Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Here's the text from Thursday night's conversation between Dave and the dawgs...

ramllov Sean Jones, is he going to play this year?
Dave Carducci Still not sure. He's ahead of schedule, from what I've heard. I guess it will depend still on how ready he is mentally when he finishes the three week grace period after PUP. I would like to see him play. I'm very curious.
ramllov I read two different stories on Chaun Thompson. One BD says he is doing great and then Donavan chat says he is not near ready. What is the story?
Dave Carducci I think a lot of it also will depend on where the Browns are. If they are sub .500 and a playoff berth looks remote, they may want to give him a chance to get something out of the year
ramllov I would like to see him play and get some experience under his belt. I agree to that.
Dave Carducci Davis said Chaun had his best game against Pittsburgh. I've seen some things in him that I really like. He's aggressive, and he is as fast as advertised, and has pretty good instincts. But he's still pretty raw. And that's going to keep him from being completely ready, which is probably what Jim meant. He gets better every week, though.
ramllov Chris Crocker, looks like he is gaining on Earl Little. Is it just a matter of time for him to start.
Dave Carducci Also, missing camp, which is when you are supposed to really get the most out of the work (in year two), didn't help. It really was an unfortunate injury.
Dave Carducci Ram, it could be. He's playing almost equal time now
PCDawg Hey all. Did anyone watch NFL Live today? Don't like Salisbury, but he had a great point about the mental mistakes of the O-line being due to bad coaching. Anyone know why Zeirlein is still around?
Dave Carducci PCDawg, it's a good question. I don't really know what he brings to the table and why Davis has been so loyal when they haven't developed a young O-linemen yet. Zeirlein is not a Butch guy... he came as a recommendation from a mutual friend or colleague
Dave Carducci I'm one of those guys who has been frustrated for years, going back to the late 80's and 90's. I'm a firm believer in bringing along young linemen, drafting and developing.
ramllov Dave, how good was O'hara, at center, the NY Giants sure like him it seems?
Dave Carducci Ram, if you remember back, I said all along that O'Hara would have been a very good center. He was out of position at RG. And I still think that's a big reason why they could and possibly should have gone in another direction with the Fowler-Faine picks. Not that Faine isn't a very good lineman.
Dave Carducci I don't mind the Fowler pick either if you have the coaching to develop him instead of just basically giving up on him after one year
ramllov Thanks Dave, O'hara is one that got away, there are not many. Most of the guys that they got rid of are backup or out of football.
ramllov Dave, when you look at the other 30+ players on the team, not the starters. How good are these guys and do they have upside?
Dave Carducci Some do. Tucker gets better with every year. There aren't that many, though. I have my doubts about Garcia, although we are never really going to know what he could bring considering the struggles in protection.
PCDawg So what's the real deal with Quincy Morgan? We know he has lousy hands, and it looks like he gives up on routes. Must we assume that he's still out there because he is good at downfield blocking?
Dave Carducci PCDawg, I really don't know. It's funny because when I watch Quincy in practice (what we can watch) and in camp, he's such an incredible athlete. He could be one hell of a WR, but it never comes out on the field after I say every year that I'm waiting for him to finally catch on. I think it's close to time to put him to No. 3 behind Northcutt and Davis. I'd like to see them change Cutt's role a bit. Try to get him to stretch the field a bit more. He's not getting the YAC's they think he will on these drags and short patterns, and I think it's a waste in some respects. He can be dangerous underneath like that, but there's more he can bring
Bryan To add on the the Q question, does Robiske still believe in him?
Dave Carducci Bryan, I'm not sure if Robiske still believes in him or not, to be honest. I think while Garcia says he still believes in QUincy, the change in how often he used to look for him to the fact that he's all but ignored now, that probably says a lot
Redright Does Q suffer from A D D?
Dave Carducci Redright, I really don't know. Good question
BryanK A Drop a Day? (ADD)
Dave Carducci LOL
ramllov Dave, do you see Garcia and company getting it together where they finally get this offense moving?
Dave Carducci Ram, I'm a firm believer that the past is the best indicator of the future. Getting Tucker back should help, but there are so many flaws to a smash mouth offense with this line, that I just have my doubts. Until they make a serious committment to building depth and building through the draft or spending some real money in FA on the OL, I'm not going to believe this team can do what it really wants to do ey can do
Redright Dave, Art, Are we the worse coached team in the NFL?
ArtBtz No, I can't put that tag on Davis, as much as I'm disappointed in this season.
Dave Carducci Redright, I'm not completely sure of that. I don't like what I've seen so far. Or I should say there are a lot of things I don't like. I'd be very interested in seeing what Davis could do with this team if he were just a coach, and the Browns either forced or asked him to take on a personnel man. I'd also like to see an established o-line coach brought in. I look at what Grimm's done with the Steelers, and I'd like to see that here
newdawg we have a better record than new orleans, which suppose to have better talent.
Dave Carducci There's also the Dolphins, who I believe are a very poorly coached team, even when Ricky was there
YSU I am seeing some reports that scouts think Garcia's arm strength is SHOT!
