BTNG Crew Rants and Updates for 12/30/01

<B>UPDATED 10:45AM</B><BR>Newswire on the way... Youngstown and Dayton stations may bump Browns...<BR><B>UPDATED 11:45AM</B><BR>Revenge and Anti-Backlash on the Wire...


If one is unfortunate enough to be inflicted with Cleveland sports talk radio constantly, then it's clear that there are two major flavors: those that spend time kissing the Browns butt because they have relationships to maintain, or those who try to stir up controversy whenever they can. The latter has been on the anti-Couch warpath the last several weeks and now come the reasonable voices of the press to calm the hysteria. Terry Pluto captures the situation well, as do several other commentaries. The cycle is as predictable of the seasons, albeit easier to navigate through than the layers of snow I now find myself buried under. Also on tap are a number of looks at the Browns-Oiltans game, centering around the first contest between them, which marked the beginning of the end for the Browns playoff run. (ArtBtz)


News here at BTNG Central is that the sell-out date for the Bungles-Steelers game was extended and might result in Channel 7 in Dayton, as well as the Youngstown station, bumping the Browns for that ridiculous contest. If you don't live in C-town, you might want to head to a local sports bar or quickly make friends with a neighbor who has Sunday Ticket. Either that, or piece together what you can from our web links and head to the chat room. Newswire on the way! (ArtBtz)

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