Browns-Bengals: Gameballs & Goats

The gameballs flowed for William Green after his 115-yard effort. Here are the gameballs and goathorns handed out by Browns fans following the team's 34-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Week's Results
Quincy Morgan got out of town just soon enough to ensure that he drops out of the Top 5 of goathorns through the year, while William Green is swarmed by nearly 100 gameballs following his 115-yard performance against the Bengals. Jeff Garcia, as is often the fate of quarterbacks, shows up in both the gameballs and goats columns. Green takes over the year-to-date lead as team MVP, replacing Phil Dawson, who falls behind Andre Davis.


Player Gameballs
William Green (31/RB) 99
Jeff Garcia (5/QB) 76
Lee Suggs (44/RB) 42
Andre Davis (87/WR) 38
Anthony Henry (37/CB) 35
Aaron Shea (80/H-B) 25
---Entire Defense--- 22

Write-Ins: The Suggs/Green combo, Chad Johnson, "Kelvin Garmon for gutting it out", "Northcutt for finally catching a ball", "Coaching for keeping fresh players in the game", "Whoever decided to use Suggs as a receiver", "Fans who stayed the whole game", Paul Brown, "Finally they played like a team", "Special mention to the team for toughing it out after 4 turnovers ", "Raleigh Browns Backers", "The Bengals (For allowing us to win with 4 TO's)"


Player Goathorns
Jeff Garcia (5/QB) 43
---Officiating Crew--- 38
---TV Announcers--- 33
Butch Davis (Head) 19
Melvin Fowler (67/C) 12

Write-Ins: Chad Johnson (9), Sean Salisbury (are the bungles still going to the playoffs?), Tim Couch (2), Turnovers (2), "Little bitty goathorns for Faine and Garcia", "Garcia's hands", "Target", "Fans who left early", "Stan.....eerrr.....Steve Buerlein", "Warren: did he play... I didnt see him", "Browns Fans", "The entire Bungles", "Bungle Uni's", "Center snap",


  Gameballs Goathorns
1 William Green Butch Davis
2 Andre Davis Offensive Line
3 Phil Dawson TV Announcers
4 Kenard Lang Officiating Crew
5 Lee Suggs Quincy Morgan

