Gameballs and Goats: Butch Davis Gets Heat

The team's head coach probably doesn't want to read this week's Gameballs and Goats, as Browns fans take out their frustration by awarding goathorns by the score...

The Week's Results
Browns fans are fired up after the lost to Pittsburgh, where neither the offense and defense looked good, and it's the coaching staff which is the focus of their ire. Butch Davis probably doesn't want to read the comments this week, and takes a lead in the year-to-date goathorns. In another indicator of the Browns disappointing season, the team MVP, as indicated by fan votes to date, would be field goal kicker field goal.


Player Gameballs
Andre Davis (87/WR) 82
Chris Crocker (25/CB) 81
Phil Dawson (4/K) 75
Jeff Garcia (5/QB) 58
---Fans--- 17
William Green (31/RB) 17


Tim Couch (4), "Crocker for not bitching even though he deserves to start.", "KELLEN WINSLOW---WE NEED YOU", Official who got his "bells" rung, Any loyal browns fans who made the trek to Pittsburgh despite knowing we would probably lose, NOBODY , Me for being out of town and not watching the game, Kelly WAY TO GO, "Once again, all us fans who watched this debacle!", "Sucking on the road again!", "ANYBODY who didn't throw up after watching that mess!"


Player Goathorns
Butch Davis (Head) 109
---O Line--- 64
Anthony Henry (37/CB) 38
Jeff Garcia (5/QB) 34
---All Coaches--- 32
Earl Little (20/SS) 30
---Entire Defense--- 28

Write-Ins: Campo's vanilla defense, "Our no sack defense", "ooops there goes my net avg. Frost.", Randy Lerner (2), "The win over the Bengals to end last season", "Third Downs", "The owner of this inept ball club", Every Missed BLOCK, "Wide Receivers", Tim Couch (2), Cowher's Face, "Larry Zierlein's Mom ", Entire Browns Organization (2), Jim Tressel, Jim Donovan


  Gameballs Goathorns
1 Phil Dawson Butch Davis
2 Kenard Lang Offensive Line
3 William Green TV Announcers
4 Andre Davis Quincy Morgan
5 Entire Defense All Coaches

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
bendal Without Davis, Crocker and Dawson the Browns would have had zero points.
apvic Start Crocker, pass early and keep it up, learn to blitz...SUCCESSFULLY...,
browniefanman Dawson, Davis, and Crocker were the only guys who really showed anything out there today...sad, really.
theoz Crocker needs to start at FS, Andre Davis is the only receiver wit his head in the game and Bodden is a stud on special teams.
doctorfresh Dawson is are only consistent offensive weapon. Crocker seemed to be the only defensive player playing with any sort of fire, and you gotta admire Willy Green's fight for extra yards.
redright Dre Davis and Phil Dawson showed up ready to play. TIM? yeah, Couch could win on the road.
brinkcle Garcia is at least trying to make plays. I know he regrets signing here. Dawson is the only consistent.
irishcop_99 It's just laboring for fans to watch this crap every week! This team is a bad product and fans are going to stop buying it. So, I'll give a game ball for the true fans for hanging in there.
dp10451 Phil Dawson is the only one continually fulfilling his contract. Game in, game out. Andre Davis had a good game. 100+ yards receiving! "FAN"tastic.
fhanson 9 yard average for William Green... so what does Butch do? Run him only 4 times. Pitiful.
lsluggers 3 for 27 yds and one great pounding run called back because of holding. He needs more playing time, with Suggs coming in afterwards and giving a different look to the defense.
logdawg Garcia actually had a pretty good game, although I'd bet that the fans blame him as well. He established a #1 WR, with Andre' Davis. Can we stop this talk that Q is a #1 WR? Crocker had the interception and TD. Also left out is Leigh Bodden, people don't realize how well he is playing on STs.
mulekicker3 I know he botched the snap (again) but Garcia wasn't that bad today, at least someone on the team is improving from week to week
appraiser ugly game
lumpdawg Andre looked like a diamond in a field of turds. Jeff had one major mistake on the fumble but I am not sure how much it would have mattered. Otherwise he played a good game. Crocker made a great play on the pick and played very well in place of Little.
bkinz9 Garcia played admirably under constant pressure caused by the worst O-Line in the NFL! Andre Davis is starting to emerge as our playmaker. Where would we be without our MVP, Phil Dawson?
