice. Both missed the last three games – Tucker with a torn quadriceps and Warren with a strained pectoral. Linebacker Barry Gardner (groin) is listed as week to week. Quarterback Jeff Garcia suffered a cut on his left hand but isn't on the report.

BLITZ? US? Davis said that the Browns blitzed Steelers rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger just four times.

"As we evaluated it, they're a team that keeps a lot of guys in to block," Davis said. "They were in multiple-tight end and two-back offenses. We felt we would put ourselves into a lot of one-on-one situations, and we didn't think that was the right thing to do."

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