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
samatlanta Suggs & Green figure out how to co-exist. DB's played great after getting torched last week, and shut up Pepto-Boy. Garcia, well those 2 picks were really ugly, but the TD passes overshadowed them. Demar seemed to make a difference on the left side.
losangelesdawg It is great being able to give gameballs to the O-line and Green...great game by game by Chaun in his two years....can you give the same player a gameball and goathorns? ...if so ...Garcia
rickyfeacher Garcia helped himself make up for the 3 TO's he caused with 4 TD's. We'll need those type up big play's next week.
dp10451 Who woulda thunk it? Willie 100 yds rushing and Lee 100 yds receiving. FANtastic! And the defense stood their ground. (Except that 2nd quarter.) They shut the Johnson & Johnson boys. Cutch and Henry really looked good.
jlac20 100 yards rushing for green, 100 yards receiving for suggs, and garcia played well....some turnovers, but great day....great defensive effort
mulekicker3 Did Winslow somehow sneak into Aaron Shea's body?????????
phelix17 Well done, Brownie O. Welcome back, we've missed you.
yahnke nice play-calling, recievers
chrisrockins Kevin Bentley was solid tackling all day. Especially on Special teams. I hope he can get back in the lineup. Good job by Hank to shut down C. Johnson
other bjk I voted to give Garcia both a Gameball and a Goat -- that's the kind of split game he had
bomeister Best overall game performance this year, played the entire 60 minutes...way to go O line and the ever present poised defense. Kudos to O line on no sacks today and to Ebenezer for his great pursuit and sack.
ticketblender2 I need more than 3 boxes today. 4 turnovers and yet complete and total domination! Man, it was great to be a Browns' fan today!
delacrypto Turnovers aside, fantastic performance overall. Offense moved the ball all day without much resistance, and the defense dominated.
ysufan In a must-win game, Butch Davis had this team very ready vs. the so-called next genius (Marvin Lewis) who had 2 weeks to prepare.
nmbrownsfan jeff earned BOTH a gameball and goathorns yesterday
jacooper96 Good offensive game plan
ghostdawg Except for a bad exchange, a questionable fumble, and one or two other mistakes, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT!!!!!
dawghowl Garcia had some struggles early on, but he rebounded from it nicely, making some big plays and leading the team to victory. William Green ran the ball hard all game long and kept the running game going, giving the offense a balanced rushing attack. Lee Suggs showed his ability to catch passes consistently and turn them into big plays, giving Garcia an added target in the passing game. The Entire Defense... from start to finish it was a dominating performance by the defense. Had it not been for the turnovers we likely would of shut the Bengals out.
jeffdsp Good game from all 3 aspects. Completely dominated from the start and got everybody involved. This is how this offense can go if the coaches just open the play book a little. Everybody expected the Browns to run it up the middle at 1st and 10 from the 1 (especially the Cincy D) and they made a great call. That's what fans have wanted to see for the last 2 years. Not run, run, pass, punt. Good job all around (except for the turnovers...can't beat a good team when you beat yourselves).
evildawg Henry and Dawson should go to Hawaii, but they play for Cleveland, so fat chance of that happening.
nadelp D played well enough to pitch a shut out. All the backs played well, but T. Smith really dealt out some punishment!
xudawg Andre with another big play...Chaun and Griffith both made big tackles in space...first time I've seen Griffith play well since week 1.
mikepettek Andre Davis looking like he is becoming a legit #1 WR. With a healthy Winslow, the Browns really only need one other solid WR to give opposing DB's headaches. If only we had a true possession WR (*cough* Kevin Johnson *cough*) to keep the D's honest.
gmathiasf lots of options this week! green ran very well. suggs was huge in pass offense. play calling was significantly better. garcia was good but 3 turnovers keep him from getting a gameball. the whole defense gets a gameball for holding cincy to 1-13 on 3rd down and giving up no big plays. A Henry gets a gameball for his continued good play (save last week) and has really blossomed as a coverage corner. my final gameball goes to ryan tucker (who i personally hate) for bringing some stability to the o line which was much better this week!
clevelandcraig Not a great game, a Win is a Win, it was a game we should have won. T. Smith, Suggs, and Ekuban get a ball for some nice plays.
thejamdawg The Fans deserve a gameball for keeping up the intensity. The team as a whole gets one for playing well in spite of 4 turnovers. (Something which cannot happen against a team like the Eagles.)
pghdawg garcia gets a ball and a goat, for both winning the game and trying very hard to lose it.
housebot A lot of heros. these are a few.
section 527 dawg Paul Brown gets a gameball because... well, he's Paul Brown!! LOL!!
ccdawg49 William and lee made big plays. Henry didn't allow Johnson to have any big plays.
frumanchu Green was a workhorse and got the job done. Dre Davis appears to be the number one receiver now. Henry did a great job shutting down Chad Johnson. Aaron, who'd have ever thought I'd give him a ball?!?