debsch72 Chris Crocker has a good game, Alvin McKinley came up with the big plays when we needed them and Andre Davis had another good week receiving
clevelandfan Fans - We stick through thick and thin with this team, and are still optimistic in the end. The team just doesn't deserve any gameballs this week. Phil Dawson - 'Mr. Automatic' was just that yesterday....just wish he'd get more chances at extra points than FG.
madels The official took it in the nuts, stood up and finished the game. Gotta respect that.
cjdavis1abc Dawson, Pontbriand, and McCown - the ONLY thing working for this team (field goals). It's going to be hard to pick the MVP from these three, but I am leaning towards Pontbriand. What a sad assessment for this year's Brownies!!
sww108 Orpheus, again, is the best player on a crap D.
srunn49 the only two real contributors Sunday.
clevelandcraig at least Garcia tried. It was like him vrs the S***lers.
poohhuey Garcia.. best effort of the season! Dawson...does not miss! Suggs...Going in the right direction!
weimer19 Sad when the Kickers get the votes. Frost is on the field more than Garcia and Dawson is the only consistent player on this team.
clbr99 No one really deserves a gameball, but the offense finally decided to move the ball this week. Props to Andre Davis and Jeff Garcia. Garcia is a tough guy and in the end, I think we're gonna be happy that he's with us. Also, kudos to Chris Crocker for being in the right place at the right time.
bomeister Very few shining moments on O yesterday ..guess this is just going to be the "way it is". I am giving up on 2004 since the players already have done so...what do they do in practice? Don't they prep for the most underrated MAC Q-back?
dapound Crocker seemed to play well
vandalfan11 Hey man you get a gameball for knowing you are a better QB than Garcia and not starting a controversy... worry Garcia will get knocked in to the ER someday soon and you will have a chance to show that having a good relationship with your Team esp.. WR is vital to winning a game! Keep the faith brother!
joebrowns No gameballs. I don't think anyone deserves one
xudawg Andre Davis has played two good games in a row. I don't know if you can say that about anyone else on this team. He plays like he actually deserves a paycheck.
salesman217 WG gets the gameball for not melting down (yet) for being benched for no reason. Well I guess he hasn't earned his spot back yet.
aqib Crocker gets one for his TD, Andre Davis for having a 100 yard day. I am giving Couch because the offensive struggles show he wasn't to blame for all that ailed this team, and I am doing this to offset the idiots who have been giving him goats all year.
delacrypto Faine gets one for being the only lineman able to block anyone. Garcia for being able to do anything at all with so many black jerseys in the backfield. Dawson for being Mr. Consistent.
chucksjeep77 fans,radio and tv announcers only ones deserve to get least they showed up!
jsinct Courtney, Where are you? Wow did this team miss you today.
schehlk Sorry to say, our kickers were the high light of the team. The offense is getting better, slowly. I still have hope all is not lost!
mrgrinch Andre for being the only WR that had a good game. Crocker for keeping his concentration on the tip that turned into our only 1st quarter TD. And Garcia for throwing the ball away under pressure in the first quarter and hitting the ref in the nuts in the endzone! If you can't complete the pass, at least cause injury to the enemy. ;-)
cavtrooper LOL Yeah Right
dawghowl Jeff Garcia for his gutsy performance and for actually playing with some heart. He is the only reason we had a chance to come back today. Andre Davis: Caught the ball nicely and made some big plays in the 4th quarter.
alwayslefty I feel like this team has no hope, no belief itself, and no accountability for playing poorly. We deserve better. I had a hard time picking anyone to support on this team. I figure that Green deserves better than he's getting, and Dawson is our best player. lefty
vadawglb Jeff Garcia kept the team in the game until the fumble but, with the pressure he was under all day he deserves a gameball. Andre Davis showed what he can do when given the chance to go one on one with a DB and when the QB throws it his way.
indybones Great effort from Green when he got the carries. Hang in there Willie, the carries are going to come.
gmathiasf not as easy as I thought. Andre Davis is by far our #1 receiver. Dawson extended his streak. Otherwise. Boo.
icucomp He looks good compared to Garcia
glousterbrown Garcia actually played well for what he had to work with, and Dawson was his reliable old self.
yogi8 Dawson may be are only Pro-Bowl candidate. Crocker deserves props for his quick hands and 1st ever pro TD. Andre Davis gets a gameball for a 100yard performance though he still left some more out on the field. I suggest Andre get some ballet lessons to help him with his footwork.