Dave Carducci YSU, I've heard a lot of that too. He's made a few decent long throws, though, in recent weeks. Again, I don't know that we are going to really see what Garcia can and can not do because of the problems up front.
Dave Carducci But I do have, and have had, my doubts in Garcia
Guest113 Is Robiskie a good offensive coordinator or is it a new system that is the problem?
Dave Carducci Guest113, again, I'm not sure just yet. Robiskie can only work with what's given him in terms of talent. And I think whatever he wants to do is severely handicapped by the Browns overall lack of attention to the O-Line in the last four offseasons (heck, every offseason). But again, I think the philosophy is flawed when you want to be a smashmouth running offense, and you look at the personnel
Redright Hard to have a lotof faith in Robiskie. He didn't do a great job in DC as a coordinator and was a dreadful coach. The HC job was his if he didn't embarrass the team. AS WR coach with the Browns he developed no one. Not one worthy of a pro-bowl vote. Now he is failing at OC.
Dave Carducci Redright, it's an interesting point. The WR's he's had, though, are fiercely loyal to him. And he had a lot of people who liked what he did, or tried to do, with the Raiders
PCDawg So, looking ahead to next year, who are the viable head coach and GM candidates?
YSU Nick Saban
ramllov He is from the Belicheck and Parcells tree
Dave Carducci Ram, I'd like Saban if only for the connections. He's a Kent State guy, like me. And he's very close friends with Patriots assistant Dean Pees, just like me. So I'd like the idea of having a good working relationship with a head coach if there was a change
Dave Carducci Not that we have a bad relationship with Butch
Dave Carducci It is tough to watch. It's tough to cover. I'm constantly breaking pens under the desk, and I end up with ink all over me in the press box
ramllov Dave what is your opinion on the Bengal game. This is the first team the Browns are playing that have a weak defense?
Dave Carducci Ram, I think this is a game where they'll have some opportunities. They need to take advantage of that and not just beat a team playing ugly, but really play well, if only to prove to themselves that they can do it.
FunkyDawg This may have already been asked: How does Lerner feel about our team? Coach?
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, there are rumors that have been written in some newspapers that Lerner is starting to question Davis. I don't have that source, so I'm not writing it. Darned ethics. But the rumor is out there.
ramllov Dave do you have an opinion on Lerner, or ywould you like to pass on that question?
Dave Carducci Ram, I will say that Lerner wants to win, and he wants it badly. He's much more hands on than I expected him to be.
FunkyDawg Is that a good thing?
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, it's a good question. Depending on who you talk to in the organization, it might be a good thing.
BryanK Whats the deal with what Chad Johnson did this week? How are the DB's taking it?
Dave Carducci BryanK, for the most part, they are laughing it off
ramllov Dave, did you figure out what happened to Henry in the Pittsburgh game.
Redright Saw BD talking to Griffith, was there suppossed to be Safety coverage?
Dave Carducci Ram, I don't think so. Like Davis said, on a play like that where the QB scrambles, the CB's have to stick to their receivers like glue. Henry lost track of where Burress was.
FunkyDawg Thanks. I won't bug ya with anymore questions about the owner :)
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, no problem at all. He's actually a very nice guy
DieHardDawg David, were you taken aback by Gerard Warren's comments about wins, Super Bowls and paycheck
Dave Carducci DieHard, not really. A little bit when asked the ""in what order"" question.
YSU well you cant argue with that
Dave Carducci He does work hard. He hasn't been exactly what we all expected, but that's not for a lack of effort. I can't criticize him for it because this is a business, and he's looking out for his family first. Again, he does work hard
Dave Carducci And he doesn't get caught up as much with all the outside the ropes stuff. He's pretty focused on playing, and not talking
YSU will he start Sunday?
Dave Carducci YSU, It looks like he's going to play, and that should mean starting
DieHardDawg So, is Butch going to pull a Dan Reeves and bring back Sean Jones before he is ready, a la Michael Vick last year?
Dave Carducci DieHardDawg, I honestly don't know. I hear Jones is ahead of schedule, and it's probably going to come down to if he is mentally ready when his 3-week grace period is up after the PUP. Also, it'll probably depend on where the Browns are in the standings. If they are out of it, they might want to get him some work. But he should be healthy
Redright Dave, How important a game is this Bengals game? Isnt this a must win game to keep the season from getting away?
Dave Carducci Redright, I think it's a huge game. They need to play and play well, just to prove they can. This is a team they should be able to move the ball on, and they have to show they can do it
DieHardDawg David, do you see Echemandu or Heinrich being activated? I believe Heinrich will, as he's the closest thing to Winslow they have
Dave Carducci DieHardDawg, it's possible. Probably more with Heinrich because he has more understanding than Echemandu. Tough for Echemandu to really add anything without playing for so long. With Heinrich, though, it'll depend on the health of the TE's. Shea is starting to get a decent thing going with Garcia. Heiden is a pro's pro, a vet who they like. Mustard is a moose, and with the problems in protection and opening holes, they can use that muscle
BryanK What do you expect the mix to be between Green & Suggs?
