Berea Report: Bryant's Time Increases

In Berea, a WR gets in more reps while another tries to get back in the game.Plus, updates on Chaun Thompson's progress and more in the progress of injured Browns. Mike McLain provides the first independent report from Thursday's practice!<BR>

BEREA – Receiver Antonio Bryant performed better in practice Thursday than he did Wednesday, but don't expect him to start Sunday against the Eagles.

"I wouldn't want to put great expectations on the kid," coach Butch Davis said. "It's unfair to think he's going to come in and play 50 percent of the time, 20 percent of the time or 80 percent of the time."

Bryant's time in team drills increased. The key is for him to get his timing down with quarterback Jeff Garcia.

"We just want him to start learning the offense," Davis said. "Start feeling comfortable with the way we call plays and how to run routes and be where he' s supposed to be. We'll see by Sunday how much of this he'll feel comfortable with."

DAVIS STILL ON THE MEND: Receiver Andre Davis missed a second straight day of practice.

Butch said that there was some improvement in Andre's injured big toe, but he's still listed as questionable.

"There was improvement, as you would expect with another 24 hours going by and being able to get some treatment," Butch Davis said.

Linebacker Chaun Thompson has made positive strides each week.

"It's like anything," Thompson said. "The more times you do something, the more times you'll find yourself in certain situations. It's easier to get (understand)."

T.O.'s JUST SOUPER: Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb thinks that the comments teammate Terrell Owens has made about Browns quarterback Jeff Garcia have been overblown.

"He (Owens) likes Jeff, and he thinks Jeff is a good guy," McNabb said. "It' s sad that some of the comments that he's made have been blown way out of proportion. He and Jeff had some great years together, and they put up some remarkable numbers. He realizes that. Sometimes people dig too deep for things that they just can't find."

WALKING WOUNDED REPORT: Guard Kelvin Garmon is tempted by the thought of sitting out the game because of next week's bye, but he can't resist the urge to play Sunday.

Garmon suffered a concussion and a strained a quadriceps against the Bengals.

"This is such a big game," said Garmon, who also suffered a concussion against the Bengals.

"This game can change our whole season as far as getting us over .500 and winning (four straight) at home. There are only 16 games. Sometimes you have to play."

Cornerback Michael Lehan was added to the Browns' injury list. Lehan is questionable with a calf injury.

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