Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Transcript of the Wednesday night's chat with Lane and Dave!

artbtz Hopefully Northcutt can stretch the field like Davis can
artbtz That's what worries me... for us to run, teams have to respect us deep.
Dave Carducci Hopefully they'll finally put Northcutt in positions where he can stretch the field, or at least utilize his skills, rather than make him nothing more than a posession receiver
ramllov dave Jerry Porter, the KFFL tonight said that it was a trade but the Browns ran out of time. BD said their was not trade? What is up?
Dave Carducci Ram, not sure. I have no comment from any of my sources. I guess we have to go with what Davis says.
ramllov Dave do you like this trade morgan for Bryant?
Dave Carducci Ram, I like it. I do. I saw a lot of Bryant at Pitt. I think he's a very real talent. I like the way the numbers match up. I like the fact that he's locked up. I like the fact that he's young. Obviously the attitude issues concern me, but he's more of a realized talent to me than Quincy, who was simply frustrating
BryanK If it wasn't for his attitude, he would have been a 1st rounder
Dave Carducci BryanK, that's exactly right
Dave Carducci He said all the right things today, but that was prepared.
Dave Carducci By the way, AB, did you hear the air-raid sirens at the Browns game Sunday? I didn't, but a lot of people were alarmed by it
artbtz I heard it, and was concerned that there was a tornado because of the weather. I decided to stay where there was free food, though.
FunkyDawg Why can't Bryant just go out there and catch some balls? How hard can that be? Look at how quickly the Steelers meshed, and McNabb and T.O.......
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, I think he will be out there. I think they'll still make it easy on him, though. Not try to overload him. Find out what he can learn, then use him on the plays he's most comfortable with
ramllov Dave, how soon before the Browns will be getting Antonio Bryant dividends?
Dave Carducci Ram, I think he can pay dividends this weekend. He's a heck of a talent. He can make a small play a big play very easily.
BryanK Dave, will Garman play Sunday?
Dave Carducci BryanK, I'm not sure. He looked like he was struggling in the locker room today. Didn't practice other than individuals. I'm hopeful, but I'm not sure
BryanK Does Z or Fowler take his place?
Dave Carducci BryanK, my guess is Fowler if Z's not healthy. I didn't see Z at all today. Wasn't in the locker room, and as a fellow BoSox fan, he and I would have chatted if he were around
Dave Carducci We talk about the Sox quite a bit
ramllov Dave what is your updated opinion on Fowler at center and RG?
Dave Carducci Ram, I thought Fowler played fairly well. I haven't broken down the film. I've had some more family health issues that have taken the bulk of my time of late when I'm not working. Usually I watch and re-watch the game when I'm home
newdawg who is going to return kicks?
Dave Carducci Newdawg, Butch wouldn't say, and we can't watch practice. Gut feeling, though, is King
FunkyDawg Can we beat these high-flying birds?
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, anything's possible. They are a darn good team, though
ramllov Dave How hurt was Z and when he is 100%% how good is he and does he still have upside?
BryanK Kinda scary; both starting WRs returning kicks and punts
Dave Carducci I don't know if you guys saw it or not. Ram this'll interest you. But I talked to Sean today, and he said he probably won't play this year
ramllov Dave I read that. Thanks for the forum update.
newdawg Dave, why no game time for michael jameson?
Dave Carducci Newdawg, I have no idea. My guess is that the Browns braintrust just doesn't think as highly of him as I have
ramllov Hey Lane
Lane Adkins Hey Ram
newdawg Hey Lane.
ramllov What do you think about the Morgan - Bryant Trade?
Lane Adkins I like the potential the trade offers...........both players are getting a new start and i believe Bryant is a very solid talent
Dave Carducci I like his speed. I think he's smart. I think he should get some time
ramllov I listed to the GM radio interview and his discussion of Morgan. He said his people said he had good hands. I guess he better get some new scouts.
BryanK Browns braintrust; is that an oxymoron?
ramllov Lane, what is your take on Chaun Thompson or is it too soon?
Lane Adkins Too soon, but I do believe he is making some significant strides. He makes up for many mistakes or some slow reaction to plays due to his athleticism
KoSaRFaN19 Hey first time in chatland
artbtz Welcome Kosarfan!