Dawgalong I'm giving a game ball to the T.V. announcers for getting it right this week. All year we've been p****d off at the T.V. guys for deriding the Browns from the start of the game until the end, even if they win. They say the Browns' suck and were lucky to beat the ratbirds. They say Garcia is running for his life every down. They say the defense can't get any pressure on the Q.B.. You know what? They're RIGHT, the Browns SUCK and will continue to SUCK until DAVIS IS FIRED!!! sign me, Dawgalong
samatlanta Garcia put the team on his back and did his best to put us in a position to win. Unfortunately, he also gets a gets of goathorns for another lost fumble. Phil Dawson (with help from Frost and Pontbriand) has become one of the more reliable kickers in the NFL. Andre Davis got open deep and made a couple of big plays.


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
bendal Robiskie gets a goathorn for thinking this team is a power running offense. D and O lines get one each for being so putrid.
jcool71880 Jeff Garcia gets two big goathorns for fumbling once a week and not showing up until we are down by 14 every Sunday.
apvic 1. Earl Little needs to be replaced.. 2. Verba sucked... 3. Nothcutt had his head totally up his a**!!! 4. Campo's scheme was way, way to conservative ... 5. Did I mention Northcutt sucked??? 6. Can Faine snap the ball below Garcia's neck ??? 7. Can Garcia catch a ball above his neck ??? 8. Why is Q starting ??? 9. I would rather have King starting... 10. Why don't our wide recievers come back to Garcia. 11. What happened to our special teams?
browniefanman Hate to say it, but the Browns officially stink. Verba got eaten alive, Garcia didn't look good (although having an offensive line would help), and Little's tackling was shameful.
theoz Butch must go!!! Zeirlien should be bagging groceries and "vote for me for pro bowl" Little tackles like a scared school girl. Lerner needs to start the rebuilding process and fire Butch now!! Don't drink the kool-aid Randy!
edgewater joe Dave Campo: no matter who is playing against the Browns or what they do, he'll run the same tired-ass no-blitz no-stunt four-man line every play, every game, every time. He is the George W. Bush of coordinators. Robiskie's not much better. Garcia has to roll out because of the line and his abilities, so STOP SHOVING HIM IN A POCKET! And Butch? You're Bill Cowher's butt boy. Congratulations.
doctorfresh Terry Robiskie's play-calling makes absolutely no sense. Butch Davis is probably the worst game day coach in the league. Ever hear of a thing called challenging a play, Butch? And, as usual, a weekly goathorn goes to the Oline.
redright Did I say all coaches? Can I only vote them all goathorns four times? This is a badly coached, badly prepared, poorly executing team and that equals bad coaching. Can I vote all of them another goathorn or two? In the real world, this management puts you in bankruptcy!
brinkcle This whole organization (excpet for Garcia and Dawson) needs to be imploded!!!
irishcop_99 Poor play calling and game management. They have No offensive identity, they don't play Suggs consistently, they don't stretch the field in the first 3 1/2 quarters, and they don't BLITZ ON THE ROOKIE QB!!!
swerb It moved us too far down in the draft to make a serious run at moving up to get Gallery.
dp10451 Where do you start? They all looked like s***. Butch,the offense, the defense. This was the Steelers for Christ sake. Watching this is really hard. The fans deserve better.
fhanson I'm sick of it! Poor pass protection, poor blocking for the running game...same old, same old. Nothing good can happen until we get an O line
logdawg Anthony Henry may have had the worst game I've ever seen for a Browns CB. Didn't stay with assignments, anything. Simply pitiful. Tell me how Earl Little keeps his job? I don't understand it. I loved his tackle on Staley's 25 yd. TD run. Sad. Dave Campo comes into a game against a rookie QB with the idea of not blitzing? Pull a Washington and blitz most plays to see if you can rattle the kid. There was no defensive pressure whatsoever.
mulekicker3 Earl Little has to be the worst starting safety in the league. He is total garbage. If I ever see him in a browns uniform again, it'll be too soon.
appraiser line can not block or make penetration. receivers can not get open. linebackers are blown so far off the ball...ugly. davis can not pick talent or coach. i could go on and on. name names, etc. but why?
stonecolddawg BD must go!
