BTNG Crew Rants and Updates for 12/29/01

<B>UPDATED 5:00PM</B><BR> Site has been mangled and pretty much screwed up... Columbus fans shut out... Game preview ready...<BR> <B>UPDATED 11:00AM</B><BR> Our webmaster is mangling the site... someone distract him before he breaks everything...<BR> <B>UPDATED 10:30AM</B><BR> Another newswire update, another Ben Gay... Weirdness among Browns sites: Plain Dealer falls & can't get up while the Official Site turns into Dick Tracy...


We've slammed together a game preview, which will be updated over the next 12 hours with various BTNG Crew takes and information as we get it. WBNS-10 in Columbus is not showing the game because they suck, but we've heard that Channel 7 in Dayton will have it, so be prepared to assign spouses and kids to hold rabbit ears in uncomfortable positions if you live in C-Bus. We've been mangling the site today, which hopefully will make things easier to navigate and less annoying... lots more changes on the way in the next couple of weeks, particularly for Insiders Extra subscribers. (ArtBtz)


Beware of broken stuff and general irritations, Bernie's Insiders webmaster Art Bietz is busy mangling the site and breaking stuff. Expect a number of changes throughout the day as Bietz actually gets around to cleaning up the mess he created when the BTNG morphed into Bernie's Insiders back in September. Be afraid, be very afraid. Comments on changes can be sent to, which he promised to actually read.


Butch Davis reaches, yet again, into the ranks in heralded high school players who lost their way. This time, it's St. Louis legend Alvin Morrow who went off to play baseball and never got past AA. Morrow, a tight end, was supposed to be the next Kelvin Winslow, but got lost somewhere in a Midwestern outfield. Pete Garcia reached out and signed him to the active roster. In case you had forgotten who is in charge, this yet another clear signal that Garcia and Davis are calling the personnel shots.

Meanwhile, I can't bring up the Plain Dealer site this morning, so we'll update the wire when and if it starts working. The strangest thing I saw on the web today was the Browns posting of a most-wanted fans  page, as the team tracks down malcontents tossing plastic bottles onto the field. The team that missed Jeremiah Pharms and Mike Sellers off-field hobbies isn't going to let any angry drunken bottle tossers go unpunished. Defensive tackles can run around with glocks (or whatever), but fans chucking bottles will be hunted to the ends of the earth. I'm just a harmless non-tossing doofus, but I'm not sure that the priorities on Inspector Tracy's to-do list aren't a little jumbled. But, um, what the heck to I know. (ArtBtz)

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