vandalfan11 What a great team effort! Although they still sucked it up in the first half as far as turnovers go... they made up for it with staunch defense and a few sparks of light on offense. Andre Davis... you rock! Just keep getting open and do not listen to anything Morgan says! Phil- you are the man and always give your best every game... we appreciate it! William Green- You deserve to be the starting RB, you have improved your running style to fit the O-line and hav been really productive and consistent, also your pass catching is really improved from last season! Way to get back on track professionally and personally. Finally... LEE SUGGS: You are good, not great but good, come on Jeff Faine could have caught that flat swing pass and taken for 6. :) Be flexible and recognize that Green is a better run than you are at this point of your career. ALSO: Aaron Shea!!!!!!! Kellen who? Keep it up and I'll send back the Winslow jersey and grab myself a # 83... AWESOME back to back games man!
hogan Garcia - Jeff is a leader. Can't handle a snap (NONE have been Faine's fault) but is a leader. I like how he challenges everyone (including the coaches) and stepped up today. Time will help him with this offense. But I finally have a leader. Ekuban - not just for todays game. But this guy was a cast-off (Just like Micheal Myers - playing at a high level) of the Cowboys and has been consistent and a nice addition for us. I love the way he plays. Chaun - I can see it with my own eyes bud. You are getting it. There is no doubt about his physical skills. How many times does he bring the thunder on someone running sideline to sideline on sweeps, etc? Keep it up - you are fun to watch.
Dawgalong Kudos all around for a good TEAM effort. It was only the Bungles though. This is way fans expect the Browns to play.
endzoneeddie D-backs plays some good ball as did the whole defense
revrm19 William finally is beginning to live up to his hype-too bad he has to be on the verge of losing his job permanently to bring it out. Lee has been a super player, content to receive passes if the run doesn't work. Great teamwork from the backfield. Robiskie finally got away from the generic play calling and got somewhat creative. Good job. Now let's go get Philly!
chas dawg The Defense Gets A Gameball The Game Plan Gets A Gameball
redright Dre' Davis keeps coming up big even though they try to ignore him Jeff Garcia... toughed it out Special mention to the team for not giving up after 4 turnovers Butch Davis...long way to go but he got them back on track and heading in the right direction....Should Shea be wearing #80?
jsinct Finally the Offense Shows up in a game. It would be nice to improve upon that turnover thing though.
clevelandfan William Green - Yes, we played one of the worst run stoppers in the league, but I think Will made a statement who he thinks should be the RB of this team. Great running in the game!! Entire O - They overcame the 4 turnovers by Garcia and Suggs, and actually played a decent game, even with o-line men going down. Entire D - Wonderful game again...this is probably the most underrated D in the league.
madels Green has earned the starting position. Suggs is a great change of pace back and receiver. Ultimately, they will complement each other.
madawg67 for the first time this year we actually had some good play calling...maybe we can do it again this week! Go willie!
mamadawg It was very nice to see the fans support the Browns well. I was happy to see Garcia be allowed to do what he does well. Big applause for our running backs and wide receivers. Defense did very well.
irishmutt good game, keep it going!!!
gooch923 Give Willy the ball. He ran very hard on Sunday, always falling forward just like he's been doing all year. Green over Suggs. Props to Garcia, but even more props to the D.
jothoms21581 our db's shut down their wideouts with some help from Johnson's butterfingers!
browntothebone Smith was absolutely sick today almost everytime I keyed in on him he was laying somebody out like they just talked bad about his sister. He should be in on every single play that is not an obvious passing down.
saguaro dawg Shea- that's what I'm talking about! Henry- after a bad game, maybe the best player on the team
aqib Davis gets a game ball for the longest reception in the history of the team. He was so wide open even Garcia could hit him. Green and Suggs get the other two balls because they both gained a 1000 yards.
gbeachy50310 RB UNIT: Green, Suggs, Smith -- what an awesome combination. 100+yds running, 100+yds receiving -- an incredible threat. GARCIA: If he doesn't throw the 2 picks, he has a QB rating of 151 for the game. Even with the INTs he came out at 115. DEFENSE: Way to hang in there, make tackles, control the running game. Still need improved pass coverage, but overall well done.
caryncbrownsbacker 30 Raleigh Browns backers made the trip so give them the props!!
weimer19 The Jeff Garcia that threw 4 touchdowns gets a gameball. Andre Davis for the 99-yard reception and Green for 100 yard Rushing. Terrelle Smith deserves a mention as well.
htown_dawg Good strong running by Green. Andre Davis gets one for the sweet move he put on the DB to get open. Davis - Nice game plan, Butch. Keep it up!!


