BTNG Crew Rants and Updates for 12/26/01

New articles hit the site... newswire done... Doc Gonzo goes varmint-hunting.

(12/26/2001 11:58:38 PM)

Insider Mike McLain and Fan-Varmint Exterminator Doc Gonzo slam out articles today, which you can catch by scrolling down Insider Feature Story area. Mike takes a look at the future of Ross Verba (note to Roman Oben: update resume) and the release of Percy Ellsworth. Doc Gonzo waxes with his usual eloquence about the pain and suffering of varmints. Well, the pain and suffering he hopes to inflict. Oh, and Tim Couch gets mentioned too. (ArtBtz)

(12/26/2001 7:26:46 PM)

This week, just to add a little more fuel to the Couch fire, I threw together a little comparison detailing Couch's 21 starts under Palmer vs his 14 starts under Davis. I even extrapolated (hiccup) Couch's numbers this year to a 21 game stretch just for kicks. Yeah, I realize that it is really comparing apples to oranges, but what the heck, the off-season is on nigh, and we'll need something to kick and scream about. On the Power Ranking side of things, the top ten teams remained there, albeit with a few shuffles between them, while the Browns are hanging by a thread onto the 12th spot. Speaking of Couch, he let loose with a 55.49 rating against the Pack, while his counterpart, some guy named Favre, cranked out a workmanlike 112.05. Since the post-season is now officially out of the question, KCDawg1 posed an interesting question/poll in the WATERCOOLER. Check it out as well as all the other BOARDS here in Bernie's Insiders. GO BROWNS!! (TBF)

(12/26/2001 3:28:53 PM)

WWWE is reporting that S Percy Ellsworth is a Brown now more. Butch Davis continues to turn over the roster, today releasing veteran safety Percy Ellsworth. Ellsworth was originally signed as a free agent based on his "ball hawk" reputation. It never worked out for him in Cleveland as his play has not lived up to the rep. Now he's gone. (ArtBtz)

(12/26/2001 9:24:49 AM)

Today's Newswire is 75% of Butch Davis standing up for Tim Couch and then 25% "other ingredients". (Dave)

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