BTNG Crew Rants and Updates for 12/28/01

<B>UPDATED 1:00PM</B><BR> WIRE: Is Jamel White a one-game wonder?... SHOCKER!! Another Brown hits the IR!... The Ozone Layer: Is it still there??!?

(12/28/2001 1:29:34 PM)

Your Thursday errrrrrr Friday morning Newswire is ready to roll Dawgs. Seems that even though Jamel White had a huge day against the Packers last week he is still not getting any respect; not even from the big man Butch. I mean, who cares if White had a Marshall Faulkien type day? Who cares if it was the best overall performance from a Browns player since they returned in 1999? Who cares if the Squeelers are in first place in the division and have the inside track on home field for the playoffs? Who really cares about the ozone layer?

Breaking news here....... We lost a player for the year with injury. Holy Cow! Imagine that!! What were the chances of this happening to the Browns this year? This time it is Aaron Shea out for the year with a deep shoulder bruise he suffered in the Patriot's game DE Derrick Ham replaces Shea on the Browns roster; Ham had been on the practice squad. Davis said Ham might play if Courtney Brown's sprained ankle sidelines him this Sunday.

If it hasn't been obvious that Jamir Miller is THE MAN on this Browns team then it has now. Coach Davis had the players vote on team captains to finish out the season and Miller received 61-of-66 votes from his teammates as one of six selections. The winners were Tim Couch and Dave Wohlabaugh on offense, Jamir Miller and Corey Fuller on defense and Chris Gardocki and Brant Boyer on special teams. As for the rest of the Newswire we have an update on who Coach Davis thinks should make the Pro Bowl off the Browns squad, one of his picks may surprise you. We have the story of Alvin Morrow who was just signed by the Browns this week and went through his first practice on Wednesday. So hit the link and hit the beer - we only have two games left this year (unless of course all of the teams in the AFC tie their remaining games - if that happens and we win, we still only have two games left......sigh) (Dave)

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