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
samatlanta Derrick Frost - you have to start punting better.
photocitydawg Garcia and Faine get the goathorns because it is week 6 and they still haven't figured out how to snap the ball to the quarterback.
rickyfeacher What happened to Frost's punting? We could have used the xtra 10+ ytds Frost was giving up today.
dp10451 Frost can't have short punts against a good team. Where did the fans go? Are they so used to seeing a winning team that they chalk it up as a win and just go home? The seats looked awfully empty near the end of the game.
jlac20 Johnson, 4 drops way to play baby.....still hate butch Davis
mulekicker3 Why even have instant replay if you are going to make calls like that one. Horrendous.
appraiser no goats today
19kosar19 Garcia may have had decent numbers today, but he had 3 turnovers to himself...The game was only close because of his poor ball handling today.
glennchannell I know, Garcia completed 16-23 for 310 yards and 4 TDs, but he also had two awful throws that were intercepted, fumbled the SNAP, and tried to pick up Lee Suggs' "fumble" instead of falling on it, contributing to a 4th turnover. The officials get one for the ridiculous ruling on the Suggs fumble, and the fans for leaving so early. Go back and look at some of the shots from the 4th quarter...the stands look empty.
bomeister Garcia still shows signs of being anxious despite his best performance as a Brown, 2 INT and missing the snap deep in our own territory would be disastrous with a tenacious team, say like Philadelphia! Goat to Butch Davis cause he remains a weasel and always will be despite a good team performance.
apvic Frost and the special teams gave us great hope for this year in the preseason and to this point have been a disappointment. get your shit together!!!! Why do we get the lame ass announcers every frickin week ???
delacrypto Johnson will need all that pepto back after eating all that crow.
ysufan I thought the fans were horrible. Too many orange seats showing...and when you have gloves on, you must yell to make noise...not clap!
timcouchsucks Garcia, you looked Good but you had way to many turnover. I would like to see a week where you didn't fuckup a snap.
jacooper96 Garcia tried to get a goat, but made a couple big throws to negate his big mistakes. Good job by refs giving gals a freebee.
ghostdawg Faine and Garcia need to hang out, toss some brews, meet some girls, do some bonding. That should fix that snap thing. Oh yeah, and a little 'stick um'. Who's got Lester Hayes' phone number?
dawghowl TV Announcers who in the world were these guys? calling butch Bruce Davis? and calling Terrell Smith Jeremi Johnson? LOL. They really had no clue about either team The Refs: They need to have their eyes checked. How can u not see that Suggs knee was clearly down before the ball came out??? what a horrible call. Quincy Morgan: I know he had a TD catch. But 1 catch for 10 yards? I expect more production out of him. He just isn't getting it done. He better step it up or he wont be here next season.
jeffdsp Horns for Jeff Garcia only because of another fumbled snap. The interceptions are going to happen no matter who the QB is (just ask Favre, Elway, and Marino) even though fans in Cleveland think you suck if you even throw 1. So no horns for that, just fumbling the snap...4 in 6 games is unacceptable.
evildawg Butch still gets a goathorn, because he hasn't yet handed over his resignation. We beat the Bungles, big deal. So did my mom, and she's dead.
nadelp Not much good happened on special teams and Quincy has about worn out his welcome.
xudawg Those TV guys were absolutely dreadful, messing up names, laughing about it...and Garcia needs to learn how to take a snap, didn't give him horns, but I gave his hands horns
mikepettek I don't mind keeping Dee Brown on the roster as long as Jackson is hurt, but we have to find a better KR. I don't want to injure Davis, but what happened to CJ Jones? or Even Andre King? Also, Target didn't have the portable propane tanks for our tailgate party, meaning we had to set up a makeshift grill. Ruined three Brats because of it
gmathiasf after a week like this it is hard to give horns, luckily I have backlogged goathorns to hand out. Butch Davis gets one because he is Butch Davis. Q Mo gets one because even though he got another TD that once again was his only catch. He is not an every down receiver Butch. I actually give a horn to the entire WR unit because with the exception of Andre Davis, they are a disappointment.
clevelandcraig I have seen better coaching at a pee-wee level. The team came together and made it happen, however as the yo-yo goes up the yo-yo will go down.
thejamdawg Hey Chad, looks like YOU'RE the one who needs the Pepto! On the subject of Suggs' "Fumble" (Why I'm giving goathorns to the officials.), HE WAS DOWN! What video were you watching in the booth?
housebot Couldn't find anyone to give em to.
thespazdawg No Way that suggs fumbled that ball, goathorn to you refs. We have been given the worst, most ignorant, idiotic, moronic fools as TV announcers this year.
section 527 dawg Cleveland Broncos? Butch Johnson? Jeff Davis? Robert Griffin? Bruce Davis?? Who are THESE guys, Stan - uh, Steve? Can CBS PLEASE HIRE WORSE commentators? PLEASE??? These guys are not nearly bad enough!! (sarcasm!!)
ccdawg49 garcia has to stop turning the ball over. BD almost got too cute at the end of the first half. Officials blew the suggs fumble call.
frumanchu Fowler: when you come in and pass block *worse* than Garmon, that says something. O-Line (specifically pass blocking): Garcia gets a pass on the bad plays because of some of the good ones, but the pass blocking is still horrid. TV Announcers: Good Lord, my grandmother and 15-yr-old brat neighbor would have been more competent commentators.
