Random Thoughts from a Wasted Mind

Fan commentator Dale is back with some thoughts prior to the Browns-Bengals game

Veteran wide receiver

There has been a lot of talk this week about obtaining Jerry Rice.  I have been saying since the Browns didn't retain the services of David Patten, that the team has a dire need of a veteran wide receiver. Patten is in his eighth year as a pro, and through 4 games this year, he has made 12 catches for 266 yards for an average of 22 .2 yards a catch. But the stats that stick out the most are that 11 of his 12 catches have resulted in a 1st down, and 2 resulted in a TD. That is what a veteran receiver does for a team. A veteran would also serve as a mentor to the Browns young receiving corps. Is Jerry Rice the answer? I doubt it at this point of season. But it is an issue that should be addressed next year.

Song and dance 

I see that the musical friends of Randy Lerner, the G. E .Smith Band has written and recorded a song entitled "Browns Town." The song is to debut Sunday when it is played prior to the honoring of the new Legends inductees. A song is nice, but do Browns fans really feel like a sing along right now? A few wins in a row, and all of us will all be rehearsing it in the shower. Win a Super Bowl, and it will go Platinum. I hope the Browns' next attempt at rah-rah is not professional cheerleaders. Fans want wins not a song and dance.

Winning ugly

The Browns' 2 wins have been said to be ugly. But it sure beats the hell out of what happened last Sunday in Pittsburgh. Until Garcia and the offense gets in sync, Browns fans better hope that the defense and special teams show up for an ugly win. The Browns are kidding themselves by having the philosophy of  keeping a  game close, and try to win it in the 4th quarter. There will be several games where it will be necessary to outscore the opponent in a shootout. That is what the NFL wants, and the rules are made to bring that result.


The Browns defense must find a way to put pressure on Carson Palmer, or Sunday's game could be a repeat of last weeks loss to the Steelers. Palmer has more talent than Roethlisberger, but the Steeler QB has more talent around him. But give him time and he will pick the Browns defense apart. Actually give any NFL quarterback time and they will shred any defense. It is time to use Chaun Thompson's speed in the blitz. It would also be nice to see the blitz man attack the same gap as another pass-rusher. A tactic that works especially well for teams that blitz successfully. It is a gamble, but not getting pressure results in a sure thing for the other teams offense.

There is a crack in the bend

The Browns defensive game plan is to bend but not break. But it good offensive teams have them bending all the way to the end zone. A major crack in the bend is the out pattern .The Browns can't seem to be able to stop it. Testaverde was the first to expose this glaring weakness. Then the Giants and Steelers threw the route several times with success. Until the Browns' corners Anthony Henry and Daylon McCutcheon are allowed by defensive coordinator Dave Campo to play the receiver tighter and jump a few of these routes, teams are going to keep having success throwing it. It is time to for the defense to start attacking.

The time is now to trade Jackson

To keep James Jackson in street clothes on Sunday is an insult to him. Hopefully the Browns will trade him to a team that can use his talents. They need to take whatever they can get for him, because he will not sign with the Browns next year. Except for his initial outburst he has handled the situation like a man and deserves to be on the field. Why not use him on special teams?

A must win

The Cincinnati game has been dubbed a must win for the Browns by many sports journalists.  I have news for them, every week in the NFL is a must win until you clinch a play off spot. So the fans need to show up early and be loud from the start. I'm on the inactive list this week but my tickets went to Browns fans for face value.

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