Dave Carducci BryanK, I think it'll be more of what you've seen. Probably 75-25 Suggs-Green. Maybe even more. If they weren't going to play Green after 11 and 14 yard runs last week, they pretty much showed who they favor. And I don't necessarily disagree. While Suggs didn't play his best against Pittsburgh (had some problems in protection), he's a special baack
ramllov Dave are you impressed with Holdman OLB
Dave Carducci Ram, Holdman has a nose for the football. He's a vet, and he doesn't over run plays like Bentley. He's not a top tier OLB, but he's an upgrade over what they've had. But then anyone's an upgrade over what Rudd used to bring, and after that it's been guys learning on the job
ramllov What additional strength does Warren bring to the defense this week?
Dave Carducci Ram, he brings an attitude. He's bigger, more of an anchor against the run. And again, while we haven't seen him at his best, he does play hard and give his all. He played very well in preseason, too, remember
Redright Guys learning on the job...How is bently doing?
Dave Carducci Redright, I've been very disapointed in Bentley. Several penalties on special teams. Overruns a whole lot of plays. Doesn't take good angles.
ramllov Is Andra Davis MLB missing something this year, he appears to be a step slower or getting there just a little late?
Dave Carducci Ram, maybe a little. I've seen that. I don't know what to make of it, though. I still think he's going to be a good one
ramllov Dave is McKinley limited to a run DT? He seems to get penatration and an excellent goal line, fourth down DT?
Dave Carducci Ram, I don't think so. He's athletic, so I think he can be an any-down DT.
ramllov McKinley? Yes that is great news
Dave Carducci Redright, maybe a few missed tackles :)
Redright Arnt you voting little toHawii?
Dave Carducci Nope. Little though is another one of those guys who is great with us in the locker room. Always available. Always very pleasant to deal with. But he's one of those guys who has a high opinion of himself. I will say this, as an extra DB, I think he'd be a very good guy to have around. He does have a nose for the football
ramllov Dave considering the Butch Davis type of defense, will they evry draft a 350 DT?
BryanK Or a 350 lb guard?
Dave Carducci I'd rather have the 350-pound guard. As far as defensive line, ironically Davis has done a bit better job at developing and getting the most out of the undrafted FA's and lower picks than the high picks like Warren. It's a shame it hasn't been the same on the OL
Dave Carducci LOL
FunkyDawg Any regrets in not selecting Roethlisberger?
Dave Carducci I have to admit, I always like Roethlisberger a whole lot. I saw him play a lot coming up through the MAC. I think Winslow is going to be a very special player, but I would have been happy with Roethlisberger as well.
Redright Dave, what is this defense? How would you describe it? What is there philosophy?
Dave Carducci Redright, it's a good question considering they said they'd be blitzing a bit more this year.
Dave Carducci They try to do a lot more, though, with changing coverages. Lot more man than in the past.
Redright Butch says....Butch has a plan....Is he running for office? lol
Dave Carducci funny. He says he does. I'd still like to see him coach only and be forced to bring on a top personnel guy.
Dave Carducci Strange thing, I found my self agreeing with Trivosonno the other day while driving home.
FunkyDawg Triv? What did he say?
Dave Carducci He brought up the idea that Butch is asking the players to buy into sacrificing for the team, not being selfish. Yet he's not willing to consider that it might be better for the team for him to give up some of his power
Dave Carducci I didn't put that particularly well, but you get the idea
Dave Carducci I look at what it did in Seattle, and think it could be the difference with this team
ramllov Dave what is going to start this passing offense?
Dave Carducci Ram, I don't know. I really don't. I don't know that with this personnel it's going to be anything but a bit of a struggle.
Dave Carducci I have my doubts with Garcia, but again, I don't think we'll get to really see what he can do with the protection problems
FunkyDawg Do we need a hot shot WR in next year's draft?
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, we might, but I'm a firm believer in O-Line in round one, O-line in round 2, and O-line in round 3 :)
Dave Carducci I know that won't happen, but that'll make those wide receivers better in the long run.
Redright Can anyone get BD to get on offensive lineman let alone an offensive line? Can we get a concentrated effort to have a running game behind a solid OL? Frustrating when I think of all the great OLs the Browns had.
FunkyDawg Why has this team been so reluctant with the OL? This started YEARS ago...........
Dave Carducci I also understand that you can develop and find some very special o-linemen in the late rounds and as undrafted FA's, but that talent needs to be developed, and right now they haven't shown they can do that. There may be some good young linemen here, but I question if it will be developed. DeMar, Zuk, guys like that, may have it, and we'll never see it
Redright This is not a well coached team
FunkyDawg Coaching? position coaching that is?
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, I don't know. It's driven me crazy since the days when I was growing up, sneaking a flask into the old dawg pound
Dave Carducci May very well be coaching. I'd love to see a Grimm type brought in to develop these young linemen.
Dave Carducci Who knows what talent we actually have
Redright Up until the 70's the hallmark of the Browns was their OL.
Dave Carducci yep
Dave Carducci It's my No. 1 priority if I'm building a team.

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