Dave Carducci Welcome
Dave Carducci Lane, what have you heard about the talks with the Raiders. I haven't heard anything from any of my sources
Dave Carducci for Porter that is
Dave Carducci There is a rumor that Porter was an option in a trade
Lane Adkins Nothing at all, there was no substance. The Browns did discuss a couple receivers as options, as well as o-linemen, but there was absolutely nothing going on in regards to Jerry Porter
newdawg why would the raiders part with porter?
FunkyDawg Who's better, Porter or Bryant?
Lane Adkins The Raiders really like Porter's talent but have concerns about his health issues
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, I think they are very different. Porter is probably more of a physical specimen. Bryant is more of a playmaker, or at least potential playmaker
BryanK Bryant sure used to make plays in college
Dave Carducci He did. I had relatives at Pitt when he was there, and took in a few games when the schedule worked out for me. I really liked what I saw back then
Lane Adkins Bryant can play and what makes his very different from Morgan is the fact he is hungry and wants to be the man.........
Lane Adkins He has a much different mindset and will make plays...........if Garcia can get him the ball
KoSaRFaN19 Anyone heard how him and GArcia get along?? I wonder how Q is doing in DAllas
Dave Carducci KoSaRFaN19, Garcia called him right after the trade. He said he'd work extra with him after practice to get him on track
KoSaRFaN19 Good. I hope they get along well and help one another out to do what needs to be done to make the plays
Dave Carducci If anyone watched that Cowboys Steelers game, you saw the difference in hands between Bryant and Morgan.
Dave Carducci made a couple of very tough catches
newdawg I've heard that bryant has had big problems holding onto the ball till this year.
Dave Carducci actually, that might have been the Redskins-Cowboys game when Bryant made the two diving, sliding catches. Games run together for me when I'm working on a story and watching the game out of the corner of my eye
Dave Carducci Must have been the Skins game. Or he may have actually been OB on one of them, but showed great hands
FunkyDawg How long is Davis out with the Bad toe? Butch says day-to-day, but that could mean YEARS
Dave Carducci FunkyDawg, he could still play on Sunday. He played through a similar injury last year. He was in a hard cast today, but that could come off soon. He's getting extra treatment, so we'll just have to wait and see
Mulekicker3 what is the story with James Jackson?
Dave Carducci Mulekicker3, it's a good question. A lot of people around the organization think it was a bit of a vindictive thing for speaking out. With Dee released though, it's likely he'll be activated
Lane Adkins Jackson will spend a quiet remainder of the season in Cleveland, unless the team suffers an injury to Green or Suggs..........
Lane Adkins He may see some time in the return game............MIGHT
artbtz Was there any talk today about who would return kicks?
Dave Carducci AB, it was asked, but Butch said ""buy a ticket""
Dave Carducci My guess is that it will be King.
Dave Carducci JJ could go back there, too
KoSaRFaN19 guess is King also. Has Alston ever tried returning the ball?
FunkyDawg I Alston activated?
Dave Carducci Alston returned kicks in New York. He's on the practice squad, though
Dave Carducci they moved him to the practice squad last week.
Dave Carducci Frisman is up now too
ramllov Lane what is your opinion on Crocker? Will he replace little soon?
Lane Adkins Will he? I believe in due time he will, unless the team finds that elusive safety.........Little has been somewhat inconsistent fundamentally and it always appears Davis is looking to replace him
BryanK Didn't Frisman return some kicks in the preseason last year?
Dave Carducci BryanK, I honestly don't remember.
Lane Adkins Frisman has spent time in the return game, but nothing of real significance.
Mulekicker3 is crocker going to be ""our guy"" for the future or are we looking to upgrade there?
Lane Adkins The 'our guy' of the future may not be an option...........If this team does not produce, we may see many changes
Lane Adkins But, Crocker has greatly improved in year-two
Dave Carducci He should be. That's the type of value you'd like from a 3rd-round pick, to move in and start in year two or three. He's coming along enough to split time, and Butch obviously isn't completely sold on Little. Could be Sean and Chris at safety down the road. But then again, Lane's right, too. Crocker was not a 3rd rounder on most draft boards other than the Browns, and if Davis goes, he may go too
FunkyDawg Jones on IR?