vandalfan11 Robert Griffith the "veteran". #24 consistently gives up big plays, especially touchdowns on simple man coverages against bigger and slower TE's.. When will Butch realize that he can no longer keep up with the younger players on the team... i know we are waiting for Sean Jones and everything but in the meantime put in Crocker for Griffith, not Little, he is just in a slump. NORTHCUTT: I dont know who you are... you play like your being forced to be out there, I know you arent happy but if you consistently under-perform just sit out and let Alston line up for you. When Aaron Shea starts running better routes and catches more balls against the same coverage its time to give it up, and punt returns, comeon!!! You are not worth the money we have paid you.! GERARD WARREN: Uh... did I miss something I dont think made a single significant play although I heard Ekuban and Meyers name plenty even Roye once but no Warren: Give your money to Shea he deserves it more than you do you piece of glass!!
yogi8 no horns today.
hogan Gotta start with the special teams unit - Phil, love the consistency on the FGs but the kick-offs need work. Great improvement towards the end of the game but we can't let them get to the 45 yd line after we gain momentum. Officiating crew - The WORST SINGLE replay decision of all time. How do you not reverse that? Led to a 7 point gift - but the officiating has been costly to the Browns this year. Andre King - nit picking here - but please Andre - act like you are a professional. I mean run a route two yards short and then jump up and down because you don't get the first. The act is getting old.
Dawgalong I'm giving the coaches goathorns, Not for this week but for last week. I'm STILL P****D off about that. One game doesn't make up for the season. The coaches will need to show dramatic improvement over a period of time while showing us some semblance of consistency before I let up on them.
endzoneeddie The Browns Fans for being so SKITTISH about the Teams chances this year
revrm19 We could have been in the fifties if Jeffy boy knew how to hold onto the football, and if he remembered we are the ones to throw to, not the other team. Cad, drink up the pepto!
chas dawg Suggs did not fumble that ball!
redright Robiskie...How does Andre Davis get one catch for 99 yards in the opening minutes, is punished, is removed from the game? DUH! Rosburg...Puts Chad Mustard on Return team? How about teaching him North and South? Better- don't let him touch the ball...Better- sideline observer!!!
jsinct I blame Pete Garcia for a lot of things.. but the write goat goes to Chad "I'm an idiot" Johnson. Nice way to motivate your opposition.
clevelandfan Jeff Garcia - 3 turnovers!!! Really needs to take better care of the ball, and I'm sick of the missed exchanges. But, he made up for it with 4 TDs, he only gets the goat for the 3 turnovers. Lee Suggs - I'm wondering if he still may be hurt, with only 1.5 yrds rushing and a fumble, he may have permanently given the starting job to Green. His 100 yrds rec. is a big plus though, and shows how the Browns can utilize both back on the field at the same time. Bungles Uni's - Boy are those things hard on the eyes!!! Chad Johnson - I wonder how much Pepto he's drank since the game. At least he got our D motivated.
madels If it was not for dropped passes of the Bungles, our DBs would have looked even worse. I can't tell whether it is the coverage or the players -- but its not pretty. Lord help us against Philly if this bunch puts up that kind of performance next week.
irishmutt blown calls,again!!!!!
jothoms21581 two interceptions and another missed snap! that part should be easy.
r22weiss Too many turnovers!
saguaro dawg Garcia- GREAT game but dude needs to take some fumble recovery drills
aqib The poor clock management at the end of the first half was only mitigated by the fact that the Bengals are really an awful team. So for that I have to give a goat to Butch. I would give a goat to Garcia simply because Cutt, Davis, and Suggs were the ones who made the three plays that accounted for more than 200 yards. But he made the clutch throws he needed to make. So leaving no players to give goats to I am giving the other two goats to Butch as well.
gbeachy50310 GARCIA: Dropped snaps? Trying to pick up a fumble and run with it? I know you are trying to make things happen, but sometimes you have to make the safe play. 2 INTs in a game is too Couch-like for my taste. I gave you a gameball, but you deserve a goathorn, too. SPECIAL TEAMS: Kickoff returns and punt returns were really awful. Cutt really pulled down his average return with a weak performance. We need to greatly improve our return game. TUCKER: Every week with a penalty = goathorn. Great having you back, it was obvious how much we need you. But I stick by my guns -- penalty = goathorn for you.
weimer19 The Jeff Garcia the threw 2 INT's (I know at least 1 may not have been his fault) and could not just fall on the "fumble" by Lee Suggs. The officials for calling that play a "fumble" and then not being able to reverse it. I understand the rule states "undisputed evidence" but Suggs was clearly down. Also Garcia has to learn how to take a snap.
htown_dawg Officials - Hello!!!! That wasn't a fumble and get out of the way of the freaking ball when it's in the air!!!!! Garcia - Yes, I know he threw for 4 TDs, but you just CAN'T fumble the snap. You just CAN'T. Jeff Faine - See Garcia, Jeff.

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