lumpdawg Butch, you get three horns in my book. 1) You have continually neglected the o-line and yet you still believe that we can be a power running team? What a joke. 2) How can you allow position competitions to divide this team? Last year it was the QB. This year it is the running backs. I love Suggs' skill but Willie was running the ball better yesterday in his limited action. What happened to going with the hot hand??? 3) Why is it that you have all week to prepare for an opponent yet our offense looks absolutely inept on it's first series? I don't even know if we have gotten a first down on any one of our five opening drives. Don't even get me started on the drives out of halftime. This screams bad coaching.
bkinz9 How could the coaching staff not be prepared for this one?! The 1st half struggles are becoming a joke, when are we going to come out prepared to play? The O-Line is the worst in the NFL and until it is fixed we will be a losing franchise.
debsch72 Henry, what can i say, he needs to learn not to break down when the QB is out of the pocket. Looked a lot like what we did to Baltimore when the play broke down. Earl Little for getting man handled by Staley when he got bulldozered for the touch down and Jeff Garcia, though he did better this week once again he fumbles the ball at a critical time in the game when it looks like we may have something going
clevelandfan Special Teams - 'terrific' way to start off a game.... All Coaches - crappy play calling, Suggs and Green ran for all of about 15 times...pathetic...this team has come out flat the last 4 games, someone needs to start a fire, and that's the coaches responsibility. Entire D - nice int for a TD, but other than that, they sucked. Entire O - Garcia fought hard, but these guys ARE NOT ON THE SAME PAGE!!!!!!
madels Henry, Henry, Henry -- as good as you were in the last few weeks you were as bad today.
cjdavis1abc Offense, Defense, and Special Teams (except the field goal and XP units). No running game, no pass protection, no holes for backs to run through, no run defense, pick-up your jock cornerbacks, terrible kick-off coverage, and NO LEADERSHIP - on or off the field. Oh how I long for the days of Bernie, Mack, Byner, Brennen, Ozzie, Clay, Dixon, Minnie, and even Dino Hall - ALL Leaders that gave the Browns an identity, character, and excitement). We have nothing now and I fear a long losing season is in store for the Browns faithful...
sww108 Butch! You've done what I thought could not be done in 1999; You have made me lose hope. At that time, I eagerly anticipated the return of my beloved Browns. I was prepared for a few bumps, but thought the with the proper guidance, this storied franchise would return it's proper place as one of the NFL's most successful franchises. Fast forward to today. You have had 4 seasons to, borrowing from Coach Parcells, choose the ingredients and this is the best you can serve me?! The worst part is that there is no relief in sight. Even if Mr. Lerner cuts you loose, you have degraded the quality of this team to such a low level, it will take more than a couple of seasons to repair. Still, I could deal with that reality easier than questioning my sanity every time I hear you tell me about all this progress you see. Mr. Lerner, it's time.
other bjk Goats were All coaches, entire offense, and entire defense. I think that about covers it.
phelix17 I've been on the Butch bandwagon since day one. I felt he was handcuffed by the previous FO selections. I now am of the opinion that Butch is never going to make it in the NFL. We don't have the people to play, and hiring Robiskie seems like a tragic mistake. And Butch's "trashpile and 7th rounder" offensive line philosophy is just plain thematic incompetence. The Steelers pushed our line around like we were a high school team, and no amount of spin is going to change it. It was ugly to watch. Add that to the snookering we took on draft day by the Lions and I've just about had it. I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of coaching plans formed at halftime because the plans made during the game never work. This sucks.
srunn49 The Line is offensive!
clevelandcraig Even my wife wonders why every other Q-back has time to throw a freaking pass but our!
losangelesdawg Bottom line, Pittsburg whipped our collective asses on the protection for Garcia, no pass rush against Ben....hence we got whipped...if Davis does not address the O-line the next draft, Lerner should fire him on the spot...PS why was Green held out? I don't understand
poohhuey Henry...wake up over there!!! Northcutt....what team are you playing with? O Line - no support!!
weimer19 Butch is ultimately responsible for the product on the field. This product is bad. Many individuals probably deserve Goathorn votes, however this team is poorly coached, unprepared, and is getting beaten badly too often.
bart.quigley My goodness. Can we just have a horrendous season so Lerner can FIRE Butch? Where's the O-line? You get what you draft and if it's nothing, well...? Like the head's up play by Crocker. Phil - at least someone's scoring - keep it up! Dee Brown got one mean tackle and then looked super tentative returning kicks. Dave Campo - when the 4-rush doesn't work, please blitz! We need some freakin pressure!!