Lane Adkins Best place for him............he is not ready physically and I am not sure he really is mentally at this time
Lane Adkins Jones won't see the field
Dave Carducci Jones said today that he will not come back. They don't want to risk it, even though he is ahead of schedule
KoSaRFaN19 The only way we'll see Jones in on the Soup commercial
Dave Carducci You know, I asked him about that commercial today, by the way. I guess he recorded it in April. And they didn't ask his mom to be in it
ramllov Lane considering that five of the next six games are against top level talented teams, this should be a major test for the rebuilding Browns? How good can the Browns do?
Lane Adkins This team tends to play a competitive game against better talent............though I don't see then being very successful over the next 5-6 weeks
Guest134 How are Cutts feelings about this being a shot at feature receiver?
Dave Carducci Guest134, cutt wasn't aroudn today, so I'm not sure
Lane Adkins Dennis really has had the opportunity this season to step into the spotlight and produce.....he has not been on the same page with the scrambling quarterback of this team
Lane Adkins He'll have no better chance to make a statement than he has right now
ramllov Northcutt has to like the idea that he is a sure starter for the rest of the year, he can put up!
Dave Carducci That, and the Browns aren't really putting him in position to make the most out of what he can do. Too many curls, underneath routes, etc., where it's difficult to get many YAC's.
Dave Carducci lots of little drags, etc.
Lane Adkins But, he still is a return specialist and a weapon in that facet of the game according to Davis
ramllov Lane Dave How close to pro-bowl calibre is Henry playing corner this year?
Lane Adkins I believe he is having a much better season in comparison of a year ago, but this defensive backfield hasn't really been tested to the extent they will in the upcoming weeks
Dave Carducci Ram, I think Henry's actually very close to that level. As we've talked before, he's dramatically improved his tackling as well. Problem is, there are so many at the position who tend to overshadow guys like Henry. And he did have the slip ups in losing Plaxico in Pittsburgh. Overall, though, he's been outstanding.
newdawg how do you think chaun thompson is doing.
Dave Carducci Newdawg, I like what I've seen out of Chaun in that he is aggressive and as fast and strong as advertised. He jsut still has a lot to learn about playing the game at this level
DieHardDawg00 such as with who Lane? The only truly dangerous group is Pittsburgh's
Lane Adkins Starting this week with the Eagles and Owens..........He has issues with Pitt and the Jets and Bengals are still a threat..........all before we see the Bills and Moulds
Lane Adkins The defensive backfield (CB's) have played well, but In would like to see more of them before I begin to believe they or Henry is an exceptional corner
KoSaRFaN19 HEy I have a question. Why didn't Lang play a lot this weekend/. I noticed him on the sideline a lot
Dave Carducci Kosarfan, I think it was just part of the rotation. Lang appears to be fine.
ramllov Dave/Lane do you see the Browns generating a pass rush with their front four or will they start to increase the blitz packages with Thomspon and secondary players?
Dave Carducci Ram, I don't think you are ever going to see a true, consistent pass rush from this front four. And that's something that bothers me with the system. Overall, I think the defense is playing very well, but I'd like to see guys like Thompson used a bit more as edge rushers
Dave Carducci I believe in aggressive defensive play.
Dave Carducci Attack and make them beat you instead of let a quarterback sit back and pick you apart
BryanK Aggressive devensives; thats what gets thrown at us
Dave Carducci Sometimes you lose that way, but I'd rather go down swinging
DieHardDawg00 With 1 shutdown man-to-man corner you could do that.
Dave Carducci I agree DieHardDawg
Lane Adkins We have lived through the read and react and prevent days..............
Lane Adkins No, I'm not kidding
newdawg whay isn't anda davis playing as well this year as he did last year?
Lane Adkins Davis has been out of position often this young season..........this defense is missing a coach on the field in Boyer, who was instrumental in talking with these young linebackers
Dave Carducci Very true Lane. Shame the way that worked out, considering he's ready to play now
Lane Adkins Also, Davis' name is not mentioned as often due to the fact the opposition isn't running wild into the second-level of defense
ramllov Lane do you have a take on the Boyer deal? I am stumped he is healthy now, right?
Lane Adkins Been ready for a couple weeks now........sad and the reality of the game here
DieHardDawg00 For all three insiders. Was Butch short with the media on that conference call yesterday?
Lane Adkins Of a ticket, Butch's line to getting an answer to a question
newdawg somehow, I have a felling boyer won't be with the browns next season.
