BTNG Crew Rants and Updates for 12/27/01

UPDATED 10AM<BR> Today's wire: Tim Couch's hardest critic is himself... well, that, and everyone else.. Pat Mac talks about a grumpy Fuller wanting to make the playoffs... Ross Verba gets a shot at tackle..

(12/27/2001 10:02:35 AM)

The critics are coming down hard on Tim Couch after his 3 interception game against the Pack last Sunday; and one of those critic's is Tim himself. Now, while the critics do their bit the team does theirs - KJ came to Tim's defense ''It's just crazy,'' Johnson said about the criticism Tim has received lately. ''I just tell him to keep his head up,'' Johnson said. ''He wants to make big plays. You can look at any of the great quarterbacks. They throw interceptions. He's learning from each mistake he makes.'' The Browns public-relations department went into high gear Wednesday when they issued a release to compare Couch's development to other quarterbacks that were selected first in the draft. At this point in Tim's career he is second to only Peyton Manning - the list included guys like Troy Aikman, John Elway and Terry Bradshaw.

Today's Newswire Highlights:

Patrick McManamon from the Akron Beacon Journal has a story on how Corey Fuller is upset about the Browns missing the playoffs; the loss to the Packer ended the Browns chances of making a miracle run. ''It's been a long two years, and I felt like we had a great opportunity to make the playoffs, and I saw it dashed in front of my eyes. If it doesn't happen, it's just not meant to be,''' Fuller said. ''But it still hurts. I think we're close, but there's still work to do.''

Ross Verba has solidified himself at the Left Tackle position for next year, so you can scratch that from your offseason to do list.

There are a few other good stories buried in Today's Newswire ; but I will let you dig those out on your own....... (Dave)

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