clownsfan The Browns have very little talent on either side of the ball. How many more Butch drafts will we have to endure? The browns might be very deep, but unfortunately, you can only play 11 and our top 11 aren't very good.
clbr99 Goathorns all around to the defense for laying a BIG FAT egg. And when is someone gonna teach Earl Little how to tackle? Pathetic.
evildawg Randy Lerner gets my Goat Of The Year for being too blind or too pu**y (both?) to fire Davis. And his staff. And the whole f***ing team. And himself. God, I'm pi**ed. Can we get Modell back? Well, that last part was just a joke.
lazywaste its too bad the coaches aren't smart enough to play to the teams strengths. instead they try to force things that simply don't work. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
bomeister Davis needs to be sent packing, time to get a new coach, some new coaching blood and reassess our talent and execution realistically instead of the usual Sunday and Monday Butch spin cycle! Thanks Butch for nuthin'! Where do we sign up for refunds??!!
nasdaq Losing in a blowout to the Sucklers? Better you had never been born.
dapound The whole team needs to wear the horns. thanks butch
three sewers gone They all suck. We suffered for three years w/o football to get this crap dressed in our name colors and heritage!
ronsicker Nice Job of coaching, offense, defense, and overall game plan
southwestdawg Receivers weren't finishing their routes leaving Garcia left out to dry, cornerbacks didn't trust the linebackers to handle Big Ben
vandalfan11 I cannot believe that T.O. was right. Jeff is really not a good QB, no matter how much he tries or think we care how much he cares about winning... he CANNOT DO IT!!!! PUT IN KELLY HOLCOMB or LUKE McCown, hell even Josh Booty or Nate Hybl can throw a better ball than Garcia and they don't even have to dance around like a scared little girl!!! JEFF- QUIT NOW, or take a shot to the head and medically retire!!!!!
joebrowns Garcia~for the third fumble from center in 5 games. Henry~for not playing his postions correctly and making the same mistake twice (letting Plax go to pursue the QB thirty+ yards away) Verba~penalties, missed blocks that he should be making.
xudawg Earl Little is an embarrassment to this franchise. Butch- nice O-Line you've built here. Hope these guys are around for the next five years.
aqib At some point the blame has to point to Butch. Butch will get a goat every week until he is gone. So I am giving them all to him, since most of the players on the team are guys he brought it (including all 11 guys on offense) he deserves the blame. Its not the fault of the players that they suck. Its his fault they are out there.
duckrunbrown Did the coachs ever consider blitzing a rookie QB? The front 4 did all they could.
delacrypto I used to be a Butch Davis guy. I don't know why now. Seems as though the people calling for his head might just be right after all. Zeirlien (OL Coach) needs to go too. This O-line is the most pathetic in the NFL, which goes back to Butch and his GM duty to put together a decent line, and coming up very short.
chakdaddy Ekuban's whiff on Roethlisberger let him complete the bomb to Burress that led to the 2nd td and the unraveling of the game
chucksjeep77 this team sucks....o-line is sickening, garcia has to run every play! sick!sick!sick!
irishmutt once again no blocking or tackling and bad play calling!
mojo1011 I really liked Butch Davis coming in and think that he had a tremendous amount of bad luck. But this team sticks again...with no hope. O-line..not their fault...they just stink. Andra Davis for making us believe he would be a leader on defense.
jsinct I want to thank the offense for being so underwhelming, that I turned the game off at halftime to do more constructive things.
schehlk Why oh why does our defense fail to put pressure on the QB. I think the only time we get a sack is by accident. Rothernsberger had all the time in the world to throw the ball. If Tim Couch and Kelly Holcomb had that much time to throw they'd both be in the hall of fame. PUT SOME PRESSURE ON THE QB!!!! Bench Morgan until he acts like he wants to play.
mrgrinch Butch for not having the team prepared for a very winnable game-AGAIN! Little for not even trying to tackle Staley, letting him go for pits first TD. Butch for not making adjustments-AGAIN! Why is he wearing headphones? Is he listening to his CD collection? If not, maybe he should start to.
huffinball Fire Butch!! Fire Robiskie!! Start scouting collage talent for next April!
dawghowl Entire defense was terrible today... no pressure on the qb, horrible coverage in the secondary and poor tackling, very disappointing effort. Dave Campo: terrible defensive gameplan, rarely did he blitz and our corners were sitting way too far back. LBs also 8 yards off the LOS on 3rd and short situations. Defense was way too vanilla today. Butch Davis: Outcoached badly today. Team looked flat and disorganized in the first half. And made very little to no adjustments in the second half.