Dave Carducci Newdawg, believe it
Dave Carducci I wouldn't want to be here either after the way he was treated
Dave Carducci if I were him
Lane Adkins I wouldn't expect to see Boyer here next season............though he wants to play another season or so
KoSaRFaN19 Why isn't Boyer playing?? Did I miss something?
BryanK K19; they put him on IR, even though he was only going to be out a few weeks
KoSaRFaN19 Any reason behind that?
Dave Carducci Kosarfan, there's more to it than this, but they informed him that they were putting him on IR, even though he would have been ready to play by week 3. He didn't take it well. Several rumors as to the reason for it.
ramllov Lane what do you see in McKinley DT future with the Browns , potential starter?
Lane Adkins McKinley has played well, as has Myers............haven't missed Warren
KoSaRFaN19 What are the rumors?
KoSaRFaN19 I;m on the boards a lot, but I must have zoned out during all this. It's all news to me
Dave Carducci one has to do with paying him
Lane Adkins They railroaded him..........really don't want to get into the specifics at this time
DieHardDawg00 doesn't he get paid on IR?
Lane Adkins Yes he gets paid, but the money is not the first issue for Boyer, the man wants to play
Lane Adkins Yes, Boyer was brought back under Carmen's watch
DieHardDawg00 It's pretty obvious that Butch did not want him back. That, along with the Couch extension were Carmen's calls
dobie7 Butch seems to always talk Boyer up though. Weird.
Dave Carducci dobie7, that's exactly right
Lane Adkins Butch_speak
Dave Carducci It's butch speak. At the same time, Butch doesn't like people who have their own opinions, who think for themselves
KoSaRFaN19 So basically it because he is a Carmen boy.....
Dave Carducci It's stuff that will come out down the road
Lane Adkins He is one hell of a football mind and will become a coach at some point when his career ends
Dave Carducci Ironically, if Boyer wasn't around, Butch's first big FA pick up (Rudd) probably never would have lined up correctly
Dave Carducci Boyer had to tell him where he was supposed to play all the time
Dave Carducci seriously
DieHardDawg00 What was your take on that new formation Sunday
DieHardDawg00 with either Shea, Suggs or Terrelle split out wide to the left
Lane Adkins Provides options and some matchup issues for the defense.............given time, this offense can make things happen
DieHardDawg00 Let me ask you guys this. Say Butch was gone tomorrow. How is this roster compared to when Butch inherited it?
Lane Adkins Better roster, but holes remain
Lane Adkins Deep in the heart of Texas
ramllov Lane/Dave was Morgan a Rudd type player?
Lane Adkins I don't believe so........Morgan just never was one that appeared ready to do whatever it took
dobie7 Lane and Dave, I keep thinking this team is two good guards away from being very good. I love the skill positions. Am I crazy?
Lane Adkins I would say the entire interior offensive line is in question
Dave Carducci dobie7, I wouldn't completely disagree. I think two good guards would go a long way (but I wonder if the Browns would ever make the investment). There are several other major needs. I think you can win with Tucker. I think you can win with Faine. I think Verba could be a decent LG if a LT were ever brought in. Although, I've talked to a couple retired players recently who don't think Verba is a good fit at G
DieHardDawg00 don't like Faine's performances, Lane?
ramllov I think Faine will become the guy they want him to be.
Lane Adkins I don't see him being anything exceptional at this time
ramllov Dave lane, I want to thank you for your contributions tonight I really enjoyed it.
Lane Adkins No problem at all Ram
ramllov Lane what do you think about shea?
Lane Adkins Shea has always had game and has been a good hands receiver, injuries have been the major issue with him, as well as having a coaching staff that could never find a regular spot for him
BryanK Can we win Sunday?
Lane Adkins I don't see a win on Sunday, but I have been wrong once or twice :-)
ramllov Could Shea be a good option this weekend?
Lane Adkins Sure, he needs to be as the Eagles will bring the heat and he will be a solid option as the hot read
Lane Adkins Shea and Suggs could be effective against the linebackers and safeties of the Eagles, especially as the Eagles will get off the bus with their ears pinned back
KoSaRFaN19 We are 3-0 at hime. I think we will be 4-0
Lane Adkins I hope you are correct
Lane Adkins A win Sunday and this team will be looked upon as a contender, rather than an also-ran

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