alwayslefty The wagons should circle around Butch Davis and fire away. The accountability beyond talent is the coach. If Garcia is going to fumble snaps, he shouldn't play. If Northcutt had a worse attitude he'd be a postal worker. And the play of the O line speaks for itself. The biggest thing is it isn't their fault. They shouldn't be starters - none of them. Lefty
vadawglb Davis has to go!!!!!!!! He needs to decide on one back and give them a chance. Both coordinators need to come up with better game plans for what they have on each side of the ball despite the injuries other teams are making the changes and are being somewhat successful. The offensive line is SORRY!!!!!!! They couldn't block a good high school defense. No one looked good or even average yesterday!!!! Might as well let the young players play they couldn't do any worse.
indybones Now Arians looks like a genius. Amazing what and O-line does. When is Butch going to get it? Time to find a coach.
tree Once again, it was proven that Butch Davis doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to the offensive side of the ball. Whether it's Kelly Holcomb, Tim Couch, or now Jeff Garcia, no QB can prosper in this system. Davis is terrible at evaluating and acquiring Offensive Line talent, and he often is too involved in the play calling. I am not ready to write Davis off yet as we still have 3/4s of a season left, but I've lost a lot of faith in him since his QB controversies. We are lucky to be 2-3 IMO. Jeff Garcia was pimped as the savior for this franchise. A franchise that went 9-7 and to the playoffs with nearly all Palmer talent, but Jeff is just another in a long list of smokescreens and scapegoats in Butch Davis egotistical effort to hold onto power. Jeff Garcia is just a diversion used to cover up more of Butch Davis' bungling with the offensive line.
gmathiasf This team has become clutch at screwing up. Garcia fumbled a snap he should have handled, again. Otherwise he did reasonable considering the onslaught against him. Zukauskas officially loses his o-line spot and a horn from me. Mr. Irrelevant Quincy Morgan, did he even play? You get a goathorn for not even being able to shake your coverage on a crappy field. The defense was full of options. A Henry for letting Burress sneak behind him twice when Ben R scrambled-both huge plays, but he played well otherwise especially in run D. Earl Little for missing that tackle on Duce the first TD. I think he is also to blame for the Burress TD. Alvin McKinley for missing the sack on Ben R that resulted in a 50 yard play to Burress (the first one). Chris Crocker for being unable to pick up that fumble on the opening kickoff and instead knocking it out of bounds! All of those defensive missed plays come down to a goathorn for the coaching staff!
icucomp For sending his playbook to Davis Both teams offense's are offensive
cortkdad Nice whiff on the first PittsPuke TD Earl.... pretty sad he is considered part of our 'last line of defense'; Offensive line... the epitome of something truly 'Offensive'... Is the OL line coach next in the hatchet line Butch ? He should be gone along with you and the rest of your cronies from 'the U'...this team is pathetic
glousterbrown Most everybody on the team coaches included except for Garcia and Dawson should get a goat. D-line was awful, Lb's were awful, safeties were awful and the corners sucked eggs. Coaches had the team ready to play tiddly winks evidently because you sure couldn't tell they had formed a game plan of any type for the inbred
yogi8 This was Easy! Butch gets the horns for the lack of enthusiasm his team showed. Campo gets one because his squad made a rookie look like a saavy veteran. Robiskie needs to have a clue on what he's like to do and stick with it!
Dawgalong The win over Washington means NOTHING. It was luck. Sign me up, give me the phone number to call, let's start the process, beat the drums. BUTCH MUST GO!!!!! BUTCH MUST GO!!!! BUTCH MUST GO!!!! BUTCH MUST GO!!! Has a nice ring to it doesn't it? sign me, Dawgalong
samatlanta Anthony Henry looked brain-dead, losing track of the tallest WR on the field several times, resulting in big plays. Offensive Line...I wish there was a way for each of you to take turns trying to run or throw while playing behind a line as bad as you guys are. Joaquin Gonzalez does not belong on an NFL roster. The coaching was abysmal. Poor play calling by Robiskie, crap OL play and DBs ad-libbing are a sign of a poorly coached, poorly disciplined team. And why, oh why do we still have receivers who run 5-yard routes on 3rd-and-10? Garcia loses the handl on another snap? Come on, Jeff, get with it. And what's the deal with Jim Donovan? He was having a real love-fest with Roethlisberger.


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